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Les Baer Concept VI 1911 profile right atop a brown leather holster


Range Report: Les Baer Concept VI 1911

Les Baer handguns are legendary 1911s with more than a little hand fitting and a vial of the maker’s sweat included. They are built, rather than assembled, and offer topflight performance for discerning shooters. Are they perfect? Perhaps not, but they are very close. Read the full report to how the Concept VI handled at the range.

extractor and breech face

Concealed Carry

Handguns: Are You Using or Abusing Your Guns?

I do not own a safe queen. The safe is temporary storage. The true nature of a Combat Magnum is on the range, in the field or on the hip, not in the safe. If you use a quality firearm and take good care of it, the piece will last almost indefinitely. Abuse it, and a few years at best are all you will get out of it. These firearms have lasted not because I have babied them but because I have maintained them and you can too!


NRA Women New Energy Profile: Molly Smith

NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson Corp. is proud to present our third New Energy profile sponsored by Remington. Meet Smith & Wesson Junior Captain Molly Smith. Molly shares her passions for the Second Amendment, competitive shooting and safe firearm handling.

Competitive Shooting

USA Shooter Profile: Kim Rhode

USA Olympic team member Kim Rhode is more than just a girl with a gun who has won a few matches. She is, in fact, a major role model in the shooting industry complete with a long list of accolades and plenty of hardware to prove it.