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There is skill in reaching out and busting a song dog at distance, but there is heart-pounding, adrenaline fun in getting up close and personal with good ‘ol Wile E. Coyote. When you are going nose to nose with a coyote, you’ll want a shotgun, and few loads offer better performance than Winchester’s Varmint X.As a bonus, shotgunnners now have an added reason to select Winchester thanks to the addition of Shot-Lok technology in its shotshell offerings.

Winchester Varmint X logo Here is the full release from Winchester.

Since its introduction, Varmint X centerfire loads have been the ones savvy predator hunters turn to for accurate, dependable performance each time they head into the field. But not every predator chaser hunts the wide-open expanses common to western country. In fact, as coyotes and other varmints continue to expand and solidify their presence, predators are increasingly being hunted in heavily forested, brushy terrain where shots are often closer and must be made quickly on incoming or retreating targets. In these situations, a shotgun is the ideal choice.

For those hunters, Varmint X now has an answer in the form of a new shotshell added to the line that boasts Winchester’s proven Shot-Lok Technology. Shot-Lok Technology includes a liquid gel that surrounds the pellets in the shot cup and then hardens. When fired, the shot launches from the barrel nearly perfectly round as the hardened resin fractures and disperses like any shotshell buffer. The result is extremely tight, long-range patterns. When used in other Winchester products such as Long Beard XR and Rooster XR, hunters have been able to achieve reliable patterns much farther out than standard shotshell loads of the same gauge and shot size—adding even as much as an additional 20 yards in reliable shot distance.

The new Varmint X shotshell load will be available in a 3-inch offering loaded with 1½ ounces of plated BBs that leave the muzzle at 1,300 fps. At 40 yards and beyond, hunters can expect to deliver up to 12 inches of penetration combined with enough devastating knockdown power to handle the largest coyotes, foxes and more.

“Until now, predator hunters who use shotguns have had to use shotshells designed for other game. This dedicated load with Shot-Lok Technology offers them the proven performance they need from a shotshell to deliver tight patterns at longer distances and will work perfectly on a broad range of predators,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of marketing, sales and strategy.

What is your favorite load, caliber/gauge, and tip for hunting coyotes? Share it in the comment section.

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