SIG Sauer Introduces .38 Super +P Elite Performance Ammunition

SIG Sauer .38 Super Ammunition

SIG Sauer recently introduced .38 Super Auto+P to its line of V-Crown line of ammunition. Be sure to read that closely, because SIG Sauer is also set to release .38 Special by the end of the year. For those who may be wondering, .38 Special is a favorite practice load for those shooting .357 Magnum—.38 Super is a whole other creature.

Today, the .38 Super is most commonly known as a competition cartridge. It was originally designed for the 1911, and is a favorite among some IPSC shooters. The .38 Super is far from new. In fact, it was originally developed in the 1920s. At the time, it was more powerful than competing cartridges and able to penetrate body armor and hard cover such as car doors. Later, in 1934, the .357 Magnum was introduced. Although not quite as powerful as the .38 Super, the .357 Magnum was a revolver cartridge, which was favored by most police officers of the day.

Again, a word of caution, DO NOT try to shoot .38 Super out of firearms designed for .357 Mag. or .38 Special. The pressure will likely cause a catastrophic failure. This problem is not new. The .38 Super is based off the old .38 ACP cartridge. In the mid-1970s, to further distinguish the .38 Super from the .38 ACP, manufacturers added the +P headstamp to help distinguish the powerhouse from its lower-pressured genus.

Here’s the word from SIG about its new .38 Super V-Crown JHP ammunition:

SIG Sauer, Inc., designer and manufacturer of the world’s most reliable firearms, silencers, optics, ammunition, airguns, and accessories is pleased to introduce 125-grain .38 Super +P Elite Performance Ammunition in V-Crown jacketed hollow point (JHP) and SIG FMJ full metal jacket loads.

With a muzzle velocity of 1230 feet per second, the 125-grain .38 Super +P ammunition delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability. The SIG V-Crown load features a proprietary stacked hollow point bullet for reliable, uniform expansion and optimal terminal performance. DUCTA–BRIGHT 7A coated brass cases also provide enhanced lubricity, offering superior corrosion resistance, and more reliable feeding and extraction in semi-automatic pistols.

The SIG FMJ premium target loads feature solid brass cases and durable, copper-jacketed bullets that remain intact on impact. The precise, uniform profile of the SIG FMJ bullets results in maximum accuracy and consistency. Dependable primers and clean-burning powders are used for reduced barrel fouling with more reliable functioning.

“With the introduction of the .38 Super +P ammunition, we now offer Elite Performance Ammunition for all SIG SAUER pistols,” said Dan Powers, president of the SIG Sauer Ammunition Division. “SIG FMJ ammunition is the perfect combination of affordability and performance in a premium target round. It is designed to approximate the performance of the corresponding SIG V-Crown jacketed hollow point rounds, giving our customers the advantage of a seamless transition from target ammo to carry ammo.” All Elite Performance Ammunition is manufactured in the United States by SIG Sauer to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles.

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  1. I purchased my first .38 Super 40+ years ago from a fellow that didn’t like the “odd” caliber. I paid $100 (a lotta money back then) for the pistol for two reasons – one, it was in pristine condition, and two, it was not registered anywhere. Turns out it was a pre-WW2 Colt pistol and is now quite valuable. I still shoot it – albeit without +P loads. My second .38 Super is a new PARA USA stainless steel tack driver. It handles +P loads like they were poots in the wind, so to speak. I would love to find a double stack compact .38 Super. I love the caliber.

  2. 125 grain .357 SIG fmj ammo is rated at 1356 fps! Winchester White Box 125 grain .357 SIG hollow point ammo is rated at 1350 fps! Just buy a Sig in .357 SIG!!!

  3. “Although not quite as powerful as the .38 Super, the .357 Magnum was…”

    “Not quite as powerful…”? Ballistics charts I’ve just perused seem to belie that statement……unless, one really cherry-picks the data/loads. I consider the .38 Super to be an exceptional cartridge, but it’s not more powerful than a .357 magnum.

    1. @ mike hill.

      You could also try the 147-grain .960 Rowland (9×23) +p+ Extreme Wildcat, with 40,000psi to 45,000psi Bore Pressure. But keep in mind the Barrel have to be Luger/Parabellum Specifications or you could “BLOW” the barrel. A Revolver will probably work fine, because of the Cylinders Thickness…

  4. @ angel.

    For a Wheel Gun/Revolver, it’s pretty straight forward. I get the Ruger SP-101 with 2-1/2″ barrel in .357Magnum. This allows you to use all 4-calibers in the Picture. The “Pistol” is the Tougher Choice, either ????? the P224 or ????? the P250 Compact. I’ll probably get “Flak” for it, BUT WHAT THE…

  5. Perfection would be if SIG were to pick an appropriate model,and ran up some 38 supers. I believe there are many who would ante up and buy them, myself included……..

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