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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, we gather with friends and family for one day to feast on turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. After eating, we settle in to watch the football game or plan out our “Black Friday” strategy. However thankful we are that the Dallas Cowboys are in first place in their division, we must remember the holiday isn’t about football scores, iPads or PlayStations. The first Thanksgiving was marked by a feast to celebrate how hard a group of people worked. Read on…

Dolbee with Texas Whitetail Buck


10 Tips for Beginning Hunters

The first hunt is a right of passage for some and the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream for others, in many instances it is likely both. It is a part of the hunting community’s heritage and a coveted moment worthy of celebration when introducing a new member of the next generation to hunting. Having a young son rapidly approaching that age, I am certainly eagerly awaiting the day he asks for his opportunity to go afield. To that end, I am sure a beginner’s guide to hunting could be of value to neophyte and veteran hunters mentoring new hunters alike.

Turkey Tail and Pin Cushion


Women Afield — DIY Turkey Tail Fan Mount

Turkey season is over and luckily you have successfully filled your wild turkey tag. Now you wish to preserve the memories of your hunt with a taxidermy mount. Most taxidermy mounts require a certain skill set but there are a few taxidermy projects like a turkey tail fan mount that are easy and perfect for the DIY person. In just nine simple steps, you can you have your prize turkey tail fan mounted and ready for presentation.

Eastern Wild Turkey strutting in hardwood forest habitat


Turkeys From Field to Mounts

Besides a good meal, turkey legs, spurs, beard and feathers are trophies worthy of preservation. Best of all, they are every bit as beautiful as a trophy buck, but won’t take up as much space on the wall. You can also care for the trophy yourself instead of paying big bucks to a taxidermist because turkeys—overall—are easy to preserve, but some parts are easier than others. Let’s look at beards, legs, spurs and wings.


Are You Ready for Turkey Season?

If you threw your shogun in the closet last year and haven’t touched it since, it is probably time for a pre-season gun cleaning. Take it out to the range and do some functions testing. Get some turkey targets and make sure you are using the optimum choke and load for your gun.

Feather Flex Turkey Decoys

Hunting and Outdoors

Gizmos & Gadgets — Turkey Decoys

Turkey hunting is challenging to put it kindly, but more addictive than any other drug nature has ever produced. One of the most important factors to successfully hunting a turkey is to get the turkey in range for a shot of course. Nothing does that better than the right decoy set up.

Strutting Toms


Tackling a Turkey Jinx — Broadheads

The weather hadn’t cooperated for the first couple of days, but my southern guide, Jeff, had a few tricks to turn the tide. We headed to a secret spot, a stand of planted pines, and Jeff started talkin’ turkey. Before long, we could hear gobblers headed our way. The pines did not offer much cover and we did not have a choice because the toms were reluctant to come out. We started putting the sneak on the birds to close the distance. After that, we were relying on our camo to tip the scales in our favor. A short time later, I spotted two toms coming through the trees.


Gizmos & Gadgets — Choking Turkey Guns

The Gobbler Stopper is endorsed by the National Wild Turkey Federation, which gives it a level of credibility right from the beginning. The choke is precision machined and ported which provides accuracy and reduces recoil. Best of all, TRUGLO’s Gobbler Stopper will turn almost any shotgun into a turkey gun.