Load 30-Round AR Mags in a Single Stroke: The Maglula Range Benchloader

16.5-inch loose round magazine loader for AR-15 style magazines

Makers of the brilliant thumb-saving LULA and UpLULA mag loaders, Maglula announces its new magazine loader—the Range Benchloader for 30-round .223 Remington/5.56 magazines.

Designed for those who load hundreds of magazines a day, the Range Benchloader allows you to load your 30-round AR mags with a single hand stroke.

It is compatible with all AR-15/M4-type magazines including:

  • USGI aluminum (NATO STANAG)
  • Polymer
  • Magpul PMAG
  • H&K 416/SA80 steel
  • SCAR 16
  • SureFire 60 and 100-round
  • Beretta AR 70-90
  • Older Lancer

The reinforced heavy-duty polymer construction eliminates wear on your magazine’s feed lips—in turn prolonging the life of your mags. With a single-hand stroke load one to 30 loose rounds.

It takes 25 seconds to load a 30-round AR-15 magazine and is easy to operate with gloves on. Comprising of only three parts, the Maglula Range Benchloader will hardly ever need cleaning or maintenance.

At 16.5 inches long and weighing 12.7-ounces, it is portable enough to throw one in your range bag and always have mags loaded and ready to go.

However, there are three integrated securing holes on both sides of the magazine loader to secure it to a surface, such as a workbench, if you so desire.

Two other holes on the Range Benchloader’s right side allow for easy carry and as well as working as a tangible indicator that the loader is full in low light.

The Range Benchloader is easy to use. Simply place the loose rounds onto the loader and use the slide to push the rounds into your magazine.

Operating Instructions

  1. Slide in and lock the magazine in the loader.
  2. Place a round diagonally, then straighten and crowd towards the magazine. Fill up to 30 rounds.
  3. Quickly slide the slider towards the magazine.
  4. Lift the mag release and remove the magazine.

Though aimed at shooting ranges, competitors, military and law enforcement ranges and armories and ammo and firearm manufacturers, the regular guy can benefit from the Range Benchloader magazine loader, too!

Maglula will be demonstrating the Range Benchloader at the 2015 Media Day at the Range and during SHOT Show. We hope to get our hands on one so we can report back.

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Comments (17)

    1. Rlee, before I comment on your post I first have to admit I was raised learning how to speak English. I probably can’t even claim to have a working knowledge of text language. So I will first translate what I interpret your comment to say. Then I will tell you what I think of it. If my interpretation of your comment is wrong, then I apologize for the rest of my comment.
      I understand what you said to be “Laugh out loud at Gary trying so hard to sell people on this gimmick. Waist of money in my opinion.”
      Before you go laughing at people who obviously know more about the subject than you do, and that would take much, you should read their post with your head looking at the screen. Not with your head confined within some other part of your anatomy that prevents your brain from having access to the rest of the world. I never tried to sell this piece of equipment to anybody. As a matter of fact the opposite is true. I stated several times I felt it was too expensive to be worth while for the average shooter. I believe it does what it does better than either the NCStar or the LULA, however not enough better to be worth the money. I did try to impress on people how much I liked the LULA. Just to make sure there is no confusion The LULA is listed at Cheaper than Dirt as “Butler Creek Maglula AR-15 LULA Magazine Loader and Unloader LU10B”. You can call it a gimmick if your vocabulary is that limited, but most people think of a gimmick as an object that promises something to pull you in, but doesn’t really meet expectations. That is not the case with the LULA. It does exactly what they say it will do and it does it well. Jim prefers the NCStar. I’ve use one and it preformed well also. The only real difference “in my opinion”, notice how I typed that out so people could read it, is the NCStar requires the ammo to be first loaded in stripper clips. If that works for you then use it, but the LULA is the best thumb saver I have seen.

  1. you can buy a 20 pack of stripper clips for the 22 349 dollars on Amazon. Better deals may be available if you do a more thorough search. Even including several orders of stripper clips with the NCStar speed loader, you still come out a lot cheaper with this solution. the problem would be Lula is that it takes a bit of time to completely load a mag in the field and all during that time you are out of action.

    1. We all agree that the Range Bench Loader is to expensive for us. If you check their website they are not marketing to us. They will sell you one if you want it, and there will be people that buy it and be glad they did. It is designed however for the range or armorer that has to load hundreds of mags a day. As for your NCStar and stripper clips vs. my LULA, well you have already bought a NCStar and no one will every change your mind. I am happy for you. For those that are still trying to decide what they want, I just loaded 20 rounds into a mag in 25 seconds with my LULA. Starting with a closed 20 round box, 30 round mag and the LULA laying on the table. I just loaded 20 rounds because I didn’t feel like opening another box only to prove a point then having to put it all back up. I have no doubt I could have loaded 30 rounds in les than 35 seconds. Quicker if I started with all the ammo laying on the table and the LULA already on the mag. If the… “time you are out of action”… is that important to you, then you better forget about the Bench Loader, the NCStar, or even the LULA, and fill that bandoleer with loaded mags.

    2. Yes, while I prefer to have preloaded stripper clips in a bandolier for use with an NC Star type speed loader, I generally use the LULA at the range to load individual mags from a box of ammo. Another advantage of the LULA is it’s small size. You can carry it in a pocket.

    1. I’ve never owned or fired a Mini 14, but while I researching what Jim said about the NCStar in the comment below I found they claim it will fit AR or Mini 14 style mags. Maybe this thing will too.

  2. I use the NCStar Speedloader –×51/dp/B003XVBVUQ/ref=sr_1_50?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1421538322&sr=1-50&keywords=magazine+speed+loader&pebp=1421538330459&peasin=B003XVBVUQ with stripper clips. You can load the clips in a few seconds with 10 rounds each (while you watch TV) and store 3 in each pocket of a bandoleer, reserving one pocket for the $18 speedloader. One stroke feeds the 10 rounds from the stripper clip into the magazine, and the clip is captured by a magnet on the loader. Great for field use, and faster than the next best field loader, the LULA.

    1. The link you provided is actually for a .308 or 7.62 x 51. However a little research did find that they make the same for .223 at about $18. The problem is it does require the use of stripper clips. Even if you don’t count the time you spend loading the stripper clips you still have to buy them, either alone or with ammo attached. Trust me that ammo is more expensive with the clips included. The link you provided also shows the NCStar loader with one stripper for $22. That’s more than the LULA cost and the LULA works all by itself. If the NCStar is going to be truly useful you will need several stripper clips. That pushes the price way above the LULA. I’m sorry, I still believe the Magalula is still the best AR mag loader for the average shooter. If you need to load a hundred mags a day then this new loader might be worth while for you. If you have something against Butler Creek, then buy the NCStar. Otherwise the Magalula is the way to go.

    2. A stripper clip is a metal strip with ridges on the sides. You slide the rounds, usually 10 per clip, under the ridges. You end up with 10 rounds held in a row, which can be slipped into a magazine as a group. To put them in you need a small metal stripper clip guide or a loader, such as the NC Star. You can load the stripper clips in advance and store them in a bandolier. I load three clips into each of the 7 bandolier pockets with 10, 10, and 8 rounds for a total of 28 in each pocket for a 30 round mag. You can also get small cardboard boxes that fit in each bandolier pocket and hold three loaded stripper clips without rattling around. All of these are available on the internet, if not at your local gun store or surplus store. Search for .223 stripper clips and bandoliers.

    1. I think the time mentioned, what, 30 seconds, must include the time to load the loader. If it takes that much time to push the rounds into your magazine from the loader, it’s lame. I don’t think that’s the case.

      In other news: That’s WAY too much money for how much I shoot. I’d rather spend the money on another 400+ rounds.

    2. If you watch the video you will see how it saves time. There is no way you can load a 30 round mag, one at a time or even with stripper clips, faster than you can load this thing and strip them into the mag. However I agree it is to pricey. Someone mentioned it was $131. I searched Midway, and Midsouth, and Natchez. They were $120 give or take. However it is currently $101 at Cheaper Than Dirt. Even still it is a bit pricey. I use the Butler Creek(same company that makes this thing) Maglula to load my mags. It is that thing he used in the video to unload the mag with. It loads just as quick and easily. In fact I bet it can load 30 rounds from the box to the mag nearly as fast as this rig can. It’s only $21 at CTD.

  3. WOW!! looks really neat, I almost wanted it. Till i saw the price.
    At $131.99, it is a no go. I’ll stick to my 10rds at a time and a second or two longer.
    I know there is research and development costs, but with maybe $10.00 worth of plastic. they seem to want to take an arm and a leg for it.

    It looks like a lot of work getting use to loading the unit with bullets first. unlike stripper clips already preloaded. not sure if this unit is worth the efforts to buy, learn and use at the range.

    What do everyone else think?

    1. Someone has to load the stripper clips first. Same as this thing. Check out the Mag LULA. There are videos on you tube of it. Just search .223 mag loader.

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