Smith & Wesson Announces the M&P Shield

Has Smith & Wesson developed a game changer? Or will the M&P Shield be just another pocket gun?

Smith & Wesson announced the new M&P Shield™ today at the NRA Annual Meeting. The Shield is indeed a single-stack polymer pistol, and will be available in both 9mm and .40 S&W. The 9mm and .40 S&W are identical in size and weight. This is sure to make holster shopping a lot easier. The single stack magazine will hold either 7+1 in 9mm or 6+1 in .40 Caliber. There will always be a place for single stack concealable pistols. Smith & Wesson has enjoyed a large amount of success with their M&P line, so why not make a pocket-size M&P to carry with you everywhere? This pistol will be in direct competition with other popular pocket guns, like Kahr® pistols, the Kimber Solo®, the Bersa® BP9CC, and the Ruger® LC9. The large-caliber pocket gun class is growing at a lightning fast rate, and isn’t showing signs of slowing down. The MSRP of the Shield is around $449.00.

Did you buy the S&W M&P Shield? What are the pros and cons of the gun? Tell us in the comment section.

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Comments (18)

  1. I like the Shield 9 M2.0 so much that I’m getting the Shield Plus.
    If I wasn’t so vested in the Glock line of Guns, I’d have a lot more S&W pistols.

  2. love the 40 shield, i have a 9 shield that is ported and it is great except once in a while it will jam. still working on it. still hard to find a good holster

  3. Just got my M&P Shield in .40Cal . With laser sights
    . Great pistol and very accurate.
    The white 3 dot sights are awesome with quick recovery.

  4. Exellent gun, made 10x better than the lc9, I have this in 40 the xds, and 2 sub compact glocks. Any of them are great reliable guns. Don’t save money and get the Ruger it will fall apart on you if you use it.

  5. Hey Radarman, If you have a Gander Mountain in your area stop by and see them. They told me they get one or two in every week or so. They told me the don’t even make it to the display case because there snatched up. They may tell you to call like every thursday when they get there shipments in. Call them at 9:00 a.m. and be sure to ask them to hold it for you and go their ASAP. Thats how i got mine. Your local shooting range might be the same way. I found that out after i already had mine. Be prepaired to pay the full MSRP of 449.00 plus tax. Hope this helps.

  6. Your comment is “spot on” Lenman. I have inquired weekly since early May, at my three local firearms dealers but none can get the new S&W M&P Shield. All three dealers tell me the same thing, “people are asking for the Shield every day”. Whas-up with S&W that they can’t produce the new CCW???

  7. Does anyone know if it will be available for sale to California? Will it make CA’s DOJ list of approved handguns?

  8. I just bout a Taurus 740 Slim in .40 S&W. Awesome gun for the price! Not much accessories on the market for it though… Anyone know where I can g=buy and extra mag or IWB holster?

  9. What’s the point of a new M&P when you can’t build enough of the existing M&P’s? You can’t find them anywhere so will this one be the same situation a pistol nobody can buy because it is always out of stock?

  10. @Larry W, I would have to shoot one to tell for sure, but I imagine it’s probably not going to matter too much. If you choose to leave the safety in the fire position, it won’t change the fact that it has a long striker fire trigger. Should be plenty safe on its own.

  11. I have the compact M&P in 9mm. This pistol is not furnished with a manual safety but the shield has a manual safety. I’m looking for a backup to carry in my left pocket for use in my left hand so the manual safety is a problem. Will the shield be provided without the manual safety? How is the M&P with the safety different from the M&P without the safety?

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