Loaded Precision Adjustable M1A, the Civilian-legal Semiautomatic Rifle

M1A Loaded Series from Springfield Armory

The M1 redefined the combat rifle and the M14 was an improvement in many infantrymen’s eyes. The M14 continued as a combat service rifle into the 1990s and for good reason. Those looking for a semiautomatic rifle in a caliber that packed a punch at long distances could find no better. Doubters needed to look no further than Camp Perry and the number of medals taken home by shooters of the M14. While that brought great credit to the rifle, it also had a price tag to match.

Springfield Armory has the solution with the introduction of the Loaded M1A. The Loaded M1A Series has the features and upgrades shooters want and at a price more can afford.

The Loaded M1A sports the appearance and tradition of the Standard M1A, but adds the performance upgrades making it a star at the range. For example, all Loaded models feature medium-weight premium air-gauged National Match barrels for greater accuracy. Competitive shooters and neophytes alike will appreciate the National Match tuned 4.5 to 5 lb. 2-stage trigger. A National Match front sight blade and non-hooded National Match rear aperture aid in precise target acquisition.

To meet your specific requirements and taste, Springfield has created several options to include different combinations of stocks and barrels. This ensures you’ll get a Loaded M1A to fill the perfect niche or start your collection. If you’re looking for a proven rifle that comes loaded with all the features you need, you need look no further than the Loaded M1A from Springfield Armory.

Loaded M1A
Caliber 7.62X51 NATO (.308 Winchester)
Length 45 to 46.25 inches
Barrel 22 inches; 1:11 RH twist; 6-groove National Match medium-weight premium air gauged; stainless steel
Weight 11.25 pounds with empty magazine
Sights Front: National Match .062-inch blade; rear: Match Grade (non-hooded .0520) aperture with 1/2 MOA windage and 1 MOA elevation adjustments
Stock Precision adjustable
Magazine 10-round, parkerized steel

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Comments (4)

  1. Bought new M-14 couple years back. Put on my battle sight zero dope from my 1966 R.V.N. M-14. Only had to move 1 click left and 1 click up to be on dead center. Springfield mfg. consistent all these years.

  2. Meh, this is a non-article about a 15 year old “introduction”. They were selling “loaded” M1A’s back in 1999 when I got my National Match varient. Still a 1moa rifle with match ammo using 50 year old technology at best. AR10/LR308 varients with free floated barrels will inherently be more accurate. Sold the M1A. The LR308 I built will shoot .5-.7moa all day long.

  3. Hmmm. It’s OK I guess, however I’ll leave mine original. Can’t help it, just an old wood and steel guy. Wish Springfield would do something about that cheap looking fiberglass handguard though. Do a stamped steel one like the Ruger Mini-14. I know they make rails for the M-14/M1A but damn they are not cheap. Well they do make wood handguards but you need a special set of pliers to put the ring on, they are a bit flimsy and break too easy. And it sure wouldn’t go with that Archangel stock.

  4. Archangel! Even makes the Mosin bolt gun much handier. What a valuable development keeping the cost down on such an effective system.

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