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Trophy Black Bear


Women Afield — Tips for Field Judging Bears

Each hunter has their own version of a “trophy class” bear. Many hunters and guides will tell you black bear is one of the most challenging animals to field judge. Lisa Metheny shares a few simple tips on field judging bear you can use to make your next bear hunting expedition a success.

NRA Women's Wilderness Escape

Hunting and Outdoors

Women Afield — Outside the Comfort Zone

Have you ever wanted to escape to the outdoors? Now women have the chance to build their self-confidence and learn about the world of shooting at the NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape (WWE). Whether shooting a rifle or joining others at the archery range, women attending the WWE enjoy comfortable lodgings, gain experience and come away with like-minded friends that share their new interests.

Hunting and Outdoors

Women Afield — Budget Friendly Hunting Options

Hunting can be expensive unless you check out these budget-friendly hunting options that help the DNR and local parks using reduction hunts. Check out your local parks to see if you can enjoy budget-conscious hunting deer and support a healthy eco-system at the same time.

Hunter wearing camo with lab and dove decoy.

Hunting and Outdoors

Women Afield — Dove Hunting Basics, Part 2

Preparing yourself for a successful dove hunting season includes being ready for the dove’s tendency to rocket, making sure you and your dog stay hydrated, properly setting up your decoys and following the rules of the United States Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS).

Hunting and Outdoors

Women Afield — Dove Hunting Basics, Part 1

Dove hunting season marks the passage from summer to fall and dove hunting is a perfect choice for both the new or experienced hunter no matter what size your property is, what kind of gun you have or how much money you have to spend. To make the most of your experience and resources, take the time to learn about dove habitats and patterns to ensure a successful hunting season. In this post, discover how to scout for doves to ensure success.

Becoming an Outdoor Woman with help from a local expert

Safety and Training

Women Afield — Awaken the Wild Woman Within

Outdoor activities are no longer the private reserve of men. Discover how women around the world are enjoying out-of-the-ordinary activities liek fishing, shooting kayaking and cooking outdoors with the unique training programs provide by organizations such as Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW). With workshops in every state in the US and in many countries around the world, women learn from local experts and discover the wonders waiting in the woods near where they live.

Paper Tuning Your Bow


Women Afield — Tuned to Perfection

Paper tuning is one of the easiest, most economically ways to tune your bow. A poorly tuned bow can be very frustrating, not to mention disappointing, especially if you are presented with the shot of a lifetime only to discover your bow is not shooting as you expected. Read this article to learn how to paper tune your bow for better accuracy in the field.