Ready to Get Aggressive With Your Trail Cam Strategy — Bushnell Aggressor

Bushnell TrophyCAm HD Aggressor Wireless Trail Carmera

Bushnell has introduced the next evolution in wireless trail cameras. The new Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Wireless offers advanced performance, ease of use and simple wireless image delivery.

Bushnell TrophyCAm HD Aggressor Wireless Trail Carmera
Bushnell TrophyCAm HD Aggressor Wireless Trail Carmera

Built into the award-winning Trophy Cam HD Aggressor platform, the new wireless model is a self-contained, weather-sealed solution without messy wires to connect components. It is truly the ultimate next-generation scouting tool. Easy to set up out of the box, the Aggressor Wireless includes a prepaid AT&T data plan that provides users with unlimited thumbnail images for the first 30 days. Plus the exclusive smart phone app (free for both Android and iPhone devices) allows hunters to quickly review images or modify camera settings from their device. Bushnell offers data plan renewals direct to consumers (no contract required) as economical as $9.99/month, and the camera now boasts improved roaming capability that expands the coverage area across most of the United States.

Expanded network and upgraded thumbnails that have four times the resolution of the previous model are just the start. The Aggressor chassis also offers improved nighttime range, high-resolution 14MP images and a built-in GPS that sends daily location updates.

“The new Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Wireless adheres to our philosophy of making scouting more effective without complication,” said Darin Stephens Senior Product Manager for Bushnell. “It offers wireless connectivity straight out of the box with sim card and data included. It’s ready to go to the woods immediately.” The Aggressor Wireless sends images, using a IoT platform by Zipit Wireless – an authority in IoT and connected devices – to a smartphone, email or web as soon as they are captured. Zipit’s IoT platform enables complete remote management of the Aggressor Wireless, eliminating the need to physically access the camera after it is set up. The Aggressor Wireless also boasts a lightning-fast 0.3 second trigger speed and runs up to three months on one set of batteries.

“This is the most advanced scouting tool in the woods,” Stephens said. “It combines all of our industry-leading features and technologies in one easy-to-use platform. Plus, every Trophy Cam camera comes with a free one-month trial of DeerLab, a web-based subscription service that analyzes data from your photos and from weather services to help create a profile for each buck on your property—including how often, when, and under what weather and wind conditions a buck tends to be on his feet—and potentially walking under your stand.”

Have you added wireless cameras to your game monitoring strategy? Are the benefits worth the cost? Share your thoughts or experiences in the comment section.


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