AR Replacement-Stock Options, Part 3

Luth-AR MBA-3 Stock

Over the past several weeks, I’ve covered 10 stocks worth considering if you are thinking about swapping out your original A2 fixed stock.

In Part 1, we looked at Ace LTD.’s (HMR) Hammer Stock, Boyds’ Wood Laminate Stocks, FAB Defense’s GL-MAG M4/AR-15 Survival Buttstock, the Hogue OverMolded Rubber Collapsible Buttstock, and the LaRue Tactical R.A.T.

In Part 2, we examined, the Bravo Company Manufacturing BCMGunfighter Stock, the Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock, Law Tactical’s Gen3 AR Folding Stock Adapter, the VLTOR IMOD (Improved Modular) Stock, Ergo’s F93 Pro Stock in Black, Dark Earth, and OD Green for 5.56mm rifles, and there’s also an AR-10 version.

Models covered in this third and final installment will be the Luth-AR MBA adjustable stock, Magpul ACS Carbine Stock, TacStar AMRS “Adjustable Match Rifle Stock,” and MFT Minimalist Stocks with Paracord. Here are the details on each model.

Luth-AR MBA Modular Buttstock Assembly

Made for precision long-range work, the Luth-AR MBA (Modular Buttstock Assembly) fits most 5.56mm NATO or 7.62mm NATO rifles and carbines. The stock is made of super-strong glass-filled nylon yet weighs only 1.26 pounds. The cheekpiece height and length of pull are both adjustable. The cheekpiece gives an extra 1 inch of height, and the buttplate can be extended an extra 1.06 inch, so it can be customized to the stature of most shooters. It is ambidextrous. Cheaper Than Dirt! carries both the MBA-1 version and the Skullaton Modular Buttstock MBA-2.

Magpul ACS Carbine Stock

The Magpul ACS (Adaptable Carbine/Storage) stock is a drop-in replacement for Mil-Spec and commercial AR platforms. The stock has a snag-free design so it won’t catch on gear or the environment you are moving through. The ACS features a friction-lock system that minimizes stock movement. The sloping cheekpiece offers a wide contact surface for a better cheekweld on the stock. Two water-resistant compartments are located on the left and right sides of the stock. Cheaper Than Dirt! sells the ACS Carbine Stock to fit both Mil-Spec and commercial buffer tubes and in several colors.

Lyman TacStar AMRS Adjustable Match Rifle Stock

It’s possible for some shooters to get match-grade accuracy with the AMRS stock because the comb height and the length of pull can be adjusted for a custom fit and a hidden Picatinny rail allows users to attach a monopod. The AMRS is compatible with A2 buffer tubes. Quick-release sling swivel slots are built into the stock as well as numerous fixed slots for sling attachment. Cheaper Than Dirt! doesn’t currently sell TacStar’s Adjustable Match Rifle Stock.

Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stocks with Paracord

Mission First Tactical (MFT) has two snag-free Battlelink Minimalist stocks, the BMS and BMSMIL models, that employ a braid of usable paracord spanning from the toe of the buttpad to the forward-most sling attachment. By covering the “L”-shape opening, the paracord keeps the stock from snagging. The paracord can also be removed and used in emergency situations. The BMS stocks fit commercial buffer tubes, and the BMSMIL are for Mil-Spec buffer tubes. Cheaper Than Dirt! sells MFT’s Battlelink Minimalist stock, but not the paracord models.

Which replacement-stock is your go-to stock on your AR? Tell us in the comment section.

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Comments (4)

  1. I’m wondering why you aren’t testing the Magpul UBR stock. It seems to have many of the features that you are focusing on. Truth is, I want to hear more about it before I plunk down my own money on one.

  2. Kinda surprise there was no mention of the Ace ARFX Skeleton Stock. It is an outstanding stock at a reasonable price. Just a suggestion.

  3. I have an Entry (shorty-version of the A2) Stock on my Match Rifle (Spacegun) with the David Tubb adjustable buttstock that gives LoP, cant, drop at heel, & a small amount of cast (lateral adjustment).

    I have the same Entry Stock on my “M4” with Sierra Precision Rifle’s (SPR) adjustable buttstock which does about the same as the Tubb without the cast & cost.

    I find that the cant of the buttstock on the shoulder has a profound influence on how the rifles mount. Cant & LoP are usually different with position as well, affecting the eye relief to rear sights and/or scopes.

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