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The 10 Most Awesome Camping Tips You Need to Know

Parks & Recreation star, Nick Offerman paddling a canoe

The National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Great American Campout launches its 11th year on June 27, 2015.

As part of the Great Outdoors Month, the NWF is encouraging families and children to get outside and connect with nature. Fun for all ages, camping is the perfect way to do this. While 900,000 people participated in some form by fishing, hiking, camping, volunteering, or otherwise getting outdoors in 2014, the effort hopes that 2015 sees more people getting outside for Great Outdoors Month. The Great America Campout is part of this effort.

The NSW is asking everyone interested to pledge to go camping this year. For everyone who pledges to go camping this summer, supporters of NWF will donate $1—up to $100,000!

Pledging is fast, easy and free! Go to the NWF “Pledge” website and fill out the brief online form. All you are doing is committing to camping out at least once from June 27 through September 7, 2015. Anyone at any age can participate—and you don’t have to pitch a tent or even travel. The Great American Campout considers sleeping out under the stars in your own backyard as camping.

Studies have shown that children who spend time outside pay better attention, are less prone to aggression, more creative and perform better in school.

This year Parks & Recreation star, Nick Offerman is the official celebratory spokesperson for the summer-long event. He says, “Of course it’s great. It’s camping and it’s American.”

The NSW is asking for your #Campies (camping selfies). Post them on NSW’s Facebook and Twitter.

So, grab the marshmallows, gather up the firewood, spray on the bug spray and gear up for adventures this summer while camping.

This list of The Shooter’s Log top 10 camping tips will help as you plan your camping adventure.

Quick Camping Tip: 10 Tips to Keeping Your Tent Cool

Don’t let the rising temperatures discourage you from going camping. These 10 tips, plus helpful hints from others will help make your tent less of an inferno when it is hot outside.

Camping on a Budget

This headline might sound like an oxymoron—isn’t one of the reasons we chose camping over other vacations is skipping out on expensive hotels and dining out in overpriced restaurants? However, camping equipment can be costly. These tips will help you save when shopping for big-ticket items like tents, sleeping bags and camp stoves.

Quick Camping Tip: Free & Frugal Odds & Ends

Want to learn how to save and budget even further? All year long, I “shop” for camping supplies so when camping season rolls around, I only need to purchase food, ice and drinks for my trips. My secrets are revealed in “Free & Frugal Odds & Ends.”

Quick Camping Tip: 5 Free Fire Starters

Have you noticed a theme, yet? No need to buy expensive fire starters and waterproof lighters when you have a plethora of flammable materials right in your own home. These five fire starters were all made with common household items and didn’t cost a dime to make.

Quick Camping Tip: 10 Camping Hacks and Shortcuts

In these 10 proven camping hacks and shortcuts, I tell you how to save money and time by packing your cooler correctly, make your night’s sleep more comfortable, a cheap way to entertain the kids and plenty more helpful suggestions! After reading, leave your tips and tricks in the comment section.

How to Buy a Tent: Tips on Selecting the Perfect Tent for Your Needs

When you buy a tent—you are buying an investment. Buy a high quality tent and you will have it for years. Buy a crappy tent and you will truly understand the saying, “buy once, cry once.” If you are new to camping, this how-to guide to tent buying will make sure you don’t have a miserable disaster when the weather turns nasty.

Survivor Skill Set 101: Building a Fire

A fire is essential to a successful and enjoying camping trip. It cooks food, boils water, provides warmth, roasts marshmallows for s’mores, creates ambiance and light. Knowing how to properly start and maintain a fire, keeps you and everyone around you safe, as well as do minimal, if not any, damage to wildlife.

Preparing Your Gear for Spring Camping

At least a week out before your trip you should take inventory and perform a gear check on all your camping equipment. A year in storage can do damage to tents, air mattress and camp furniture. You don’t want to get out to your campsite and be faced with a leaky or ripped tent or a broken camp stove. This checklist will make sure the hitch in your plan isn’t due to poor prepping and planning.

Quick Camping Tip: Taking Your Gun Camping

Since February 2010, guns in national parks are legal, but all state and local laws still apply. This can be very confusing for out of town visitors. If your camping trip is taking you out of state, you must read this guide to carrying your gun while camping.

Leave it Like You Found It: Camping Responsibly

A good camper follows the code, “take out what you brought in.” Irresponsible campers can cause a detrimental impact on wilderness and wildlife. Read this post to learn the golden roles of camping etiquette and how to reduce your “footprint” while camping in the wilderness.

If you are a total newbie to camping, read the basics of how-to camp in this guide, Camp Like A Champ! written for the single woman. Don’t worry guys, you’ll learn something, too! For more quick camping tips, check out our series here.

Share your favorite camping tips, shortcuts and suggestions in the comment section.


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  1. I used to really enjoy camping and hiking. Now that I’m older I don’t enjoy it so much and never seem to do it anymore. Maybe the not doing is reason for not enjoying. Anyway, the grandkids are starting to bug me about going camping, so I guess I’ll probably drag out my tent and equipment. Those darn kids. I really love them.

  2. I was a member of the NWF many years ago. I don’t know what direction they’ve gone since the 70’s, but back then they weren’t anti gun or hunting.

    I went on quite a few hikes and outings with them in California, Washington and upstate New York. Pretty country, but with the way all three of those places have gone politically, I haven’t set foot in any of them in decades and have no intention to.

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