Ruger CEO Fires Back Against ‘Gun Safety’ Advocates

Ruger firearms logo black and white

Recently, the New York Times touted a report claiming that “gun safety advocates” were forcing Ruger to adopt their policies and measures. Ruger’s CEO, Chris Killoy, fired back with a statement that all gun owners should hear… and repeat. Ruger’s quote, per the New York Times, flatly stated that Ruger has no intention to “adopt misguided principles by groups that do not own guns and does not understand guns.”

Ruger firearms logo black and white

According to the Times, the group behind this latest push was “a coalition of religious women and health care networks” trying to force the company to “detail its plans to monitor violence associated with their guns and develop safer products.” The Times was not alone in its coverage.

Have you ever noticed how gun control activists are continually pushing for “common sense gun control” or “safer guns,” but never actually have a specific definition of what those entail? At best, they have defined misguided future technologies such as smart guns, but little more.

The Times article cites the advocacy groups Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary of Marylhurst, Ore. and Catholic Health Initiatives. Both groups invested in shares of Ruger stock, with the intention of having a voice as stockholders to “hold gun manufacturers accountable for the safety of their products.”

Initially, at least, the groups had some early success by convincing other shareholders at the meeting of the need to “produce a report by February that addresses how it tracks violence associated with its firearms, what kind of research it is conducting related to so-called smart gun technology (such as using thumbprint readers, like those used on smartphones) and its assessment of the risks that gun-related crimes pose to the company’s reputation and finances,” the Times reported.

In an email exchange with Ruger, CFL received a copy of the company’s statement about this and it is direct:

“Please understand that Ruger was obligated by applicable law to include a shareholder’s activist resolution with its proxy materials for a shareholder vote. With its passage, the proposal requires Ruger to prepare a report. That’s it. A report. What the proposal does not do … and cannot do … is force us to change our business, which is lawful and constitutionally protected. What it does not do … and cannot do … is force us to adopt misguided principles created by groups who do not own guns, know nothing about our business, and frankly would rather see us out of business.

“As our CEO explained, ‘we are Americans who work together to produce rugged, reliable, innovative, and affordable firearms for responsible citizens. We are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment not because we make firearms, but because we cherish the rights conferred by it. We understand the importance of those rights and, as importantly, recognize that allowing our constitutionally protected freedoms to be eroded for the sake of political expediency is the wrong approach for our Company, for our industry, for our customers, and for our country. We are arms makers for responsible citizens, and I want to assure our long-term shareholders and loyal customers that we have no intention of changing that.’”

Rightfully, Ruger wants to set the record straight. While the spin from some media, much of which has been proven to have an anti-gun agenda, makes it sound as if this is a win for gun control advocates, that could not be further from the truth. Ruger must create reports or surveys as required by law, but it does not have to change its course or commitment to the Second Amendment—and Chris Killoy’s is a good first step.

What is your analysis of Ruger’s handling of the matter? How should Second Amendment advocates respond to this kind of attack from ‘stockholders’? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. Thank You Ruger, I have always been a fan of your well made firearms from my first Security six to my red label. Now I can say with confidence that I like them even better that I know their CEO is a red blooded Patriotic American that stands with us not because it is his business, but it is his business because he believes it is our right.

  2. My Thoughts on this entire bag of crap!
    1. “We the People” need to be gating access to those who wish to represent us at all levels of governance. Placement on a ballot is a privilege, with massive responsibility to rule fairly, honestly and within the rule of law. Creating laws that solidify our freedoms, not controls to restrict the rights bestowed upon us by God and our founding fathers.
    2. “The people” need to control access to those seeking public office through training programs, testing their knowledge on governance, preparing detailed applications with large fees to control the process and to expose their intent and background history (a thorough background check as a gate to eliminate their potential to do harm). The fee to register one’s name on the ballot needs to be equivalent to the potential financial and social damage that can be imparted upon Americans they represent when they enact reckless rules and laws. As Americans we deserve, at a minimum, that level of commitment from those who have our authority to govern.
    3. All who wish to participate in governance must pass a written and practical training course, documented and public, to make them safe, fair and ready to govern. They must achieve a score of 95% or better on the application qualification test. This test will demonstrate their knowledge of America’s founding documents and hierarchy principle of cascading levels of governance. The test must guarantee they understand the “Rule of Law” and all foundational precepts, including the principle that the laws must be readily available and limited, so as to make them fully understood and readable by the governed.
    4. They need to be prepared to invoke policies and principles that truly defend us “from all enemies, foreign and domestic”, an oath they must take when sworn into their position, having been fairly elected.
    5. Candidates must agree to resign if they fail to represent all Americans and when they believe they have been given power and authority over American’s to do as they feel rather than to enact the “Will of We the People”!

  3. Thank you to everyone at Ruger for protecting and advocating for our second amendment rights. I own and sell Ruger firearms, and will continue to do so! (FFL dealer)

  4. Let’s see… Democrats openly support ISIS, Iran, MS-13, Hamas, Illegals, Socialism, Hezbollah, Sharia Law, Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities, War with North Korea… and they want us to give-up our guns? Oh, and three cheers to Ruger CEO Chris Killoy!

  5. Perhaps CHI should concentrate on running its own business profittaby before demanding others change their business model. Ruger has done an excellent job of profitability providing a constitutionaly protected product.

  6. Seem’s to me that Ruger’s other share holders and or Ruger themselves needs to buy out those few share holders because of lack of interest in the profits for all other share holders and are not good for business! Most businesses that follow a share holder type of situation have such clauses for this to happen!

  7. Keep up the good fight Ruger!! The reports and polls they are asking for prove only one thing that Ruger has some of the best firearms in the market. 90%of the guns I’ve purchased have been Rugers so you can report to stock holders that none of the dozen or so Ruger firearms I’ve purchased have never grown legs and went out and committed any crimes! A firearm is a object that is only dangerous in the wrong hands!

  8. Ruger is spot on in its response. This latest tragedy in Texas will bring about the same questions and knee jerk reactions from the median others. Never does it seem to dawn on anti gun advocates, that a firearm cannot come off a rack or out of cabinet and fire itself off. This requires choices and actions of human beings.

  9. these communist groups, disguised as religious organizations and carrying out the wishes of the communist false Pope, should be ignored. Anyone who donated money to them, thinking that they are really devoted to the Catholic religion, should stop giving them anything.

  10. Ruger! Kudos and accolades, one more time!! When I think of this company, I have a vision from the movie, “The Right Stuff,” of those suited up astronauts walking side by side, if not THE BEST, certainly one of! My family owns a raft full of Ruger firearms. My wife gave me my first 3 screw Blackhawk, in .357 magnum, the first year we were married, 1965 (the bluing is almost gone, the backstrap is white, & remains accurate) – still a somewhat fledgling company at that time. Much later, my son & his cousin were trekking the woods & my son had his Ruger in a leather holster and fell into a creek. Shorter story goes, the acids in the leather ate into the bluing on several parts of the revolver. Checked with Ruger about the cost to have the gun re-blued – $25! (Remember this is several decades ago) Sent it in. Ruger went “Above and Beyond” in doing any simple esthetic fix! When the gun was retuned, the repair sheet indicated that, not only was the cylinder refinished, they had determined the barrel needed replacing due to excessive barrel erosion (gun had been shot quite extensively), and the barrel and ejector housing were replaced. FINAL COST = no charge! Ole Bill Ruger was alive, in those days, so not sure any such treatment is available today; however, in the succeeding decades, we have never had ANY occasion to return a Ruger product for ANY reason! Sorry, not, but anytime Ruger firearms is mentioned, I have to relate “my story.” 😉

  11. I favor corporate disclosure and transparency, and will often vote a proxy against company advice and in favor of a shareholder proposal similar to this. Not so much if the proponent buys or borrows a hundred shares just to acquire standing and has no real stake in the business or fortunes of the company. In this case, the reports would seem a waste of funds, presumably having no value and no surprises for shareholders of any firearms-related company.

    “1) Ruger measures its success in producing products which are safe and effective in their designed purpose and intended use. Our company does not investigate nor track criminal activity, nor intentional misuse of our products.”
    “2) Ruger is conducting no research into technology we have found likely to compromise our success in producing products which are safe and effective in their designed purpose and intended use — such as so-called ‘smart gun’ features.”
    “3) Ruger has determined that opponents of private ownership and lawful use of firearms are likely to use reports of gun-related crimes to attack the reputation and finances of any firearms-related company, including ours.”

    Presto. Reports completed. In their entirety. I hope just the same as they would by any industry firm. No one need lose any sleep, but it is kind of a waste of an hour.

  12. Dave is right, stockholders should own a Ruger product In order to buy stock, unfortunately a gun control group (being that it has money for stock) could purchase a Ruger. Instead Ruger could respond by initiating policies that withhold future sales to those who buy stock with the specific intention of defacing the company. This would be legal and cost effective policy to enforce. Hopefully they adopt some kind of policy response rather than just a simple flimsy statement.

  13. 2A to Ruger, Living in Ca. our gun rights are being attacked daily. I own Rugers and will continue to purchase new Rugers.

  14. First I applaud the CEO and the Company. They have the correct understanding of our Second Amendment. There is no room to change what it says. We have fought more than once to keep what we were given by our Founding Fathers. This is the correct take on the Second Amendment and is very clear We have fought and died to keep the Constitution as our Founding Fathers made for all future generations. I own Ruger products and like all of them, now I have the utmost respect for the CEO and the Ruger Company!! Thanks Ruger!!.

  15. I love my Ruger firearms! They have always been dependable, accurate and I know I can get replacement parts installed from the factory if I ever need them, which I never have.
    Well made, reliable firearms from a company that is creating jobs in my home state.
    I am always willing to explain why I carry instead of a law officer explaining why I was’nt.
    Never cave in to the uninformed ranting against your products. Ruger owners will gladly stand beside you.

    It’s not like criminals are going to follow gun laws that exist or any new laws passed.

  16. Right on “Ruger”! Gun’s have a valuable place in the “Governance” envisioned by our founding fathers. As so many things in life there are lots of items that can and are used by “wrong headed”unfortunate folks to do harm to others. Cars, trucks, knives, pencils, rope, etc. Americans need to heed the calls for protecting our freedoms and rights, established for America to flourish in a very dangerous world. Stand for Freedom!

  17. If I need a gun in an emergency situation, I want it simple, as foolproof as possible, and accurate. Never mind technoligies that could cause the gun to fail at the most inopportune time.

  18. The Second Amendment exists for only one reason.
    To defend ourselves from the tyranny of government. Nothing else.
    No citizen needs a permit from the government for that

    1. Thank you RUGER! Stay the course. There’s too many of us out here that still need and depend on YOU arms manufactures for our defense.
      Any arms maker that won’t stand up for the 2nd amendment will get no business from me, period!
      Proud NRA member since 1966 or 1967 {can’t remember which}

  19. Interesting that that the shareholders want to make money on their investment in Ruger but are opposed to guns. Seems kind of hypocritical.

    1. These shareholders are not in it for the money, but the coercion. Pretty obvious that they do not want Ruger to make a profit but instead want to influence the company out of business.

    2. In the article it states that these shareholders (at least the main antagonists) bought stock just to push their agenda. Not to make money. As for the others they have been duped into thinking that this is a good idea.

    3. They don’t WANT to make money from their investment, they want the ability to make noise. The law requires that ALL shareholders in a company, not only have a right to attend the Annual Shareholders meeting, but have the ability to put forth motions. So, they buy ONE share and they are “good to go” in what they want to do, disrupt, annoy and get publicity.

  20. I read the reply by Ruger CFL.. I have one issue with it. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t “confer” anything on anyone. The 2nd Amendment recognizes a RIGHT possessed by all and not subject to the whim of any political or governmental entity. That includes the judiciary, whose ONLY position in this matter is to affirm that right and to thwart anyone coming before it trying to restrict it. That judges have not done so only singles them out as subversives. Oh, and I own a Ruger.

    1. I agree. We had the right to keep and bear arms before there was a Constitution. The Amendment that the right “shall not be infringed.” It always existed.

  21. Who here doesn’t own a Ruger? if you don’t, go buy a couple of them. They make excellent firearms. Good for Ruger indeed

    1. They make ‘decent’ firearms…their semi-autos are sh_t…most of the rest only ok. Agree with the rest of what you say…

  22. I currently own and have owned in the past many Ruger firearms. These firearms have never harmed anyone. They just rest in my safes and do nothing until I take them hunting or to the range. At that time they operate in a safe manner and only fire.when I camber a round, diengage the safety and pull the trigger. They are perfectly safe. In fact I would be willing to bet that Ruger firearms have harmed far fewer children than the pedofile priests of their church have. By the way, their church has covered this up and protected these vermin for years. In WWII their church said nothing about Hitler. Their church also enslaved and tortured many people through the ages while stealing their gold. What a pack of hypocrits.

    1. You don’t know what they do when you turn out the lights and go to bed to dream your little dreams. They are crafty little devils. Don’t be fooled, even if you lock them up, they have ways of breaking out, that you don’t know about.

      I watched mine, once. They got out and caused all kinds of havoc. To this day I still don’t know how they did it, but I have fortified my safe and, to my knowledge, they have not gotten out since. Although, it could just be that they KNOW when I am staying up to watch them.

    2. Yep! Just what I thought. Those damn things must have a mind of their own – and are very sneaky. You don’t know how many sleepless nights I’ve had guarding the safe to make sure they didn’t get out and cause senseless havoc. It reminded me of the by-done days in the military standing guard. I once put in the safe (as an informant) an Underwood carbine, mistakenly thinking it was an undercover carbine, to see if I could figure out how they were getting out, but apparently the carbine wasn’t the right caliber. So the mystery continues – and I continue to watch. It’s a tough job, but, well, someone’s got to do it. Stay vigilant.

  23. I think what most people fail to realize is that murder is just in some people’s nature. The latest movement for assault rifle bans, and handgun limited magazine size won’t stop them or slow them. Look at the killers with the highest body counts some well over one hundred, and never even owned a firearm. The Green River killer confessed to 71 murders and never fired a round, the Oklahoma city bomber didn’t even use gunpowder in his explosived. The sad truth is if someone wants to take a life there is no shortage of ways to do it. I feel for the victims, and the families but no gun law is going to stop it. Not to mention they are murders do you think they are gonna say “well I would do this but there is a law against that type of gun oh well.” No they will break the law and use whatever they want. I remember the Columbine shooting people blamed music, and video games, and everything made them do it or helped them down that path. Murder was around long before cds, video games, assault weapons, and just about everything else. Scientist found spearheads in some of the earliest skeletons, it’s just how some people are unfortunately. What firearms do is provide you a equalizer to defend yourself from the threat against you. Such as the shooting in the church in Texas had guns been banned the shooter would have broken the law and gotten a firearm, the citizen who shot him, and possibly stopped him from moving to his next target would not have had one!

    1. How dare you say that!!!!!
      Don’t you know that the examples you sighted don’t count, and even if they did, they are anecdotal. It’s all about the guns!!!

      If it weren’t for guns, there would be no killings. They are evil and they should all be turned into “plowshares” so we could all produce food to feed all the hungry people of the world. Though, we are destroying the planet with global warming, which would cause all the plants to wither and die, so we wouldn’t need the “plowshares”.

      I’VE GOT IT!!!!! Let’s take all the guns and first use them to kill all the DENIERS, and THEN turn them into “plowshares”

    2. Of the twenty-seven words contained in our Second Amendment nowhere do I see any caveats. I see plenty of elected officials who would just as soon try and TAKE our God given right by usurpetive fiat while at the same time refusing to abide by their oaths of office.

      It should be apparent to everyone that we have far too many statutes that are IGNORED while blaming victims and everyone else when the blame lies squarely on their shoulders. These Anti-gun crusaders are merely attempting to deflect from their failures as civic public and government “leaders” so they needn’t answer for their malfeasance.

      We all know there are statutes against murdering people however, those statutes don’t seem to matter when the media goes off full tilt on their anti-gun platform when a firearm is involved. All one needs to realize that the media always over-involves themselves to the point of being hyper stupid. After a bombing the media will blame the bomber, however after a shooting they blame the gun

      The media further perpetuates this carnage by giving these depraved individuals what they sought in the first place their fifteen minutes of fame however with Cruz it’s more than a week!! They are not smart enough to realize by doing so they are inspiring others to act in a similar fashion.

      We already have laws on the books to curb violence yet you Leftopathic Deep State Globalists REFUSE to be realistic and adopt and implement REAL solutions. The reason they don’t is because if there were to actually be any solution for these problems there would be nothing left for them to politicize and we know the Leftopathic Deep State Globalist platform would be irrelevant and we definitely cannot have that now can we??

      The solution to protect our most valuable assets (our children) which cannot be replaced the Leftopathic Deep State Globalists want herded into DEFENSELESS Target Rich environments AKA Gun free zones which might as well post signage stating “Attention Criminals -This is a personal defense-free zone. All Law-abiding citizens at this establishment have been disarmed for your convenience and safety”

      On the reciprocal since MONEY is all the Leftopathic Deep State Globalists care for and all but DEMAND that the worthless script (which can be replaced) they idolize be guarded, stored, and transported having 24/7 security and ARMED GUARDS which speaks volumes.

      With that said the Leftopathic Deep State Globalists MORONS keep enacting more and more laws while NEVER enforcing them We have laws against murder yet you bleeding heart Leftopathic Deep State Globalists REFUSE to apply the appropriate punishment then ALLOW these criminals to repeat their heinous actions now that’s not only irresponsible but INSANE!!!
      ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE. Molon Labe

  24. Ruger is whistling past the graveyard. If these loons could scrape up enough votes from Ruger shareholders other than themselves, against the direct recommendation of management, to force management to “write a report,” what’s stopping them from influencing these same voters to approve way more damaging proposals?

    1. the short answer is “Bylaws”. are the protection.
      I own many Ruger firearms and intend in owning more. But this article made me think perhaps I also need ton own Sturm Ruger stock!

    2. @ Pete Walsemann.

      And how mush are you willing to buy, to Offset “BlackRock Financial Planning & Investment Management” of Singapore which owns ~2.8-Million Shares of Ruger Firearms Stock. And has access to ~$6.228-Trillion USD in Financial Assets…

  25. It seems to me anti gun activists need not go after the people that made this country what it is free. Without the right to protect ones freedom from mobs looting stores or criminals mugging citizens. Where would we be? Common since tells me that i didn’t need Sam Colt to tell me “God Created Men And Sam Colt Made Them Equal!” God never intended for anyone not to soldier up an arm to protect our loved ones from harm.

  26. People kill each other with any means available, cars,motorcycles,
    Shovels,reshaped toothbrushes, and DRUGS.
    What is the kill ratio for each item available.
    I think DRUGS are going to be the winner.
    The activist don’t seem to protest against them????

    1. Why not make ALL manufacturers responsible for the misuse of their products?? Start with flatware companies who make it possible to over eat and die of a heart attack

      Licensing- taking away your rights then selling them back to you!
      Licensing is a way to be inconspicuous in the collection of data to be used against the populace at a later and more convenient time and date!!

      Let me make one thing perfectly clear, yes I am a Christian, and yes I carry a gun. One might think I carry a gun because I don’t trust God. Well you would be wrong. I have complete faith in my Lord; it’s an oppressive government that believes it has the right to dictate what I can and cannot have, can and cannot think or say, can and cannot eat or drink etc., I have no trust in!
      ”Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.” ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE.




  28. “Ruger has no intention to “adopt misguided principles by groups that do not own guns and does not understand guns.” ” this should be all gun manufacturers company statement. Do the anti gun nuts realize a thumb print reader can be hacked just as easy whether it’s on a phone or computer or even a gun. Phones and computers are stolen and hacked everyday.

  29. I am a staunch supporter of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, our Sovereignty, and our Freedoms.
    The 2nd Amendment was written to allow the public to protect themselves not only from thieves and muggers but from a tyrannical government.

  30. Way to go Ruger!!!

    Man….I’m tellin y’all, the largest pro-gun rally in history would be a great response. I’m seeing, perhaps, a coordinated, simultaneous, multi-city event, in support of a main march on Washington. Hmmmm…..sound familiar?? Perhaps, our President, could be persuaded to enact a “national NRA day” or something in that vein, in response, or, along with it. I see this whole situation in general, as a perfect opportunity for the pro-gun portion of America, to “flex” its muscle a bit and in solidarity, protest the protesters. Shining a very bright light on just how un-American, violent, and misguided the “left” really is. This “LOG” would be a great place to begin to coordinate something like that.
    Wouldn’t it???

    As always
    Carry on

  31. I think Ruger is doing the right thing here. I think that just because a invester invests in Oscar Mayer don’t give the invester the right to tell Oscar Mayer what shape hot dogs to make. My God the company was doing good before the invester which is why the invester wanted to invest, but now the invester wants say on how the company in run. I hope for any company they have saved money and have good business sense not to let this happen to them.

  32. I have my CWP and I grew up with guns. Guns don’t jump up and kill or harm peoplr. They are a tool and people decide how they are going to use that tool.
    If the media would report that and not dwell on the tools people use to harm, maim, kill they would be doing a better job. Stress gun safety which includes teaching all people who live in the home that guns are not toys but are a tool useful for many things. With tools they should be put away for safety remembering kids have a natural curiosity to search out everything.
    They make gun safes, lock boxes, trigger locks and that needs to be apart of safety. As for the bad people in our world they are going to do whatever they want to inflict as much pain and suffering. More gun laws aren’t going to stop them. Society has to get tougher on enforcing the laws we have and care out sentences swiftly. If they are sentenced to die for their crimes don’t let them sit on death row frighting for appeals. After 1 year reviews carry out the sentence. Violence can never change if the bad people think that we are weak.and won’t follow through.
    Lastly the media should just report the news not interpret or give their opinion of what they think. We the people have laws that will take care of the non law abiding people. They are designed to protect law abiding people.

  33. Actually, I subscribe to Jeff Cooper’s position on common sense “gun control.” That is: Keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times, keeping your finger off the trigger until you intend to shoot, properly align the sights, maintain a good firm grip, and gently squeeze the trigger rather than jerking it. That’s good “gun control.” Ruger’s response was well-said and spot-on.

  34. There are at least Two other in the “Alliance” amongst the Top Shareholders of Ruger Stock. The Largest of which is BlackRock Financial Planning and Investment Management of Singapore, which controls the Lion’s share of Ruger’s Stock, ~2.8-Million Shares. Don’t expect to Buy Them Out any time soon, considering they have access to nearly ~$6.228-Trillion USD in Assets…

  35. I think the term that should be used is extortion. The anti’s will do say, and act anyway they can to get their way. They will trample on every right that exists. From the Outlaws Josey Wales ‘Do’in right unit got no end’, and that is exactly what they think. Worse case of tunnel vision I’ve ever seen.

  36. Sounds like Ruger may have to do a better job of turning out rational stockholders / proxies for their annual meetings. That may come to an increase in annual meeting expenses if they specially solicit proxies against this kind of shareholder attack. That’s usually done by sending out another proxy solicitation timed to arrive between the first batch and the meeting date. It might be a good idea to support your favorite gun manufacturer(s) by buying some stock and voting against such proposals.

  37. Obviously I need to purchase some Ruger shares to help hold the fort against SJW activist groups.
    The “religious” sisters appear to be humanists, not Roman Catholic. Please do not think their SJW positions speak for Catholics. They appear to be more of the same mind as the Episcopalian pagans. I did not see any mention on their website concerned with the salvation of souls.

    So that is the deal: now the SJW’s and anti-2A’s are hiding behind the veils of “religious” sisters (who by the way seem to have abandoned the veil)?

    Give me a break. Thank you, Shooters Log and NYT for this article. I am so going to purchase Ruger shares now.

  38. Three cheers for Ruger telling the gun grabbers where to stick it. We’ve been polite long enough. It’s time to start fighting back. The other day some idiot running for office said a AR-15 could shoot 150 rds in 15 seconds. I’d like to see him even hold up that gun if it had a 150 rd magazine let along squeeze the trigger 150 times. These idiots are using the theory that if you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth. Time to start calling them on it.

  39. I’m with Ruger and the rest of responsible America. If we start following the lead of those with no practical knowledge of the item they seem to want to make policy on then we become worse than the original problem. In fact we become the definition of stupid. We all know you just can’t help stupid. Taking away people’s right to bare arms because in the wrong hands said arms can kill people. Is woefully irresponsible. In the wrong hands and when said wrong hands do not use or have arms they use vehicles bombs and all manner of hate and dicontent. Really, you gonna take everything away?

  40. “Have you ever noticed how gun control activists are continually pushing for “common sense gun control” or “safer guns,” but never actually have a specific definition of what those entail?”

    Yup. Few if any of them have an individual working understanding of guns, intricacies of the 2A, or the basis for why gun advocates support what they support. Most seem to be following agenda’s set out by others – such as M Bloomberg’s agenda passed through to the Anytown/Mothers Demand Action folks. Many are set up to demonize gun owners, gun dealers, NRA, and Legislators who don’t ascribe to their proposals., and anything they can justify as a “reasonable measure to reduce gun violence” is pounced on with activist fervor.

  41. Hooray for Ruger for not giving into and standing their ground the leftist attempt to control our firearms.

  42. I think I’ll go by another Ruger, maybe a rifle and a revolver. It just won’t be from Dicks or any other subclass, weak-kneed sporting vendors !!

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