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SHOT Show 2023 — New Firearms and Gear!

SHOT Show 23 CTD Banner

It’s that time of year again, the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Manufacturers from all over the firearm industry are gathering this week to showcase their newest products. Follow along with us all week as we take a look at some of the best and most unique products on the showroom floor.

Day 1

The first day of SHOT Show kicked off with some incredibly interesting new firearms as well as a few upgrades to some existing ones.

Smith and Wesson M&P 5.7

Smith and Wesson announced the new M&P 5.7 pistol chambered in the 5.7x28mm. This is a full-size pistol with a 5-inch threaded barrel, flat-face trigger, and 22-round magazines. It has an optics-ready slide perfect for mounting a red dot Pic rail for attaching lights and lasers.

Smith And Wesson M&P 5.7 Pistol
Source: S&W

Henry Homesteader 

Henry released a new 9mm semi-auto carbine that looks to be an absolute blast at the range. The key to the Henry Homesteader is its modular magazine well that can be converted to accept a wide range of different popular magazines, such as Glock, SIG P320, and M&P models. This 9mm carbine has the classic look and feel of wood furniture, while maintaining modern features like a threaded barrel and optics rail.

Henry banner at SHOT 23

Glock 20/21 Gen 5

Glock has finally updated the G20 and G21 models with the Gen 5 treatment. This includes modern features such as the tapered muzzle, forward cocking serrations, and removal of finger grooves. The “Marksman” crowned barrel will provide you with repeatable accuracy you can depend on and I’m sure it packs all the reliability we’ve come to expect from Glock.

Diamondback Sidekick Birdshead

Diamondback has introduced a new birdshead grip version of the popular Sidekick revolver. This cowboy style revolver features modern double-action/single-action operation. With swappable .22 LR and .22 Mag cylinders that hold 9 rounds, you’re ready for everything from plinking to pest control. The Birdshead version utilizes a 3-inch barrel that makes for a handy little piece. This original Sidekick was a hit with shooters all across the board, so it’s exciting to see Diamondback build off of that success.

Diamondback Sidekick Birdseed
Source: Diamondback

Beretta 80X Cheetah

Beretta announcing the new and improved Cheetah has me excited. The 80X is a 13+1 .380 ACP that’s a bit larger than the common pocket pistol alternatives, but the Cheetah design shoots and handles like a dream. This is a classic double-action/single-action design with a manual decocker/safety that is host to a number of modern upgrades. A Picatinny rail is present for mounting lights and lasers, and the slide is cut for optics and features improved slide cocking serrations.

Beretta 80X Cheetah
Source: Beretta

Beretta 92XI

Beretta brought even more to the table this year with the 92XI. This single-action-only version of the Beretta 92 is sure to be a hit among competition shooters and tactical plinkers alike. A frame-mounted thumb safety gives Beretta fans a long-awaited version of this popular pistol. Chambered in 9mm, the 92XI shares many of the same features as the standard 92X DA/SA counterpart, such as the Pic rail, forward slide serrations, and optics-mounting system.

Beretta 92XI in Box
Source: Beretta

FN 545 and 510

FN added two new pistols to its striker-fired line with the 545 and 510 models. These .45 ACP and 10mm Auto pistols incorporate features in line with the popular 509 Tactical series. Both models feature optics-ready slides, threaded barrels, ambidextrous controls, and high-capacity magazines. Additionally, shooters can choose between FDE and black color variations. FN firearms are built like tanks, so this is an exciting addition to the lineup.

Day 2

Glock G47

News on this next pistol broke a bit before SHOT Show, but we’re excited to see the new Glock 47. This is a sort of cross between the G17 and G19 in components, but functions like a G17 in  most ways you’ll notice. However, because the longer slide is paired to a frame with a shorter dust cover, it can be swapped onto a standard G19 lower, basically giving you a Glock 19 longslide — something many shooters have wanted for a long time. This gives you a pistol with the better ballistics of the G17 and the improved concealability of the G19. Only time will tell if this leads to a standard factory G19L configuration, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Glock 47 pistol on stand

Safariland SafariVault

Safariland has introduced its new holster, the SafariVault. The SafariVault is a duty holster that’s robust, secure, and modular. It’s said to be the strongest holster body Safariland has ever built. The improved ALS system combined with the self-clearing optics cover secures the pistol while keeping it readily accessible. Currently available for Glock and SIG P320 pistol models, the SafariVault is sure to be put through its paces.

Safariland SafariVault with Glock
Source: Safariland

FN Individual Weapon System

FN added to its line of rifles too with the new Individual Weapon System. Developed and reserved for government use, the IWS is chambered in the new .264 USA cartridge. At first glance, this may look like just another AR-10 pattern rifle, but upon closer inspection, you’ll note some key changes to lighten the weight and accommodate the new cartridge. The rifle uses a long-stroke gas piston system and is designed to run both suppressed and unsuppressed with a self-regulating gas block. There’s not much data on the .264 round, but it’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

Rock Island BBR 3.10

The RIA Baby Rock 3.10 chambered in 9mm gives you a new unique option for concealed carry. This single-action 1911-style pistol utilizes a double-stack 10-round magazine, providing you a good reserve of ammo. The 3.1-inch barrel makes this subcompact pistol accurate, yet concealable. The G10 grip panels provide excellent traction while firing, even with wet or sweaty hands. If you’re looking for a hammer-fired CCW piece, the Rock Island BBR may be just the ticket!

Rock Island BBR 3.1 9mm pistol with ammo and spare mag
Source: RIA

Zastava Underfolder

The new Zastava M70AB brings you a true modern production underfolder AK rifle, where the folding element is integrated into the receiver, not just a bolt-on kit. The rifle incorporates a bayonet lug and classic wooden handguard for that old world feel. Additionally, a side-mounted optic rail allows you to securely attach a red dot or scope. If you’ve been looking for a quality modern AK, you’d be hard-pressed to beat a Zastava.

Shadow Systems CR920P

Shadow Systems is no stranger to innovation, and the new CR920P is no exception. Designed for concealed carry, the CR920 features a similar footprint to the G48/43X line. The “P” model now incorporates a compensator. The brake used on the CR920P attaches with a clamping lock that latches around some cuts on the muzzle. This is great for a carry piece, because you don’t need to reindex the comp after removal. It also makes for a simple fieldstrip process.

Beretta A300 Ultima

Tactical shotgun lovers, listen up! Beretta’s got something new for you. The American-made Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol incorporates many of the features you love about the legendary 1301, into a more budget-friendly package with a redesigned operating system. This semi-auto 12-gauge comes in under $1,000 and is ready to take on whatever you have to throw at it.

Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol
Source: Beretta

RIA 5.0 ST

Rock Island Armory has announced the new RIA 5.0 9mm pistol. This double-stack 17+1 handgun is designed similar to the CZ 75 in that the slide rides inside the frame. This makes for excellent recoil control and accuracy. The RIA 5.0 incorporates a two-piece modular grip frame and features a fiber-optic front sight paired with an LPA adjustable rear. The RIA 5.0 is sure to make some waves in the competition scene. 

Rock Island Armory RIA 5.0 ST pistol
Source: RIA

Day 3

Magpul/Zevtech FDP-9 FDC-9

Started by Magpul and finished by Zevtech, the FDP-9 and FDC-9 have reemerged. This transformer of a firearm folds in half to disguise as a handheld flashlight, and then flips into position to become a shoulder-fired gun. It looks like it will be offered in pistol configuration as the FDP and a SBR variation as the FDC. This certainly brought excitement and nostalgia to SHOT this year.

Magpul:Zev FDP
Source: Magpul

IWI Carmel

IWI introduced a U.S. semi-auto version of the Carmel rifle. This 16-inch 5.56 NATO rifle has been upgraded with an M-Lok forend and side-folding stock. It takes Magpul PMAGs and provides a great AR-15 alternative for those looking for something different. IWI is known for making some hard-use firearms, so you can expect the Carmel rifle to hang with the best.

Holosun DRS Series

Holosun has a couple of new optics out this year. Most noteworthy, the DRS Series incorporates both Thermal (TH) and Night Vision (NV) models. These optics produce thermal and digital NV overlays with red dot. These are perfect choices if you’re just getting into the thermal/night vision game, or simply need another optic. There will also be “Pro” versions of each model available with more refinements for those looking for the best.

Holosun Optics on AR-15 rifles on gun rack

Iver Johnson

Iver Johnson brought out its array of 1911 pistols to showcase. From longslide .45’s to compact 9’s, these classics look and shoot great. My favorite is the Eagle XLC with the 6-inch ported barrel. Iver Johnson pistols come in at a great price point and offer incredible quality. There are tons of options in different styles all across the board, so there’s a perfect Iver Johnson for you.

Iver Johnson 1911 pistols

Savage A22 Takedown

Savage brought its new A22 Takedown rifle, a semi-auto rimfire carbine that can be separated in half for storage and transportation with a simple twist of the forend. Obviously, it’s competing with the Ruger 10/22 Takedown here, and I think it brings new life in a useful design. There’s a top rail for mounting scopes and storage for a spare magazine in the stock. This lightweight .22 sure is ready to go!

Canik METE MC9 

Take a look at the newest offering from Canik, the METE MC9. This 9mm carry pistol features a 3.18-inch barrel and accepts both 12-round and extended 15-round magazines. This slimline micro-nine brings a lot to the table at an incredible price point.

Matrix Arms Cage

Matrix Arms turned some heads with the Cage dual pump handguard. The Cage is designed for standard AR-15 rifles and allows the user to select between semi-auto and pump-action modes. With your gas system installed, the shooter can toggle between them. They can also remove the gas system for only pump mode. This is a great solution for those living in restricted states or who just want something different.

GPO-USA Spectra Red Dot

GPO has entered the compact red dot market with the new Spectra Reflex Dot. Built for fast target acquisition with pistols and MSRs, the Spectra offers dependable performance. This new introduction offers the next generation of red dot sight technology with a high-quality, dense polymer lens built to withstand serious use in a variety of environmental conditions. It’s fully multi-coated and incorporates high light transmission technology to give you a clear picture.

GPO Spectra Reflex Dot
Source: GPO

Day 4

SIG MCX Spear in 6.5 Creedmoor

SIG Sauer has announced that the MCX Spear rifle is now available in 6.5 Creedmoor. 6.5 Creedmoor has certainly risen in popularity because of its great shooting characteristics. It only makes sense for SIG to offer it in the MCX Spear. These AR-10 style rifles feature a quick barrel change feature and SIG will likely have conversion kits available as well.

Stag Arms Bolt-Action

Stag Arms added the new Pursuit bolt-action rifle to its lineup. The Pursuit utilizes AICS-pattern magazines and will be initially chambered in .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor, but will have more options to follow. The chassis is a three-part modular design allowing for future modifications and customization with new stocks and handguards to change the look and application of the rifle.

Lyman MARK7

Join us as we talk with Spencer from Lyman about its new automated loading system. Designed to be a complete ammo loading system right out of the box, the MARK7 is capable of loading calibers from .380 ACP up to .308 Winchester.

Anderson Manufacturing Pistol

Anderson Manufacturing released its new Kiger 9C 9mm pistol. Compatible with Gen 3 Glock parts, this striker-fired handgun has style. The trigger guard undercut and grip stippling will aid in rapid-fire strings and fast follow-up shots. Similar in size to a Glock 19, the Kiger 9C would make a great everyday carry pistol if it proves to be reliable.

Anderson Kiger 9C
Source: Anderson

Taurus T.O.R.O Revolver and TX22 Compact

We got with Taurus on its first ever optics-ready revolvers, the 605 and 856 T.O.R.O. These small-frame revolvers are fitted with an optic directly mounted to the frame for the lowest possible height over bore with a dot you can get on a revolver. We also take a look at the new Compact variation of the popular TX22 pistol.

Dan Wesson DWX

Dan Wesson announced the release of the long-awaited DWX. The DWX is a bit of a hybrid of the traditional 1911-style pistol and the CZ 75 — both proven platforms. The ergonomics are the same at the CZ 75 — so much so, the stocks are interchangeable. The pistol utilizes the P09/P10 magazines, making additional magazines readily available and inexpensive. This is sure to be a hit with competition shooters.

Dan Wesson DWX 9mm pistol, left profile resting against a range bag.

Avidity Arms PD10

The Avidity Arms PD10 made an appearance at this year’s SHOT Show. This 9mm striker-fired pistol is the brainchild of Rob Pincus. A known builder of 80 Percent kits and 3D printed firearms, he took his experience and built a pistol to his own specifications. The pistol utilizes a 10-round magazine and features a slimline design. Originally appearing at SHOT in 2017, it’s good to see this gem reemerge. 

Don’t forget to check back frequently, as we will be updating you throughout the day for the rest of the week on everything new and exciting at SHOT Show 2023!

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Comments (8)

  1. It is SO REFRESHING to see something that is actually NEW at the shot show. I am referring to the new Henry Homesteader, because what is SO REFRESHING IS: An age old AMERICAN company FINALLY considers the Correct-handed part of the population, and other than the dedicated right side only discharge it is truly a very well thought out, TRULY AMBIDEXTROUS firearm! Unfortunately like the Ruger PC, which while partly ambidextrous, it maintains a Right-hand ONLY SAFETY. Also unlike the endless booths, and walls, of America’s favorite black rifle (IN RIGHT-HAND ONLY) configurations, which is really sad, as the AR platform is SO OVERDUE for an AMBIDEXTROUS make over, for tactical use as well, and while they are redesigning, get rid of that ridiculess ping-pong paddle in favor of something much more practical.

  2. I’m disappointed I was really hoping to hear a update from palmeto armory about the mp5 clone they been promising since 2019

  3. Being a member of the Correct-Handed part of the population, I have been researching 9mm PCC’s, yet being correct-handed, and limiting my search to Glock magazine versions only, well at present few if any, affordable ones, completely fill the bill. Even ones that are very similar to the Henry, like the Ruger PCC, which has a switchable for Right or Left handed: Charging handle, and magazine release, it has a RIGHT HAND ONLY SAFETY! That is SAFETY? Other manufactures have similar issues, with maybe AERO having all the best buttons, but they do not yet offer a complete carbine, and as there is no “Mil-Spec” type guidelines it makes building a 9mm Carbine AR style, quite a challenge, for correct mating, and function. So this Henry has my ATTENTION! Can’t wait to see what the aftermarket crowd is going to offer for this one (like changing out that all “natural carbon fiber stock” for a plastic one. Going to have to put my purchase on hold until I can hold one of these Henry’s. Very interested.

  4. Dave. I’m not talking about buying at the show. I was told that without some industry credentials or law enforcement or military buyer connection, the general public is not allowed in.

    1. Yes sir. That is correct. The NRA show is consumer driven, but SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) is a trade show, so to ensure the needed business is conducted, access is limited. ~Dave

  5. Now that I’m retired a few years I thought it would be nice to go to this Shot Show I’ve heard about for so long. Turns out it’s only for industry people, retail store owners and such. Not us gun owner/hunter type people who spend the money. Is that actually true.

    1. Yes. There are no “sales” from the show. Dealers and distributors place orders, and media tries to shoulder their way in between to report what’s new. ~Dave

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