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Undefeated championship boxer, Sergey Kovalev wearing trunks with TualAmmo logo

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TULAmmo-Sponsored Boxer Faces His Biggest Fight

Sergey Kovalev, the unified WBA, IBF and WBO light heavyweight champion boxer defends his title on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Why should you care? He is the only boxer sponsored by an ammunition or firearm-related company. Read on for more information on where and when to watch the fights.

Appointed by Attorney General Eric Holder, Jones has been the ATF's acting director since 2011.


Director B. Todd Jones Quits BATFE

Breaking News: BATFE announces the resignation of Director B. Todd Jones effective March 31. The agency does not reveal his reasons why. Will the new acting director be any better? Read the ATF’s announcement and our analysis in this post.

AK-47 Rated E for Everyone


Elena Kalashnikova “Bewildered” By American-Made AKs

RWC Group, exclusive distributors of Kalashnikov AK-47s and Izmash and Saiga rifles and shotguns made waves at SHOT 2015 after announcing the opening of Kalashnikov USA in order to make AK-47 rifles in the United States. When asked about the news, Mikhail Kalashnikov’s daughter, Elena said she was “bewildered.” Read an update on RWC’s new company Kalashnikov USA and when we will start to expect production on 100 percent made-in-the-USA AKs in this news story.

Picture is of Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner


Is it Time to Eliminate the ATF? Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner Says Yes

With the last few years of botched sting operations, controversial operations and illegal gunrunning, the ATF has suffered from a lack of guidance, leadership and mission. A Congressman from Wisconsin, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner is currently writing a bill that will eliminate the ATF, farming out its responsibilities to other government agencies, such as the FBI. Many support the idea, while others like the National Shooting Sports Foundation oppose it. Read, “Is it Time to Eliminate the ATF?” and tell us what you think.

Mike Seeklander


Cheaper Than Dirt! Signs Industry Leading Writers

Cheaper Than Dirt! has upped its commitment to providing premium content to its audience by adding a host of respected and well-known outdoor writers and shooters as well as industry-leading manufacturers and legal services.

Louis Awerbuck


Obituary: Louis Awerbuck, Trainer, Author

Louis Awerbuck, well-known firearms and tactics trainer, passed away on June 24, 2014. Awerbuck was the owner and lead instructor of the Yavapai Firearms Academy, a Mobile Training Unit that provides training in gun handling, marksmanship and tactics.