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Green package with fire and yellow lettering and a silver image of a magnesium stick

Camping & Survival

Handy, Dandy Fire-Starting Kit

Building a fire could mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation. Knowing how to start one is one thing. Having the material on hand to get the fire starting process going is another. Read this post for the right steps.


90 Survival Uses for a Plastic Poncho

What is the most important thing during SHTF? Your brain! To pack your bug-out bag light, you need items that serve multi purposes. One such thing is the rain poncho. In this blog, I have detailed 90 different survival uses for a plastic poncho. However, not just any old cheap poncho will do. I put Cheaper Than Dirt’s Swiss military rubberized poncho finished in bright Alpenflage camo to the test and realized for the price tag, this military surplus poncho is an invaluable addition to any survival gear, preps, emergency vehicle kit, or your bug-out bag.

Picture shows the inside of a 55-gallon drum filled with #10 cans of food.


How to Properly Store #10 Cans

If you do not have a basement, your long-term survival food might be in jeopardy! Storage is key to keeping your long-term food supplies good for disaster strikes. In this easy seven step how-to, I show you how to stockpile food for when SHTF properly so you do not spoil your preps.

Picture shows a red straw burned at one end to close the hole.

Camping & Survival

Quick Camping Tip: Compact Spice Containers

Everything you pack in, you should bring out. This is good camping code. When you pack up your camping gear, you need to think about total weight and space. These extremely compact containers made from plastic drinking straws are quick, easy and cheap to make and hold everything from sugar for your coffee to an emergency fishing kit.

Picture shows a green Coleman two-burner camping stove with a enamel coffee pot on top of one of the burners.

Camping & Survival

Brand Loyalty Pays Off: Coleman Camping Products

Ever since receiving a Coleman two-burner camping stove a little over 10 years ago, I have almost exclusively bought the brand’s camping gear for all my outdoor needs. Not only because of the durability and reliability of its products, but because they are inexpensive, but high quality and readily available. Recently I reviewed some new Coleman camping products as well as tested my old equipment. Were they tried and true? Read on to find out.

Picture shows the Luth-AR MBA fixed AR-15 stock with adjustable length of pull.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Seven New Products You Need to Know About

Have you been eagerly awaiting new AR-15 products, rifle and accessories? How about polymer magazines for your Mosin Nagant or the very cool Brunton hydrogen reactor that needs absolutely no outside source to generate energy? We have seven new and exciting products to tell you about. I’m sure after reading you will find at least one you can’t live with out.

Cheaper Than Dirt! Quick Camping Tip

Camping & Survival

Quick Camping Tip: Five Essential Survival Items

Even during the most luxurious camping trip can have tragic consequences; bad weather, accidents, bears and getting lost are quite probable during even the shortest of trips. You may think you are fully prepared, but what will happen if bears rip up your tent while you are out hiking or raccoons ransack your food? Pack along these five essential life savers to put your mind at ease.

Camping & Survival

Review: Kaito Voyager Emergency Radio

The Voyager is more than a one-trick pony though and can be operated or charged via the AC adapter, built-in rechargeable batteries, solar panel or USB port. And speaking of solar panels, the Voyager’s panel can easily be articulated. The Voyager features extremely efficient charging technologies that make sense. For instance, you can play the radio for about 20 minutes after charging the radio for about a minute using the crank handle. This is one of those mileage may vary statements, because signal strength, solar assistance and volume would all effect the charge, but you get the idea.