Ranking the Weapons of The Walking Dead

Ranking the Weapons of Walking Dead

Over a lengthy run of nine-plus seasons of walker-splattering action, horror and drama, The Walking Dead has featured many iconic weapons wielded by its cast.

From a gargantuan array of firearms to swords, crossbows, bows, knives and baseball bats (yeah, Negan, we’re looking at you), if it can be found in the popular show’s post-apocalyptic wasteland, there’s a good chance it’s been used to take down walkers and marauding menaces of all stripes.

Since it’s Halloween, let’s rank some of the more recognizable weapons used by Rick, Daryl, Michonne and the gang throughout the zombie-filled show’s run.

NOTE: These rankings are purely subjective. This piece is meant to be fun, not to determine the superiority of any particular weapon.

1. Rick’s Colt Python .357 Magnum

Rick Colt Python

The gun of The Walking Dead, the .357 Magnum Colt Python revolver was carried by the main protagonist, Rick Grimes, for most of his tenure on the show.

The gun is big, nickel-plated and intimidating, which is great to frighten would-be evildoers, but the walkers don’t seem to notice.

Used by Andrew Lincoln’s Rick in most of his iconic action (and a few great dramatic) moments, the Colt Python is the undisputed “hoss” of the series. Many firearm collectors have referred to the Colt Python as the greatest production revolver ever made.

2. Darrell’s Crossbow – PSE Fang 350

Daryl Strykezone

Certainly one of the most iconic weapons associated with the series, a crossbow is used extensively by loveable-but-rough outdoorsman Daryl Dixon (portrayed by Norman Reedus) in combat and hunting situations.

Daryl is so comfortable with the crossbow, it is essentially an extension of his physical body—and two different crossbows have been used throughout the series.

In seasons 1-3, he used a Horton Scout 125. During season three, Michonne gave him a Stryker Strykzone 380 she acquired from Morgan’s weapons stash. That Stryker has been his weapon of choice ever since, and it will return in season 10.

3. Negan’s Lucille

Brutal, effective, beyond intimidating and just a bit unsanitary, Lucille is Negan’s favorite tool for instilling fear in others. A stand-in for his late wife, Lucille is simply a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

That simplicity is only matched by its threatening effect on Negan’s enemies (and fellow Saviors) when they see (or experience) him using it.

4. Michonne’s Katana

Danai Gurira’s Michonne uses a razor-sharp katana to slice through walkers like a hot knife through butter in several seasons of the series, beginning in season two.

Her deadly proficiency with the blade even surpasses the menace of her two companions during her character’s introduction: two shackled, armless and jawless walkers.

Though she’s used a wide selection of firearms throughout the show, it seems as though she prefers the swift, silent and deadly close combat her katana allows.


5. Carol’s Smith & Wesson M&P

Carol Smith & Wesson - Walking Dead

Resourceful and ultra-tough, Melissa McBride’s Carol has carried an enormous amount of guns throughout the series. One standout a Smith & Wesson M&P used by Carol through seasons eight and nine.

A popular and well-made pistol, it’s also used by several other characters in key scenes throughout season eight, including King Ezekiel, Rosita, Morgan, and other Saviors and soldiers of the Kingdom.

Honorable Mentions

Colt Detective Special

Carol Colt .38 Special

Used by fan-favorite Carol throughout seasons four through eight, the Colt Detective Special .38 is a great sidearm for the character due to its relatively inconspicuous size. She loses the revolver in the season eight episode, “Some Guy.”

The gun was originally found by Daryl in season two and used by Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) in seasons two and three.


Negan Mac 10

In the season seven finale, “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life,” Negan uses a wild-looking MAC-10 in his fight against the Alexandrians.

The gun features a rifle scope mounted onto a suppressor, and its look was inspired by the gun used by the Snake Plissken character in Escape from New York. This gun looks like something straight out of an ’80s action movie.

Beretta 92FS

Walking Dead Guns- Carl Beretta 92FS

Another extremely popular pistol in the zombie-riddled landscape of the Walking Dead universe, the Beretta 92FS has been used or carried by a vast array of characters throughout the first seven seasons of the series.

(It’s also been used in at least one season of Fear the Walking Dead). In one memorable scene during the season seven episode “Service”, Carl (Chandler Riggs) gives a Beretta 92FS to his father, Rick.

It’s then taken from Rick by the formidable baddie Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Airtronic RPG-7

Daryl Airtronic RPG

In the season six episode “Always Accountable,” Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) takes a loaded Airtronic RPG-7 from the reanimated corpse of a soldier. Nearby, he also finds a carrying case filled with several RPG warheads.

Later in the season, during episode nine (“No Way Out”), Daryl uses the RPG launcher to ignite a pond filled with fuel to draw the attention of a horde of walkers.

What walker-wasting weaponry would you include on this list? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Halloween!

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Comments (14)

  1. Cool that they have a never ending supply of ammo, none of their ARs seem to need maintenance, and the batteries in their red dots last forever. I also like how you can shoot a 357 indoors without hearing damage in the apocalypse.

  2. From about four years ago, three consecutive issues of a magazine (I think it was SI) ran an advertisement for the Hyundai Veloster. Each one showed a hypothetical tricked-out Veloster, “made” especally for the Dead good guys (and gals). Options included snow plows, roof mounted machine guns, RPGs, ete, etc. Some day I’ll visit my nearby Hyundai dealer with those pages and see if they’re available! Unfortunately, I don’t see a path to downloading the images.

  3. Obviously, their society has broken down. There is no indication that they have a large cache of ammunition, without which a Colt Python is a sad club. I’ll take the katana. Reliable and effective against zombies, requiring no ammunition or replacement parts. Fire would also seem a good choice.
    The only appeal of the show might be the large volume of violence. Otherwise, it’s kinda dumb.

  4. Since gunfire attracts more walkers, I always thought they should shoot a lot less. I enjoyed Andrea in season three just stabbing and chopping them in the head like they were just a minor nuisance. Where shooting is necessary, I like the idea of keeping them safely far away and conserving scarce ammo. Didn’t Sasha carry a bolt rifle for a while, and appeared to be pretty good with it.

  5. And the best weapons seemed to evade them:

    Suppressed .22 (silent- tons of ammo)
    Spear (because getting close enough to use a knife is ridiculous)

  6. The Walking Dead has never gotten firearms right. First season almost everyone was unarmed, except for a few hunting type guns and a few handguns. Then at the CDC they literally stepped over all the military hardware, ammo, fuel, etc. that surrounded the building. When large numbers of firearms started showing up later most were again “hunting” guns. Then they went to the other extreme and EVERYONE had a full auto rifle! Which of course in proud A Team tradition never really hit any living people, but were deadly accurate on Walkers. Now apparently after a few years all the billions of rounds of existing ammo are used up, even though Eugene knows how to reload, and they are reduced to bows, swords, knives, and impact weapons for the most part?

    Best weapon for the Zombie Apocalypse would be a magazine fed .22 rilfe and handgun combo. There are literally trillions of rounds of rimfire out there to be found, .22s work great for headshots, and are easily silenced. Plus everyone could carry enough ammo to take out a Horde at their leisure.

  7. As a fan of the show, you didn’t mention any knives…Carol carries a badass knife with a brass-knuckle grip. Also, Morgan’s Staff, the Kings Walking Cane Sword…or Jerry’s double-sided Ax. This season you have Aaron’s Spiked Mace-Hand, that even Negan admires. Also the Sling Shots that the 2 sisters use. Cheers!

  8. I always liked Glenn’s Mosin M44 Carbine. Fires that great 7.62x54R and nice big fireballs out the carbine. Also the attached folding bayonet and nice steel buttplate!

  9. The only weapon that makes any sense in this group, is the katana.
    Unless you permanently lived next to a Remington or Winchester ammo factory, and had keys to the same, eventually you would run dry.
    If the overwhelming majority of the world population are zombies, there is’t enough stored ammo on the planet to kill them all.
    I am constantly amazed that after so many seasons, so many people still have ammo, even in .357 which has not been a police/military or popular civilian round for a lot of years. Not saying it’s not a great round, but if everybody isn’t using a lot of it, factories cut production and load more popular calibers.
    I do love the Python (wish I had one)

  10. Smith and Wesson 29 – highly recommended by none other than Dirty Harry Callahan because it will blow their heads clean off.

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