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Top 5 Last Minute Gifts

Walther P22 with slide locked open and two boxes of ammunition

Just because its zero hour, does not mean you have to show up empty handed. Here’s five last minute gift ideas that require nothing more than an internet-connected device and are sure to bring a smile to your shooter’s face.

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Gift Cards

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Concealed Carry Insurance

Most gun owners consider their firearm a type of insurance policy against those who would do us or our loved ones harm, and I am right there with them. However, you can lose the battle even if you win the fight. Court costs, legal fees, confiscation of your firearm or other property can result in you paying a hefty price to defend yourself. Take a few minutes to compare coverage. Similar to homeowners or car insurance, not all coverage is equal, and you may get less than you pay for with the wrong coverage. The highest price plan is not always best, but being under covered could be worse when you need it most.

Professional Training
Give the gift of training!

Preserve Our Second Amendment Freedoms

If there is one thing guns owners universally appreciate, it is the Second Amendment. So give a membership to a gun rights group such as the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, or  Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.


Owning one or more firearms equates to being on a constant quest to shoot a little straighter, draw faster, and most importantly, be safer. That means more practice, but a 10-foot tall pile of spent brass won’t do the trick if your practice does little more than reinforce bad habits. To prevent this, give your shooter the gift of training.

The NRA has a shooting course for just about any discipline, but you can also look to your local shooting clubs for suggestions. A few of the myriad of courses to consider would include:

Time Together at the Range

Saving the best for last, give the gift time—your time. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or complete neophyte, the time you spend at the range with your loved ones, family, friends, and significant others is a priceless gift.

What shooting related gifts are you giving this year? Share your answer in the comment section.

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