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Gifts for Gun Totin’ Mamas

Rich brown etched leather concealed carry shoulder bag

“Because when it comes to my offspring, I will fight with the fangs of a wolf and the claws of a dragon. And no one, or nothing will stop me from protecting them.” -Jordan Sarah Weatherhead

From the minute we were conceived, our mothers spend almost every minute of their days—and nights—worrying over and protecting us. Not only from grievous bodily harm, but also from the heartaches and hardships that life so viciously deals out. The mother who takes up arms to protect her children will stop at nothing to secure the future of her children and self.

Treat your gun-totin’ mamma to a day at the range and a nice gift that shows your love, appreciation and gratitude for a mother who vowed to protect you until she taught you how to protect yourself and your own family. These 10 gift ideas are perfect for any gun-loving mom.

Concealed Carry Handgun—SIG P238 or SIG P938

SIG Sauer P238 semiautomatic subcompact pistol with black frame, wood grips and rainbow titainum slide
Mom will find the slide easy to rack, the sights quick to get on target and reliability that is second to none.

Both the SIG P238 .380 ACP and P938 9mm are small, thin, lightweight and extremely comfortable and easy to carry. These traditional single-action-only semaiutos both feature a 2.7-inch barrel and hold six rounds of ammo. Mom will find the slide easy to rack, sights quick to get on target and reliability second to none. Both come in a variety of different finishes from all black to duo-tone, and even rainbow titanium, with many options in grips such as Rosewood, pink mother of pearl and Hogue G-10. Some have the option of an integrated laser sight. Pick the .380 ACP P238 for those who have weakened hand strength or are recoil sensitive. Otherwise, the 9mm P938 is a great choice for those who prefer a little bit more oomph! in their firepower. Prices for the P238 range from $536.48 to $749.99. For the P938, prices range from $491.68 to $799.99.

Browning Buckmark II Hearing Protector

Browning Buckmark II Hearing Protector
Browning Buckmark II Hearing Protector

Mom already has some hearing loss from all from the years of yelling at us for one thing or another. Why make it worse when she is at the range? As an added bonus, she can don some hearing protection during the next sporting event when dad’s team is losing.

Browning’s Buckmark II Hearing Protectors are small, so they easily store away and come equipped with comfortable foam ear cups. And what mother does not like pink? We’ve met a few, and so has Browning. That is why the Buckmark II hearing protectors also come in black. Prices range from $15 to $20.

Purses for Gun Tote’N Mamas

Rich brown etched leather concealed carry shoulder bag
The stylish pistol-packin’ mamma not only needs a nice-looking purse she’s proud to carry everyday, but also successfully retains her carry gun safely.

The stylish pistol-packin’ mamma not only needs a nice-looking purse she’s proud to carry everyday, but also successfully retains her carry gun safely. Without breaking the bank, you can find a great conceal carry solution designed specifically for women. Special padding prevents the gun from printing, so no one is the wiser. Fitting everything else mom carries and needs everyday, this concealed carry purse has the added bonus of a slash-resistant shoulder strap. The Gun Tote’N Mamas purse is $78.43.

Optics—Sightron 4-12x40mm Riflescope

Black riflescope with pink accents and adjument knobs
The SI series scope provides incredibly clear glass for a low price.

Does your mom love to hunt? Give her the power of magnification to take down any-sized game with a 4-12x40mm riflescope scope from Sightron. The SI series scope provides incredibly clear glass for a low price. It has an adjustable objective lens, Duplex reticle and positive click windage and elevation adjustments. The subtle pink accents let her know this Sightron scope is all hers. This scope is only $164.99 and ships free.

Range Bag—Dac Technologies Winchester-branded Range Bag with Cleaning Kit

Black and red range bag with padded shoulder strap and Winchester logo
This Winchester range bag includes a cleaning kit.

This Winchester-branded deluxe large range bag from Dac Technologies has room for all of mom’s range gear—including space for more than one handgun and a tucked-away front pocket 40-piece cleaning kit for long guns and handguns. There are many pockets to fit ammo, hearing and eye protection, first aid kit, stapler, rolled-up targets and all other range essentials. The Winchester range bag with cleaning kit is $46.30.



Magpul AR-15 furniture set including PMag and trigger guard finished in pink Muddy Girl camo
This is a complete AR-15 furniture kit.

AR-15 Accessories—Muddy Girl Camo Magpul AR-15 Furniture Set

Magpul furniture and accessories are some of the very best in the AR-15 world. This complete furniture kit includes the Magpul carbine Mil-spec buttstock, handguard, pistol grip, vertical grip, trigger guard and 30-round PMAG, all dipped in pink Muddy Girl camo. Nowhere else can you get this set but from Matrix Diversified. The kit is $183.94.


Camping Gear—Coleman Camp Stove

Coleman camping stove with folding side tables, and adjustable telescoping legs
The wider burners accommodate 10- and 12-inch pans simultaneously, with independent adjustment knobs.

You love mom’s cooking and she loves to feed you! Upgrade her old camping stove to Coleman’s Fyregeneral propane stove with HyperFlame technology for even and quicker heating. Using 16.4-ounce propane cylinders, the Fyregeneral has adjustable, telescoping legs to adjust the height to cook comfortably on any surface. The wider burners accommodate 10- and 12-inch pans simultaneously, with independent adjustment knobs. Two side tables help with cooking prep and remove the need for a separate folding or picnic table. Matchless lighting is easy with Coleman’s push-button Instastart. When your family outdoor adventure is done, the Fyregeneral packs up for transporting with a soft touch carry handle. Get home-cooked meals from mom while camping or hunting—or better yet, cook for mom for a change—on the Coleman Fyregeneral propane stove. The Fyregeneral propane stove is $164.09.

Cooking—FoodSaver GameSaver

FoodSaver GamerSaver
You can easily save your “catch” to eat later.

The FoodSaver GameSaver is a vacuum-sealer that helps preserve food for longer. Use it to store game in the deep freeze, package bulk grains, rice and beans for your long-term food storage, pre-package meals for the week, and as a space-saver in the cooler. The FoodSaver is simple and fun to use. Many use the FoodSaver for more than just food—like storing and organizing ammo and waterproofing important documents. This particular model, the GameSaver is especially for hunters. It operates using a 12-volt car adaptor so you can package your game when it is freshest. For the GameSaver and 10 bags, the price is $116.41.

Clothing—Browning Shotgun Vest

Black shotgun shooting vest with mesh side panels, pink and zebra-print trim
The Browning Sahara shooting vest has plenty of pockets and zebra-print accents.

For the trap shooting, skeet and clay-bustin’ mama, a shotgun shooting vest can be a subtle womanly affair without being overtly pink or as pink as you want to go! Cut to fit the curves of a woman, mom will feel comfortable and look good in the field. Shooting patches are placed on both shoulders with sewn-in pad pockets. Vests are available in small, medium, large, and extra large, and some are adjustable at the sides. Shotgunning vest feature plenty of pockets to store ammo, hulls, and other incidentals. Prices range from $30 to $65.

Ammo—A Case of Her Favorite Caliber

Purple plastic ammo can with black handle
Throw in a purple ammo can from MTM Case-Gard so she stays organized.

Seriously—you can never have enough ammo! Stock mom up on her favorite calibers for practice and self-defense. Throw in a purple ammo can from MTM Case-Gard so she stays organized.

If you would like more gift ideas, check out our Pinterest boards What Women Want and Gifts for Gun Lovers. Or if none of this sounds like your mom, you can let her pick out her own gift by purchasing a Cheaper Than Dirt! e-gift card in any domination up to $1,000.

Did your mother teach you how to hunt or shoot? Share your stories with us in the comment section.



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Comments (4)

  1. Nice article. I wish that it pertained to MY wife! I bought her a DA H &R nine shot .22 for protection and she says that she’d rather get raped then shoot a perp! Such is life!
    The one gift that I take umbrage with is the vacuum thingy. This is great for the person who has a freezer above the refrigerator, but not the 21 cu. ft. freezer that we have because it, simply, does not keep the meat for long enough. My method, which I perfected long before these devices were even a glimmer in their inventors mind, consists of wrapping the meat in Saran or plastic wrap, (we put up our meat in meal size packages); then wrapping it in heavy duty foil which we purchase from a commercial sales outlet, and then we put the wrapped packages in heavy duty gallon size sealable freezer bags along with a slip of paper denoting the contents and date. Beef will last for up to four years w/o freezer burn, venison–3 years minimum, pork–2 to 3 years, and fish–about 1 year. Another point and a good gift for a realistic “momma” is to buy her a hi-capacity freezer like ours which is a Kenmore built by Frigidaire.

  2. If I bought my girlfriend a camp stove I would risk getting brained with a cast iron frying pan. It would be like buying her a vacuum cleaner or some other item she uses regularly uses during housework as a birthday present. Not cool.

    1. I maid the mistake once of buying my wife a brand new Smith and Wesson 8″mod 29 for mothers day and took it hunting that same day> Not again!

    2. Guess I picked a good one. Many years ago (we’ve been married 47 years now), I bought my lovely bride an ironing board as a birthday present. She was just tickled!!

      Couple of years ago I bought a new P938 SAS, I opened the box and she said, “Oh, is that for me?” . . . Um, why yes dear! I bought another for me.

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