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NSSF Calls Foul on USFWS Director’s Parting Shot on Traditional Ammo

“This directive is irresponsible and driven not out of sound science but unchecked politics,” said Lawrence Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel. “The timing alone is suspect. This directive was published without dialogue with industry, sportsmen and conservationists. The next director should immediately rescind this, and instead create policy based upon scientific evidence of population impacts with regard to the use of traditional ammunition.”

Hornady Critical Duty Ammunition boxes with a Glock 17 pistol


Why I Will Remain a Big Bore Man (And Validity of Research)

The Thompson LaGarde test of handgun calibers has been brought into controversy by some, but it was the definitive word when conducted. Their biomechanical fidelity in the use of both cadavers and live animals must be respected. Others point to the success of the .45 ACP during WWII or the works of Elmer Keith and Skeeter Skelton to determine the best caliber to stop a threat. IN this feature article, Bob Campbell makes his case why he relies on big bores for defense.


DoubleTap — Your Total Ammunition Solution

DoubleTap Ammunition made its name by producing 10mm ammunition. In fact, when the industry was offering 10mm ammunition loaded closer to .40 S&W specifications, DoubleTap was the solution for full-power factory-grade ammunition. However, 10mm is a small portion of the Ammo market, so DoubleTap did the right thing and now offers a full catalog of ammunition ranging from rimfire to African Dangerous Game loads.

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Free From Hornady Ammunition

The Hornady 4DOF calculator provides trajectory solutions based on projectile Drag Coefficient (not ballistic coefficient) along with the exact physical modelling of the projectile and its mass and aerodynamic properties. Additionally, it is the first publicly available program that will correctly calculate the vertical shift a bullet experiences as it encounters a crosswind—referred to as aerodynamic jump.

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Winchester Varmint X — Shotshells with Shot-Lok Technology

There is skill in reaching out and busting a song dog at distance, but there is heart-pounding, adrenaline fun in getting up close and personal with good ‘ol Wile E Coyote. When you are going nose to nose with a coyote, you’ll want a shotgun and few loads offer better performance than Winchester’s Varmint X.

hunter wearing ghillie suit with rifle and pack


Federal American Eagle Introduces Varmint & Predator Ammunition Bulk Packs

American Eagle and varmints spell on fun day any way you look at it. Well, unless you are the varmint I suppose… Varmint hunters like to shoot, but accuracy matters. Seldom will a song dog wait around to see if your accuracy improves, but a target at the range will. That’s why successful varmint hunters spend plenty of time punching paper too. Fortunately, with American Eagle’s new bulk ammunition packs, it just got a little easier to practice and sight in at the range with the same ammo you’ll be using in the field.

G2 Research 7.62x39 Ripout Round packaging and expended bullet


G2 Research 7.62×39 Ripout Round — Serious Stopping Power!

AKs and SKSs are staple on the battlefield, target range, and in many preppers’ gun safes. While a good supply of bulk surplus 7.62×39 is a must for the range or a SHTF scenario, a few mags of G2 Research 7.62×39 Ripout Rounds should be at the top of any shooter’s or prepper’s list.

Federal Premium 3rd Degree Turkey load ad


Federal Premium 3rd Degree Rebate Going Strong — Get a Free Call too!

Gobblers across the country are having nightmares, because hunters are gearing up to jelly some turkey heads! Worse yet (for the turkeys), is Federal’s new offering of the 3rd Degree in 20 gauge. Second, Federal is offering a rebate, so there is no better time to stock your shelves. Of course, you can’t shoot what’s not in range so Federal is offering a free Premium Edition Primos pot call with the purchase of two boxes of ammunition. What else could you ask from one of Federal Premium Turkey Load offerings?


SHOT Show 2016 Special Edition Day 4: New Ammunition

Though it is often overlooked, ammunition continues to be the area where we see the most innovation in the firearms world. For 2016, we have new and exciting ammunition products for any gun you choose to shoot, from muzzleloaders to itty-bitty handguns. Two firearms manufacturers have also stepped into the branded ammunition arena.

SIG Sauer TACOPS pistol right side


Range Report: SIG TACOPS .45

The modern SIG TACOPS are arguably among the finest service grade 1911 handguns ever built. That is quite a claim coming from a 1911 aficionado such as The Shooter’s Log’s Bob Campbell. Read the full report to see why the TACOPS topped Bob’s favorite 1911 on a range showdown.