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AR DIY: Adding a Precision Sniper Stock

Battle Arms Development VERT stock folded

Precision stocks allow you to shoot better—by that I mean not only more accurately but also more comfortably and at longer ranges. Being comfortable means less effort to send one on target at long range. Two precision stocks, the Magpul PRS Gen3 and the American Built Arms USS, are good examples of precision stocks purpose-built to hang off your AR’s receiver extension or buffer tube.

Battle Arms Development VERT stock folded
The size of the VERT stock from Battle Arms Development is minimal yet the stock has a four locking positions and an interchangeable cheek rest.

While a precision stock needs to be adjustable to fit any body size and type, it also needs to be durable. Replacing a stock is easy and made even easier with the right tools. At the very least, you may need an armor’s wrench such as the one from Aim Sport, Tapco, or Magpul. These wrenches install or remove rifle receiver extensions. Some will work with a torque wrench depending on the model. If you plan on doing more work on you AR, an armorer’s kit is worth the investment. The Wheeler Delta Series AR-15 Armorer’s Professional Kit is a 19-piece set that has everything you need to tear down and reassemble an AR-15. The bench vise is the piece I use the most from the kit since to holds the rifle in place.

Now that you are tooled up, here are two stocks worth taking a closer look at.

Magpul PRS GEN3

What I like about the Magpul PRS Gen3 is that the length of pull (LOP) and cheek piece are all adjustable via aluminum detent knobs, so there are no tools required. You would think the LOP, for instance, is set and done, but you may have adjusted the stock in warm weather while wearing a t-shirt. What happens when the mercury drops and the stock’s LOP needs to be shortened due to the bulky winter coat? The PRS GEN3 installs on rifle-length receiver extensions as well as MIL-SPEC carbine and A5-length tubes. You may need a to replace the existing tube and Cheaper Than Dirt! has the tools and parts. The PRS also features a cant/height-adjustable rubber butt-pad and M-LOK slots on the bottom for mounting a monopod. Multiple QD sling swivel attachment points allow for a variety of carry options.

AB Arms USS Urban Sniper Stock

American Built Arms Urban Sniper Stock (USS)

The Urban Sniper Stock is compact and lightweight, which is plus for a precision stock since most are noticeably heavier than MIL-SPEC style stocks. The USS can be attached on any rifle or carbine that has a carbine length buffer tube. American Built calls the USS system “Fixed-Adjustable,” which translates into a rock-solid stock with no movement or rattle. The butt pad is spring loaded and adjustable in .45-inch increments with four positions via a button. The cheek riser adjusts 0.75-inch up from the body of the stock and can be removed. It weighs 9.5 ounces and in only 6.7-inches long when in the collapsed position. A Picatinny rail on the bottom allows you to mount a monopod. The QD sling swivel mounts are ambidextrous.

Do you run a precision stock on your AR? What’s your favorite? Share it in the comment section.

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