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Black Blackhawk IWB holster with black-and-silver handgun on a white background.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

The Importance of Finding the Right Holster

As important as the handgun you buy, is the holster you carry it. It really doesn’t matter what kind of pistol it is or what you intend to use it for—almost every pistol needs a holster of some kind, but how does one go about finding the right holster? This guide walks you through the different types and suggestions on where to carry your concealed handgun.

Hunting and Outdoors

Opening Day Strategies for Whitetail

Do you find that on opening day it seems that all the deer disappear? After all your hard work year round preparing for whitetail season, you definitely hope for a shot at a buck. Read this post to up your chances at having a successful opening weekend. Happy Hunting!

The true meaning of camping.

Camping & Survival

The Essential Summer Survival Guide

One of our favorite things at Cheaper Than Dirt! is helping people. Be it guiding you in purchasing your first handgun, providing our expert opinion on what optics are best for your AR-15 or prepping you for any form of disaster, we want you to make the best decision for you and your family. Summer is a time many of us look forward to—camping, fishing, hiking, barbecues and all other forms out of outdoor activities. However, being outdoors means more chances of injury and accidents. Read our essential guide to surviving the summer for all you need to know on how to get through the summer unscathed.

Safety and Training

How to Train with Lasers Video Series

A brand-new six-part video series called “Training With Lasers,” created by Crimson Trace Corporation with support by the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Education & Training Division, touches on how shooters can use lasers to improve the most important elements of shooting handguns safely and accurately.

Hunting and Outdoors

How to Set Up an AR-15 for Hog Hunting

Why focus specifically on setting up the AR-15 for hog hunting? It’s this generation’s gun, and for good reason. The limitless configurations make it one of the most versatile guns on earth. The hardest part is figuring out what you want—never mind need—as you customize your AR-15. Since you’re reading this, you’re more likely to own an AR-15 than any other single gun. Here are some questions and answers for you to consider when getting set up to hunt wild hogs with yours.