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Picture shows Ruger's LCP pistol in pink.


Pink Pistols Compared

I have never advocated buying a person protection gun because it looks good. Reliability and ease of use are so much more important. However, like many women shooters I know, whether we admit to it or not, actually want a pink gun. Fortunately, there are now plenty of reliable, accurate and affordable pink pistols to choose from. In this article, I break down the important specifications and features of 10 different pocket pistols to help you make a decision about your next concealed carry gun.

Picture shows a compact silver flashlight with solar panels on one side.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

The Five Most Useful Solar-Powered Gizmos and Gadgets

There are roughly eight or so hours of natural power a day. On a clear day, why not turn to solar power? (Alaska, you get plenty more during the summer.) The sun transforms four million tons of hydrogen into energy every second. Just one hour of sun provides enough energy to meet the world’s needs for a year. That’s a lot of free, renewable energy. Why not harness it? I found five of the most useful solar-powered devices for survivalists, preppers, hikers and campers.

Picture shows a white, orange and maroon vintage Hawaiian print button down shirt

Concealed Carry

30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 19: Five Tips for Carrying a Gun in the Summer

It can be much easier to conceal in the winter when we were more layers and cover garments such as a sweaters, hoodies or jackets do not look suspicious. Even though we wear less in the summer, fortunately summer styles and fabrics are looser. Covering a pistol or a revolver doesn’t have to be complicated with these more casual styles. An untucked Hawaiian or Polo-style shirt and shorts for men and a long cotton maxi dress for women are commonplace during the hotter months. The following are five tips for carrying a gun during the dog days of summer:

Picture shows a military surplus gas mask with elongated mouth piece with a filter attached.


How to Buy, Collect and Repurpose Military Surplus Gear and Equipment

So, you want to start collecting military surplus gear or maybe you have compared prices with modern hunting and camping equipment prices to surplus prices. Whatever your reason, your curiosity has piqued an interest in purchasing military surplus items. Maybe you have questions and concerns about quality and condition—totally understandable. It can be difficult to judge via a picture online and information can be equally as difficult to find. There are a limited number of resources when you attempt to research a particular piece—especially when it comes to foreign military surplus. Not sure where to start? I hope this quick-start guide will be a good starting point to start your collection.

Picture shows a black and brown PMC Bronze ammunition box, with five rounds of .380 ACP next to it. cheap ammo


The Four Best Cheap Ammo Buys

As far as affordable ammunition goes, people tend to go for Winchester “white box” or Remington’s value line, UMC. However, when I search for ammo by price, lowest to highest on Cheaper Than Dirt’s website, Win white box and UMC rarely pop up as the cheapest. Now, I tend to pick guns in calibers that ammo stays relatively consistently cheap and easy to find—.22 Long Rifle, .223 Remington and 9mm. My recent foray into the sub-compact .380s means I have been spending a little bit more, but I recently found a reliable round that doesn’t break the bank. For .22 LR, I’ve been able to shoot CCI through rifles and handguns without much issue. TRAJETECH surprised me in 9mm and Armscor tops my list in all calibers.

Picture shows the right side of the Beretta Nano pistol.

Concealed Carry

9mm Beretta Nano Review

The Beretta Nano is a sub-compact, striker-fired (Beretta’s first), locked-breech, recoil-operated, semi-automatic pistol. It holds six rounds of 9mm in its single-stack magazine, with one in the chamber—of which will fire regardless if a magazine is inserted or not. There is no magazine disconnect safety. Meaning if the chamber’s hot, the Nano’s gonna fire.The cool thing about the Nano is its interchangeable frame. It has the potential (on paper) to be a great carry gun for women.


It’s Not Too Late, Get an Instant Last Minute Gift!

Waited until the last minute did we? Regardless of the reason, you need a gift and you need it now! Instead of stopping at the local convenient store to pick from the few chintzy items remaining, buy them a Cheaper Than Dirt gift card in any denomination up to and including $1,000. The Cheaper Than Dirt gift card arrives in their email inbox instantly.


‘Range’ Report: Bite These Bullets

For the holidays, Cheaper Than Dirt! received a test sample of ammunition from, the San Diego-based confectioner whose line of candy products includes a Chocolate Bullet Military Tin, a Chocolate Hand Gun, Chocolate Shotgun Shell Tins, and other products. For the reloader, there’s also the Chocolate Ammo Candy Making Kit.