SHOT Show 2023: Smith and Wesson M&P 5.7×28 Pistol

Smith and Wesson M&P 5.7x28

In an effort to enhance the performance of the increasingly popular 5.7x28mm round in a polymer handgun platform, Smith & Wesson set out to deliver a new and innovative design that will offer a more reliable, accurate, and consistent shooting experience. Designed within the M&P 5.7 is Smith & Wesson’s new gas-operated, locked-breech, rotating Tempo Barrel System.

Developed to harness the speed of the round, this new 5-inch barrel allows for a quicker extraction once the bullet passes the gas port, creating a more secured fireform effect. This key feature allows for increased precision following the first trigger pull and works to utilize the ballistic advantages of the 5.7x28mm round.

Smith and Wesson M&P 5.7x28 pistol, left Profile
The New M&P 5.7 will light up the range and quicken your pulse. With its rotating 5” Tempo Barrel System, the new M&P 5.7 utilizes the ballistics of the 5.7 x 28 round in tandem with the repeatability of the Tempo System. Get worry-free consistency, in a 22+1 handgun. Take control and feel the fast.

Developed to harness the speed of the round, this new 5-inch barrel allows for a quicker extraction once the bullet passes the gas port, creating a more secured fireform effect. This key feature allows for increased precision following the first trigger pull and works to utilize the ballistic advantages of the 5.7x28mm round.

“The M&P 5.7 is an exciting new pistol from Smith & Wesson that incorporates a gas-operated Tempo Barrel System to effectively harness the 5.7x28mm round, creating a lighter recoil for an overall better shooting experience. Like all Smith & Wesson firearms, the M&P 5.7 is proudly made entirely in the USA and is backed by the Smith & Wesson Limited Lifetime Service Policy. Whatever your purpose, the M&P 5.7 is versatile, fun, and a must-have,” says Andrew Gore, Product Manager, Handguns.

Check back soon for a full field review. Until then, what do you think of the 5.7 round? Is a new M&P in your future? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. I tried the the Ruger “57” first. In a word, it felt “cheap”. I read the manual front to back, used recommended ammo and loaded as instructed. Still had excessive feeding issues – “misfed” high and to the L of chamber. Unacceptable. The cost of the FN was prohibitive and a non-starter. My ultimate objective was a pistol and long gun that utilized the same round AND the same magazine. Hopefully S&W M&P will make this a reality – it will be a guaranteed winner !!

  2. Just bought Kel-Tec P50 very anxious to get my hands on it and try the 5.7 round. Hopefully the 9.6” barrel is long enough to get better ballistics than a 5” barrel

  3. I’m curious. Has anyone ever compared the PSA Rock 5.7 pistol to the Ruger, FN, and S&W 5.7’s? The price difference is pretty substantial. A PSA 5.7 ROCK PISTOL OPTICS READY W/ THREADED BARREL & HOLOSUN 407K REFLEX SIGHT cost is $599. Looking forward to comments.

  4. Already told LGS I’ll take the first one they can get their hands on. Have the FN and Ruger (and a 5.7 AR). Like to see if the Smith has a better trigger. Reloading makes the price per round about the same as reloading 9mm.

  5. Sorry but so in love with my ridiculously priced .38 Super Colts! Have 3. 4-9m pistols SW,Walther,Baretta,Glock,as well as .32 .380 .22 .45& .50 calibers. Untill you fire one of these you will never know how cool they are!
    Pretty cool weapon….Try it you’ll like it!
    Really liked the concept of 5.7 round looking like a mini .223 ,but price is really is a bit out of range compared to hundreds of 9mm’s…

  6. The 5.7×28 cartridge seems impractical in a pistol. Originally designed as an armor-piercing military round, the civilian version lacks that capability. It is expensive and too long for a medium-size pistol magazine and requires a long barrel to achieve design velocity. All the 5.7×28 pistols are too cumbersome for personal carry. A new cartridge like the .32 H&R Mag but for automatics would be ideal for properly-sized personal carry pistols.

  7. I have been a supporter of the 5.7x28mm round for quite a while now I had been studying the ballistic capabilities even before I took over as a rural police chief knowing that during the late night hours back up could be as much as 57+ mi.(in wintertime, when ice on back roads isn’t tamed by blue lights & sirens so that can be >1hr away. 21 rds. in the mag, & another 30 in my backup mag meant that I had an entire box of ammo at hand with little more than a “reload drill” would be needed. Even an old timer who would count rounds did not expect another 10 rds. In the gun. Obviously, I carried an FN Herstal, but when Ruger came with their 57 I bought 1 to cut down on the unnecessary wear on the FN. While it is not an FN, it certainly would qualify as a “duty pistol”. In some ways, I now wish I had waited for the S&W, however, given the Ruger Carbine with interchangeable magazines. Including the “ultra-capacity mag” that is available would still have affected my decision-matrix towards the Ruger.
    As for the 5.7×28 mm cartridge, it really has very few negatives in either performance ballistics, or functionality when considering the increase in platform availability. The most significant downside is the cost & availability of ammo, which perhaps will eventually be self-resolving if it’s market performance creates adequate demand sufficient to bring more manufacturers into the supply chain & perhaps FN will find it worthwhile to release its restrictions on the non-LE sales of its own best load for the pistol. Remember that the round was developed in response to a NATO RFP to meet the needs of its Special Operations community. In actuality, if the round had been accepted by US SOCOM, which had concerns about the limited availability of weapons platforms & ammunition as well as the fact that it would remain a single, non-US source vendor/supplier of both the ammo & the limited diversity of existing platforms, with few additional products in the developmental pipeline the size & number of Operators, & the classified nature of their operations which further complicate the security clearance issues for both RFP & production by no-forn release constraints when the single source manufacturers is a non-US entity. The same issues exist as to ammunition for operational reasons. LE deployment south be equally constrained, if so due to economic & budgetary limitations rather than operational concerns.
    Of course, the civilian sector of the market for their handguns shares the financial concerns, as well as shared “operational” concerns in that the ballistic characteristics of the cartridge itself requires are such that it best achieves maximum efficacy in a pistol that is large enough to allow it to achieve the speed & ballistic requirements, yet achieving design characteristics consistent with “concealed carry” with a rather large range of appropriate civilian attire.

  8. I can see how some might object about the ammo. But all cartridges started out like that. Two massive world wars helped make 9mm and 45ACP be everywhere- we dont have that now so new round development is slower. 5.7 has been around since thr 90s, but it faced of course huge resistance, just like revolver people resisted the 9mm Luger. 9mm passes through the target. 45 mule- kicks the target. Both often create surviveable injuries. 5.7 acts like a small 5.56 rifle round, striking with hi velocity (1800 fps) with low mass, so that all of its energy is directed into the tissue. All testing shows a literal explosion, then quick stoppage. The wound is tremendous. Also, 5.7 easily penetrates soft body armor and depending penetrates multiple layers of Kevlar. Your 9mm and 45 aint doin that. And don’t count on a head shot- it harder than it sounds. All weapons and cartridges were once new technology.

  9. Will have one as soon as my LGS can get one. Love the 5.7 round. It is expensive but with more and more guns being produced for it, maybe the price of ammo will go down. Had the Ruger when it first come out and wasn’t impressed with the trigger, the S&W will have a better trigger and the fact that it’s has a threaded barrel and optics ready is great.

  10. Practicality aside, the 5.7 is a fun round to shoot with.
    I have the FNH, and I agree it is like holding a 2×4, but is is a very solid gun. I also picked up the Ruger (half the cost of the FNH), and it seems to fit my hand a little better.
    Hopefully as more manufacturers produce guns chambered for the 5.7 more ammo makers will start to supply the round as well…. As we know, that should bring the cost per round down.
    I hope SW will make a non-threaded barrel version for us customers that are stuck in NY- I would pre-order it today…

  11. As one of the commenters said, a “Wantagun”
    I fired the P90 and that was what the round was designed for (and the corresponding FN 5.7 pistol)
    It works way better in the P90 but that never took off, but the round remained.

  12. It would be ideal if your upcoming full review was a comparison of the new S&W 5.7 with the Ruger. No need to include a comparison of the twice-as-expensive FN five seveN, since, in my opinion, most shooters won’t be able to justify the FN’s value for the money.

  13. In my humble opinion
    This weapon is a “Wanta gun”
    Not a “ Needa gun”
    Reasons why:
    1. Price and availability of cartridges.
    2. Price of weapon (as of now.. unknown)
    3. Knock-down powder.

    As a “Old Schooler” will it stop a threat with the least amount of lead

  14. Great idea! I have the FN 5.7 and it,s like holding a 2×4. Picked up the PSA Rock with Optics ready and threaded barrel, love it! I’m a 45 lover but that Rock with virtually no recoil, round landing on top of splash on steel same spot! Screwed on a 6″ 22 Suppressor from the 80’s and it as hearing safe as any 9mm with a can. Throw in flat trajectory and lethality and in regard to the Rock lite weight and 23 rounds for $600. I hope the S&W is priced accordingly as I would like to check out the recoil system as the 5.7 has none.

  15. I said heck with all these 5.7’s and i went with the 22 tcm. All i had to do was buy the glock 19 conversion barrel from rock island and slapped it in my psa dagger. It works great. Ballistics wise they are pretty much the same out of a pistol barrel. In fact the 22 tcm might be better in some aspects. Loud as all hell and shoots a huge fireball. If anything its definately intimidating but light on the recoil though.

  16. I wanted an FN back in the day , even put a deposit on one but never followed thru… own several smiths and see this one as coming to my collection soon. Doubt I would make it an EDC but will be neat to shoot on the range and reload to its full potential. An SBR would be more formidable imo but since that’s unrealistic I’ll give this one a try

  17. OH BOY!!! Another 5.7 x 28 handgun coming on the market. I’ve been looking at the Ruger I also have been looking at the FN. Did some reading on this cartridge and it sounds like it’s going to be a very popular chambering. And by the way CTD, thank you for the shooters log. It’s always a pleasure to read your different articles.

  18. If Smith & Wesson is searching for innovation, they have it. I do not find any use for a hyper-velocity.22. Where ammunition can be found it would be expensive.I spoke with a representative who told me that they haven’t seen any.
    I better option might be to offer a conversion unit to convert to a 9 mm as RIA has done.

  19. Either the .22 HORNET or the unknown 5.7 (Johnson) Spitfire is a better cartridge then this 5.7×28 for varmints. As to self-defense, don’t like the idea of a 40 gr./.22 bullet from a 5″ barrel. IF SBRs were not so hard to own, then the original design intent of the 5.7×28 in a SBR configuration would make sense.

    A 12″ SBR or a pistol with a brace would be almost an ideal Urban/Truck gun. Too bad even pistol braces are now targeted by Democrats.

  20. Why would anyone waste their money on this cartridge?They cost around anywhere from .61 cents to $1.34 around. I will stick with 9mm&.45acp!!!

  21. I never understood why so many people are 5.7 fanboys.

    It’s expensive, can be hard to find, and isn’t all that powerful of a caliber. I just don’t see a practical use for it.

    9mm is good enough for me. Cheap, readily available, and reliable.

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