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Charter Arms Pitbull revolver with American Eagle ammunition


Range Report: Charter Arms Pitbull in .45 ACP

This Pitbull—like all the other models in the Pitbull series—is designed to fire a rimless, semi-automatic pistol cartridge. The unique feature of the Pitbull series is the ejector has a built in spring loaded plunger for each chamber that is depressed when a cartridge is inserted into the chamber and snaps back out into the extractor groove of the rimless cartridge case. With this system there is no need for moonclips. The chambers are also stepped, so .45 ACP cases headspace on the case mouth.

Robert Sadowski shooting the Walther PPS M2


Range Report: Walther PPS M2 — Redefining Conceal Carry

Walther’s new PPS M2 is an excellent example of the refinement Walther brings to conceal carry pistols. The original PPS Classic ushered a 9mm conceal carry pistol that was thin, polymer framed with modular backstraps, and a striker fire trigger. The M2 does the Classic one better by using all the great features of the Classic and combining it with features found on the Walther PPQ series such as the ergonomic grip shape and grippy texture.

Battle Arms Development VERT stock folded

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AR DIY: Adding a Precision Sniper Stock

The right tools and a few minutes of times can drastically improve your AR’s ability to make a precision shot—especially at distance. Here is a review of Magpul’s PRS GEN3 and American Built Arms’ Urban Sniper Stock (USS)—two precision rifle stocks to up your AR’s game.

Black Hi-Lux AK-CMR Tac-Dot 1.

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AK Optics Options

Modern AK shooters have learned that optics help them shoot the Kalashnikov design more accurately, so here are a few optics (Aim Sport Reflex Sight, Bushnell Elite Tactical SMRS 1-6.5x 24mm, Millett 1-4x24mm Designated Marksman Scope, Hi-Lux Optics TAC-DOT Sight System, Aimpoint PRO, EOTech XPS2, Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 Riflescope, Trijicon VCOG 1-6x24mm Scope, and TruGlo 30MM Dual Color Tactical Red Dot) and mounts (Midwest Industries AK Railed Side Scope Mount and Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail) that make the rifle better.

Colt M45A1 CQBP in Box

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USMC Re-ups with the Colt 1911

The Marines’ new M45 CQBP (Close-Quarters Battle Pistol) is based on Colt’s rail gun and is a “highly enhanced version of an already excellent combat weapon.” We take it on a test drive.

Surefire M962LT WeaponLight

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10 Tactical Lights and Lasers for Self-Defense Long Guns

Better light on the target usually means better hits with your AR or other self-defense long gun. Here are ten lights, lasers, or light/laser duos to help you get that job done: Inforce WML Tact Light, Surefire M962LT WeaponLight, Beamshot X1-G Green Beam Laser Sight, Burris AR-Laser, Crimson Trace CMR-205 Rail Master Pro, Extreme Beam SX21-HO Remote Switch, LaserMax UNI-IR, LaserLyte Sight CM Dual Lens, CenterPoint Laser and Light Converter Kit, and the MFT Torch Back-Up Light. Check out this article for the details.