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Survival Items That Help Your Wallet Survive Too

So you’re thinking about picking up some survival gear but that Christmas money flew out of your pocket faster than you thought it would. The problem with survival gear is that there are two kinds—stuff that is cheap, and stuff that works. Most of the time an item won’t fit in both of those categories, however there are a few exceptions, like these. Here are four survival items that don’t suck and don’t cost much at all. You’re welcome!

550 Paracord

550 Paracord
Add logs, sticks and stones and you might kill the Predator.

If you are looking through a survival manual, a book or a blog on how to make stuff work in a camping or survival situation, you’ll notice an awful lot of little things that need to be tied together to make bigger and cooler things. Tie your poncho halves to trees to make a lean-to. Tie your survival knife to a long stick to make a spear. Well, what you use to tie all that stuff is parachute cord, rated to retain 550 pounds of weight before breaking. I’ve seen some pretty crazy things done with 550 Paracord, like “Arnold hunts the Predator with a bunch of Boy Scout booby traps” kind of stuff. And it’s super cheap! We sell it in huge spools but if you don’t need all that much, start with 100 feet of it for just ten bucks! Like it? Buy it!

Space Tent

Spaaaaaace Tennnnnnnt
We got these from the studio where they made “Space: 1999”

So, the official name for this thing is “Disposable Emergency Tent, Silver Reflective Material.” Whatever, I hereby dub it the Space Tent, because it’s made out of the same stuff as the doohickey I call the Space Blanket. The Space Tent is made of super thin material, so it folds up into a little square and doesn’t weigh very much at all. You can put the whole thing in a cargo pocket and have room to spare. Unpacked it grows to seven feet long, holds two people inside, and has 20 feet of support cord built in to string the top part between a couple of trees or whatever you can tie it to. The material reflects and traps heat, preventing hypothermia even in very cold situations. And it’s still just ten bucks, the same price as the original Space Blanket.

Like it? Buy it!

6-in-1 Self Powered Safety Light and Radio

Self Powered Light/Radio
Its batteries won’t go dead because there aren’t any batteries.

Okay, for $16.65 this thing is a must have. You get an LED flashlight, an FM radio, a compass, an emergency siren, and even a phone charger built into it. And it’s powered by you, not batteries. See the grey thing sticking out of the left side? It’s a crank that recharges the unit’s power when you turn it. A minute of turning the crank powers the unit for up to an hour. You can prevent getting lost, receive emergency instructions via radio (or just listen to the oldies station if there’s no emergency), find your way in the dark, and keep your cell phone charged up, all for less than twenty bucks. Isn’t technology amazing? Like it? Crank it!

IDF Green Assault Bag

Bag, enormous, IDF issue, one each.
Bag, enormous, IDF issue, one each.

One thing I can say with confidence about the Israelis is that they don’t give a crap what stuff looks like, they only care if it works. When I see photos of Israeli troops in the field their weapons are beat to heck, their uniforms and load bearing gear are about on par with what we had back in Vietnam, but all their stuff works just fine. It’s the same with this bag. It is huge, it is green, and it is stout. It doesn’t come in the latest camouflage pattern, it doesn’t have a tactical radio pouch and a tactical admin pouch and a tactical beef jerky storage pouch or any of that fancy stuff. It does have shoulder straps built into it so you can put it on your back when you have so much stuff in there that one arm won’t lift it. And the best part is, it costs just $30 and its in brand new condition.

Like it? Buy it!

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