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Picture shows competitive shooter, Lena Miculek shooting a 3-gun match with a shotgun.

Safety and Training

Setting a Good Example

Have you ever called an anti-gunner stupid? Did they call you a lunatic back? Did the argument get anywhere? Probably not. Instead of name-calling, join this call for a new voice of gun ownership. Call it killing them with kindness if you want, but I call it setting an example.


NRA Women’s Channel New Series Preview: Love at First Shot

Love at First Shot, sponsored by Smith & Wesson, provides a first-hand look at the shooting sports for the first timer. Hosted by NRA News Commentator and Girl’s Guide to Guns blogger Natalie Foster, the show tackles all topics—from buying your first gun to outfitting for a hunt.

Miss Kansas


Miss Kansas Receives Death Threats for Hunting

Miss Kansas loves to hunt and fish, and she is an active advocate against bullying of all kinds. As a matter of fact, she speaks on a weekly basis to schools across the country on that and other topics—she is also the focus of several death threats.

Picture shows a cameo painting of Irish gun maker, John Rigby.


30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 17: Ireland’s Most Famous Gun Maker John Rigby

Rigby was known for their dueling pistols and are now synonymous with fine hunting rifles designed for big and African game. They are the third oldest gunmaker in the world. John Rigby was born in 1758 and established his fine firearms company John Rigby and Co in 1775 in Dublin, Ireland. Rigby served as a Grenadier Captain in the Independent Dublin Volunteers—the Irish militia raised to defend Ireland after British soldiers left the country to fight the Revolutionary War. John Rigby was also an active Freemason and excellent marksman.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, we gather with friends and family for one day to feast on turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. After eating, we settle in to watch the football game or plan out our “Black Friday” strategy. However thankful we are that the Dallas Cowboys are in first place in their division, we must remember the holiday isn’t about football scores, iPads or PlayStations. The first Thanksgiving was marked by a feast to celebrate how hard a group of people worked. Read on…