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2020 Presidential Election: Gun Control Stances of Each Candidate

gun control america 2020 presidential debate

We don’t talk politics at The Shooter’s Log, but we do care about every American’s Second Amendment rights. We strive to keep you apprised of laws that impact you as gun owners.

The 2020 Presidential Election is weeks away, and we want our readers—both regular and new—to be aware of the potential impact of each candidate’s stances on gun control.

While it’s no secret that we’re proponents of the Second Amendment, we aren’t here to tell you who to vote for.

Read on for the facts about both President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden’s proposed gun control policies so you can make an informed decision on November 3.

Former Vice President Biden’s Gun Control Stances

gun control stance - joe biden

Biden is the candidate for the Democratic Party. Here are some of his stances on gun control straight from his campaign website:

  • Hold gun manufacturers civilly liable when their products are used for crimes.
  • Ban the manufacture and sale of high-capacity magazines and “assault weapons.”
  • Put limits on the stockpiling of weapons and restrict individual firearm purchases to one per month.
  • Enact stricter background checks for all gun sales.
  • End the online sale of firearms and ammunition.
  • Require that all guns in America be “smart guns” (i.e. require fingerprint match).

Additionally, here is a viral tweet that he sent out in February 2020:

President Donald J. Trump’s Gun Control Stances

gun control stance - donald trump

Trump is the incumbent president and the candidate for the Republican Party. Here are some of his stances on gun control, along with their sources:

Additionally, here is a tweet that he sent out in September 2020:

What political positions are most important to you? Let us known in the comments below (and please keep it respectful).

The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, The Shooter's Log, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

Comments (35)

  1. Cain killed Able with a rock
    Guns don’t kill people
    Evil hearts kill people.
    Planned parenthood
    Kills tens of thousands
    Of innocent babies
    With my tax dollars
    Pray for wisdom
    Vote with your heart
    Pray for our elected leaders

  2. I would love to live in a world where everything is perfect, but it isn’t so.
    The Democrats want to do away with our weapons or limit them to where they have little effect when it comes to ones right in protecting oneself. Portland is a great example.
    The Republicans are just not as fast when it comes to taking away our gun rights. Yes they say they back the 2nd Amendment, yet there are things that could have been done that would give all citizens the right to carry and own firearms within reason in all 50 States. Bump stocks, suppressors, though useful in minor ways, in time we will see a return and use applied to such items, due to the nature of the beast. As long as we stay vigilant, no matter who is in the seat of power, they will need to tread lightly, for to much change would bring their biggest fear to fruition, fear of a general revolt here in these United States.

  3. The contrast between the two major candidates could not be more stark.
    Going back over almost a half century, Biden never met an anti gun bill he didn’t like. And Harris, who would likely take over, is all about gun confiscation. She has said it herself.

    The president has been very supportive of the Second Amendment. The comment above by Jonathan (probably a Never Trumper) is a weak argument trying to convince us not to re-elect the president. Nonsense, Trump has proven his staunch support for the 2A many times over.

    To paraphrase Quid Pro Joe, if you don’t vote for Trump, you ain’t a Second Amendment supporter!

  4. I urge you to do whatever you can, use whatever influence you might have to support Donald Trump. The left wing always unreasonable, has gone berserk. With the full compliance of their lackeys in the media they have taken hypocrisy to new levels. The first amendment has been ignored, the second constantly under attack; what will happen to the rest? Fear has overridden common sense, false security has been forsaken for liberty. Sad.

  5. Trump’s stance on guns #3: “Purchase restrictions for dangerous individuals and people on terrorist watch-list. (Source: First 2016 Presidential Debate)”
    Exactly who gets to determine who is a “dangerous” individual, what qualifications are they required to have, and by what means do they make such a determination?
    The same questions apply to who gets to decide who is on tne “terrorist watcg-list”.

  6. This is a very distilled list from Biden’s website. Everyone should go to his Elect Me page and read the whole thing. Add to the fact that he may be considering Andrew Cuomo for AG and we are down the tube if elected.
    Try convincing others by saying “I know how you feel, I used to feel that too until I learned more”.
    I agree! Trump has returned 145,000 jobs to the US in 2018 ( and the slope of returning jobs is radically steeper than previous administrations. His superfund cleanup Czar has cleaned up more sites than the previous two administrations and got the companies to pay the lion share of the cost.
    I am knitting a sock to stick in his little birdies beak.

  7. Biden’s approach of holding manufacturers liable makes no sense. Do you hold Ford liable when the driver runs over a pedestrian? Do you hold boat manufacturers liable when somebody falls out of one and drowns?
    “High capacity magazines” has been discussed, by anti-gun folks, as being one that holds ten rounds or more. That renders your Ruger 10/22 squirrel gun, or Marlin tube fed .22 (15 rounds) illegal. It also renders many of your pistol magazines illegal. But don’t worry, the criminals will obey all of this insanity and we’ll be on even grounds with them.
    Stockpiling of weapons? How many can a person shoot at one time, and how would limiting purchases prevent any gun-related crimes? Why is Biden wanting to regulate the amount of any item I buy legally? How about limiting my purchase of claw hammers or other blunt objects used in murders?
    Harris has mentioned an appreciation for Beto O’Rourke’s opinion on gun control. A vote for Joe is a vote for Harris and Beto’s way of thinking.
    Trump didn’t limit our purchases of ammo or firearms in the past four years. Biden will do it fairly quickly.

  8. A vote for a 3rd party denies a vote to a pro-gun candidate and essentiall gives one to the gun-grabber. I tried to explain to my Dad that his vote for Perot back then would ensure that Clinton would be President by dilution of the GOP vote. He later was very apologetic when he saw that Clintons win was due to the Perot bleed.

    Sure, there are LOTS of more pro gun candidates BUT they will NEVER get elected and in todays climate, the MSM gun grabber stands, and politics in Congress a dissolution of the ATF or repeal of the NFA will also NEVER happen. Not what I like as personally I view ALL federal gun control as illegal. But reality is reality.

    Vote Trump and the GOP or face that anything else might doom the RTKBA forever.

  9. Remember that time Obama/Biden tried giving communist dictators in UN power over our constitutional rights . Powe to decide what Americans can own and American “end users” must register their property with the UN dictators. United Nations arms treaty ….. 99% of our democrat “reps” were in favor of it too….. nuf said??

  10. We aren’t discussing candidates remember? Every responsible gun owner should have a voice whether you agree with it or not. We’re Americans. Let’s not forget the first amendment either. Let’s have an honest discussion about what we need. I want to be able to lawfully buy a gun and ammunition. I don’t want criminals to. Guns are the #1 method of choice for suicide in males. Having someone you can trust your gun to until you can trust yourself again is a good thing. I have a biometric safe. Opens easy so I can defend myself without fumbling around and my grandkids can’t open it. I have a shot gun a deer rifle and some antique rifles. I don’t think I personally need an Ar-15 or a bump stock. They’re fun, but let’s use them at the range, not tote them to intimidate people. Let’s win people over to responsible concealed carry. My two cents. We need bipartisan support for what is reasonable. If my gun requires my fingerprint so when so Wahoo shots me he can’t pick it up and shoot me again or someone else. I think that’s cool. I’m sure I’ll get lambasted by people on either end of this endless argument. It’s been going on all my 60+ years. We all have a right to voice our opinions though. Our rights to our 1st speech amendment speech “end where the other guys nose begins.” Violence and our way of life is what we’re trying to protect. We need as many people in the tent as possible. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion. Praise be the Lord God and America.

  11. Want to see gun and ammo sales skyrocket? Just a hint of losing any of our gun rights works every time. Don’t plan on giving up anything myself. Leaders come and go. We the people, are the country.

  12. Trump at least understands 2nd Amendment. He is not a politician and in many ways pisses off everyone eventually. But he understood how to get elected, and how to get things done that needed to get done. Plus he is tough enough to weather the constant Coup Attempts. Wish he had a better tax plan and a better National Health Care Plan, but he does know how to see our threats like Russia trying to get back all strategic areas in Eastern Europe, and Getting the Doing better European Allies to anny up there fair share of a defense plan against Threats to the West in Europe. He also understands now fully what Obama let happen with China and South China Sea military build up. Events on Hong Hong, Threats to Taiwan, threats to border of India, and some of the Stan Countries, Vietnam, The Phillipines, and the latest Corona Virus intentional attack on the West or entire rest of the world. They really are enemies and Biden has been doing economic mining of dollars from Russia, Ukraine, China, and really set the screws to us regarding Iran. Biden is crooked, and stupid. Supports commie and Nazi type organizations. There is a Democrat Conspiracy against Trump since befor, during and after the last election. We are in trouble if Biden wins. I’ll keep my guns thank you!

  13. Trump hasn’t always gotten it right but if you look at what he’s actually accomplished in the aggregate he’s been a pretty good president and has mostly delivered or tried to on what he’s promised. Go and read what is actually on the Biden/Harris website. They will destroy this republic once and for all. There won’t be any going back – they are that radical. VOTE!!!

  14. Trump opens his mouth and words fall out. Biden opens his mouth and there’s silence interrupted by the occasional thought. It’s going to come down to who does the least damage to your way of life. Trump rules by revenge and threats. Biden it seems will rule by the popular “buzz topic” of the moment. Do I want to loose my money or my guns. It’s a tough choice.

  15. In the Texas Senate race, Hegar (D) says she owns a AR rifle. But on her website she supports ban on “assault weapons”. Seems like the old adage of “got mine not for you”. And wants to get rid of open carry.





  17. Trump wants to be a dictator like his buddy Putin, look at Russia’s gun laws. That’s where we are heading if he gets re-elected.
    Our democracy is at risk, I am a gun owning flag flying patriot and have no problem with waiting for background checks, limited magazine size, and eliminating military style weapons. I do not support the NRA as they are corrupt. Citizens should not have or own weapons more powerful then our police.

  18. Biden will take away your gun rights and keep killing more and more unborn and promote socialism and sell out to China and All of our enemies to enrich himself and his crime family as he did with Obama but if President he can go all in.

  19. The left thinks the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of The United States of America. If Biden wins, Pelosi and Harris will be running the country. Make no mistake about it, they will absolutely take away our weapons and try to rip up the Constitution. They are all about unfettered power. If you’re voting for Biden/Harris, you’re too stupid to own a firearm.

  20. It’s a simple decision. I you want to keep your guns vote Trump. If Biden get elected any firearm holding more than 3 rounds will be banned or require a$200 NFA Stamp. This is listed right on his site. Joy J is a gun grabber as well.

  21. Honestly, I don’t need anything more than a handgun to protect myself and even then I don’t think I will ever have to use that. When I see jacked up militant types showing up to protest I think someone has been playing to much call of duty. If there comes a point of chaos in which assault weapons are ever needed for defense they won’t help. You can’t fight the military in any meaningful way. You would just be killed and you wouldn’t respawn.

  22. If we allow the Democrats to win, we can say goodbye to our 2A rights. As an 18 year US Army veteran, I know the importance of our right to bear arms. I have lived it in peace and war under both parties. Keep your 2A rights!!! Keep America Great and vote for Trump!!!

  23. As a responsible gun owner who has served our GREAT country from 1964 to 2001, I have seen and experienced war. 2A was written so civilians could have ready access to weapons in case of war, civil violence or self-defense. (At that time provide the main source of food-Hunting). FYI Sweden issues Military style weapons to their population incase of a sudden war. i have seen this personally, while on active duty. Confiscating weapons from responsible gun owners weakens/removes this. YES, best way to protect the 2A is strong enforce existing laws. Take weapons away from the criminals. Not responsible gun owners.

  24. I believe every right given to us under the constitution should be respected and the second is very important to defend those rights. TRUMP IS NOT perfect but he is perfect for the job. Joe Biden record speaks for it’s self a career politician who looks out for Joe Biden and how to get reelected no matter what promise he has to make. He’s ran for president 3 times counting this time. As a retired person his several attempts attacking SS bothers me also I know from his past he’s LIEING about his protecting it.

  25. Why not include the other 2 parties?

    At least Jo Jorgensen wants to abolish the ATF. That’s a good start at not just protecting 2A rights, but restoring them as well.

    Don’t forget Trump’s stance on red flag laws, “take the guns first, due process later”, and his ATF ban on bumpstocks after having them reclassified as machine guns (by the ATF). He also appointed an anti-2A AG, and head of ATF, and he stated that he didn’t like silencers/suppressors, and would consider banning them if legislation was presented.

    We’ve lost more 2A right under Trump than under Obama! Don’t forget that… Yes Biden/Harris will be terrible for this country, and our 2A rights. But can we really trust Trump on his 2A stance? He hasn’t exactly put his money where his mouth is.

  26. If you don’t like Trump and think he has an abrasive personality, please look at his policies and accomplishments. Hold your nose and vote for him. If Biden/Harris win, our country is finished.

  27. It’s the “[y]ou don’t get it both ways” thing – if you vote for Biden and self reported semi-auto confiscating Harris, you don’t fit pro gun sites.

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