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The Down Zero Challenge

I’m a firm believer that without accuracy, a shooter can’t really advance their skill level.  In fact, I’ve talked both here and on Gun Nuts about how accuracy is the foundation of all pistol shooting.  Unlike USPSA, IDPA actually has an award for the most accurate shooter in any match; this harkens back to IDPA’s origins as placing a higher emphasis on accuracy.

As part of my shooting this year for Team Cheaper than Dirt, I’m going to start the Down Zero Challenge for all the IDPA shooters out there that read this site.  The Down Zero challenge is simple – the goal is to shoot an entire IDPA match down zero.  But you can’t just take forever to make each shot, so here are the rules of the IDPA Down Zero Challenge:

  • Attend any official IDPA club, state, regional, or national level match.
  • Shoot the match with the goal of having no points down.
  • BUT you have to shoot the match as fast as you think you can shoot all down zero hits.
  • Must NOT finish last in your class and division.

The idea is that it would be easy to shoot a match down zero if you didn’t care about your accompanying time; hence why it doesn’t count if you finish last in your class and division.

For me, I’m going to up the ante somewhat – I won’t do the Down Zero Challenge at a club match, but I’m going to pick two major IDPA matches this year and shoot the Down Zero Challenge.  My goal will be to shoot at least one major match down zero, and to win “Most Accurate” at every IDPA match I shoot this year.

We’ll keep a running update of our progress here at the Shooter’s Log, as every Most Accurate plaque we add will be another win for Team CTD!

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Comments (7)

  1. Awesome challenge, I shot the January Renton match down 10 and won most accurate for the match, not so good this month but that’s my goal for club matches for now, to win most accurate, at a min to always make it onto the top 15 most accurate, which when there are 128 shooters at a monthly match is pretty tough!

  2. Mark, I’ve never tried to shoot the classifier down zero. I think I probably could, I think I’ll give it a go here in the near future.

  3. It’s a good goal, good luck!

    I am shooting USPSA this year at my home club and maybe a couple of regionals if I can get to them. My goal is to “not come in last!” That’s enough for my first year. I will re-evaluate that goal down the road, but I thought I would start off with one I can possibly attain.

    Go get ’em!

  4. Doable unless of course you already a newer IDPA shooter and at the bottom of your division/class. How about a Zero Down in Marksman or above on the IDPA classifier? Those 20 yard shots are a true test of accuracy.

  5. Can we include “IDPA-style” matches? My gun club hosts monthly shoots that follow IDPA rules, but aren’t sanctioned (for cost reasons).

    My problem would be that I have trouble staying “middle of pack” as it is. While my lack of speed is a problem, it’s mostly that they’re that good.

    There’s nothing so disheartening as thinking my 28-30 was pretty good, and then hearing one of the really good shooters down on himself for his 15.

    Hm, shooting. Got a week off soon; time to dust off the holsters and start practicing for the next match.

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