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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield


The Top 5 Product Reviews of 2014 on the Shooter’s Log

One of the most important jobs of the Shooter’s Log writing team is to produce honest reviews on products—especially gun reviews. Purchasing a firearm is a big decision—regardless of it being your first gun or twentieth gun. Guns are not cheap and you do not want to be stuck buying the wrong one. That is why we take our job so seriously—to help guide you in buying the best self-defense tool you can buy. The top five most read product reviews of 2014 on The Shooter’s Log are of firearms, four of them are concealed carry handguns, while the top most read gun review is of the Beretta ARX 100 modern sporting rifle.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield


Top Selling Smith & Wesson M&P Firearms

Smith & Wesson’s Military & Police handguns have been popular with law enforcement, military and civilians alike since 1899. S&W continues the legend with its concealed carry pistols the .380 Bodyguard and the M&P Shield. The M&P15 series of AR-15s are also best sellers. Reliability, accuracy and affordability make the M&P guns some of the best target, competition and self-defense guns you can buy. Here is Cheaper Than Dirt’s list of the top 10 best selling S&W M&P handguns and rifles.

Picture shows a Saiga.


High Powered Headlines: August 7, 2014

Is the gun that the GLOCK Model 42 should have been on its way? Speaking of guns, we discuss nine new “smart” guns in development—some with such scary technology that the gun will sense when it is in a gun free zone and will cease to fire. Further, RWC Group plans to release a few Saiga rifles from Kalashnikov Concern that are still available in September. We have item numbers for you! Today’s High Powered Headlines featured in the Shooter’s Log, Cheaper Than Dirt!’s blog has the hottest news that gun owners want to read.


‘Top 10’ Most-Read Articles

This compilation of the most-read Shooter’s Log articles from the last quarter talks about a range of topics, from gun taxes to the sticky issue of legal deadly force to how to buy an AK-47. Click the headlines to check them out for yourself.

Competitive Shooting

All-Time Top 10 Pistol Posts for March 30, 2013

Pistol articles are a hands-down favorite of readers who visit The Shooter’s Log. It’s easy to see that shooters want to know more about handguns of all types and sizes — carry guns, competitive models, high-cost pieces, budget items — it doesn’t really matter. Here our Top-Ten most-read items about sidearms.