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Huntress with shotgun over her shoulder and GPS in hand.

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Women Afield — Up Your Odds on Public Land

A little legwork may help in the long run by signaling if the areas you hope to target produce the most, or even trophy, animals. This allows you to select lands that fit your hunting plans and hunting style and cuts down on wasted opportunities. Read this article to learn how.

Three young archers shooting Olympic recurve bows


Women Afield—The Art of Archery: How a Compound Bow is Made

Did you ever wonder what goes into making a compound bow? There are many different bow manufactures and so many great models to choose from for every level of shooter. Archery season is in full swing around the county and may very well be one of the most exciting ways to hunt whitetail. Read this article to learn more.


Women Afield — Spot and Stalk Bruins

Spot and stalk is one of the most exciting forms of hunting and a great opportunity for new, inexperienced hunters to gain valuable skills in the field. Learning tips such as how to judge an animal, gaining knowledge of their habitat and learning their patterns all while building your core hunting skills is a great way to learn. Read this post to learn more about this alternative hunting method.