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Picture shows a group of protestors in Ferguson, Missouri.

Protestors stepped out again on the nights of October 8 and 9, 2014 in the city of St. Louis, Missouri—just months after a violent riot lasted days in the town of Ferguson. Hundreds came out to protest loudly; some became violent throwing objects at homes, businesses, police cars. The reason for the latest uprising? On Wednesday night, an off-duty police officer shot and killed 18-year old Vonderrit Myers, after he fired three shots at the officer.

Picture shows a group of protestors in Ferguson, Missouri.
Will there be nationwide riots if Darren Wilson is not charged?

Though things have calmed down since August, protestors are continuing to hold nightly vigils outside the Ferguson police department. After this week’s shooting, and news that next month a grand jury will decide whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson, St. Louis city officials are concerned and preparing.

Missouri officials, leaders in law enforcement, as well as law enforcement agencies around the nation and even the FBI have been in weekly meetings—sometimes as much as three times a week—are discussing the possibility of nationwide civil unrest and violence if a grand jury fails to charge Wilson. James Knowles, Ferguson’s mayor says, “The unrest is going to be far beyond the city of Ferguson,” while St. Louis rapper and activist, Tef Poe warns, “…You will see a lot of carnage.” The meetings focus primarily on how law enforcement will respond if violence is to erupt again next month after hearing from the grand jury.

Civil unrest is a volatile situation and one that can become very dangerous quickly. The best way to stay safe is to stay indoors and avoid areas where protestors are likely to gather. Fortunately, riots are somewhat predictable—at the very least anticipated. Historically, riots occur during tense racial periods in areas where people are struggling economically. Rioters and looters also organize through social media, so keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and Twitter for mumblings of violence and looting around your city. In the coming weeks, be prepared for anything that could happen when the grand jury decides whether to charge Darren Wilson.

To prepare for civil unrest, riots, looting and violence in your city, read the following articles:

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Comments (52)

  1. Probably not because the liberals would say the recordings were doctored and they wouldn’t have anything to protest over.

    After all Brown was seen on cctv doing the strong arm robbery at the store and that seems to have been missed.

    So why would cameras work any better?

  2. Let’s see… Now have been a week since the Grand jury came back with their decision and things are still going strong.

    I won’t enumerate everything that has taken place in this time. The media has done that well enough to get ratings.

    But since it appears that the police seen to be the issue here I’ve thought this.

    Maybe all the police in the USA from local all the way up to the secret service presidential protection unit should resign.

    That way Barry, AL and Eric could step in and probably do a much better job of policing.

    But that’s probably not going to happen.

    But since a lot of police are part of unions maybe a more effective action would be to engage in a “blue flu” for 24, 48 or 72 hours and simply not be on the streets and see how that works out.

    Maybe if they weren’t around for a while those who are so critical of the police would have a different opinion.

    I spent 26 years in law enforcement.

    I worked in a community which was 50% black.

    So I know how it works and how to work with people of all ethnicities…

    Let the political people put on the badge and see how well they do since they seem to have all the answers.

    I’m sure Barry, AL & Eric would do great…

    Just my humble opinion.

  3. Why is Brown being made a victim? when he was a felony criminal?

    He did a strong arm robbery… Not a theft but “felony robbery”…

    Then assaulted and battered a police officer, tried to get the officer’s gun…

    Refused the lawful command of the officer and continued to try and attack the officer.

    All of these facts were docum ented on video, and by independent witnesses and physical /forensic evidence.

    Anyone who argues otherwise is a idiot.

    Brown is solely responsible for his death… No one else.

    His shooting was justifiable.


    Those who riot, set buildings on fire should face 1 year in prison for every $1,000 in damages.

    Those who engaged in physical aggression on police officers or firefighters with rocks, gunfire should be shot.

    That will calm things down quickly.

    If you want to protest peacefully fine.

    Step beyond that point and face the consequences of your actions.

    If you don’t agree with me, my email is here, please feel free to email me and I’ll be more than happy to engage with you in criminal law, use of force, and forensic science and court procedures.

    Otherwise stop being an idiot.

  4. Thanks for your comments…

    I speak only from my personal realm ….I know I can’t nor can any one person correct the ill’s of society….

    I only speak from my own personal experiences and my own environment.

    It seems that my efforts were for not….it made little difference in the grand scheme of things.

    There were a LOT of good and fair cops who I worked with…

    I’d like to think we made a difference over time….

    Last night however, seems to show we didn’t.

    That is a VERY VERY sad thing….especially for those officers who made the ultimate sacrifice…..

    Hopefully things will improve, but I’m not holding my breath….too many idiots out there….

    We’re I’m guessing are in serious trouble,,,,,

    But good luck and be safe….


  5. @ Steve Cullen: I feel your pain… 32 years and counting here. One thing I have come to realize over those years is that no amount of race relations, education, affirmative action, or anti-discrimination laws will ever stop what Mother Nature has encoded genetically into our DNA.

    Racism has existed for centuries and will continue a thousand more. For as long as people of varying colors continue to exist on this planet, there will ALWAYS be racism; and because it is in our DNA, it can NEVER be rationalized away.

    Genetic-Racism works both ways – in that there will always be those that think others to be inferior simply based on the color of their skin and thus commit abuses accordingly. But then there will also always exist others that constantly feel their being victimized based on their skin color and blame it on others of a different color rather than their own personal ineptitude. It is a never-ending cycle.

    We can only momentarily condition society to act with tolerance and acceptance for so long, but then another generation is born and they again learn new ways to manipulate perceptions based on skin color.

    Some decades are better than others, and as such, merely gives the perception we’ve made progress. Yet in reality racism only ever ebbs and flows like the tides of the ocean from one generation to the next. But there never was any real progress because it is a genetic impossibility and therefor can never be.

    My point is, you are not the first to have your heart broken, and nor will you be the last.

    1. Oh trust me I know and understand human nature and various ethnic and social groups and how they relate to each other and how they don’t at times.

      I also would like to think though that we perhaps have or can make some progress going forth.

      It’s a complex issue out there and can’t be simply addressed, corrected & implemented unless all sides agree to respect one another.

      If that can not take place then progress can’t be made.

      I tried very hard to treat everyone the same… With respect, solely based on the fact that they are a human being regardless as to color of their skin or ethnicity…

      I also fully understand how the judicial systems work, rules of evidence, forensic science and investigative techniques.

      More so than maybe 98% of those “talking heads” experts that never worked up a criminal investigation case that ended up with someone going to prison for 50+ years.

      Obviously to achieve that I had to do something properly.

      Anyway I hope sound & clear minds will succeed over those who simply have helium in between their ears.

  6. I’m on the edge of tears here this morning….

    I took an oath of office and all, and took it personally….

    I busted my ass for 26 years to do the right thing…to “serve and protect” to be fair and impartial….

    I hear all the criticism at the police and I’m taking it personally today….

    Sorry, but I am….

    I’ve got a “Gold badge”….that means I was one of not 1 in 10, or 1 in 100 but more likely 1 in 1,000 to get that gold badge…

    That was my “Olympic Gold medal”…My Major League baseball player being on the All Star Team….

    Today I sit here and think, why the f$#% did I even bother….

    I wasted my entire life…and this is what it has turned out to be…

    26 years and it didn’t make a f-ing difference at all…

    I worked in a city that was 1,500 blacks when I started and when I left it was 30,000-35,000 blacks….so yeah I know what it’s like to work as a white cop in a black city….

    Every night I went out to do my job, to serve and protect and for what???? Not a f-ing thing evidently….

    Yeah you might say “something otherwise”, but honestly, nothing can validate what I did….

    I am totally sick this morning to see where we’ve come today…

    It’s breaking my heart

  7. Well done Ferguson….12 building destroyed so far totally, why not burn your homes? Your cars! Always lashing out out innocent people that had nothing to do with the situation. Then you wonder why….you get shot dead in the streets…no matter what race you are! Forest Gump said it well! Stupid is as STUPID DOES! When these punk thugs think they can rule , there’s one answer…Bang! Done deal! Next!

  8. Yup… Let the idiot riot, burn, plunder and act like (I’ll say it as politely as I can) total idiots.

    I’ve dealt with grand juries, trials, investigations, covering 1 degree life felonies… So I know how the court system works.

    I’ve also worked some riots as well. Alvarez riots down in Miami.

    So I know how things are suppose to work.

    I’ve also been on a couple of shootouts as well.

    All I can say is thank gawd I’m out of it now.

    This country is heading towards the sewer and there is no turning things back I’m guessing.

    Social change? Social justice?

    Let’s see… The last time I checked there was a black president occupying 1600 Penn Ave. & and he got there with a lot of white votes.

    Well you “rocket scientists”… go have you fun and do you Christmas shopping early…

  9. Well there you have it folks. Exactly what I said all along. There wasn’t any guess-work our hoping, it all came down to patience as we had to wait for the Grand Jury to arrive at the same logical conclusion that intelligent people already could plainly see. Officer Wilson did his job, and took out the trash.

  10. Yeah and Ferguson MO is praying for 18 to 24 inches of snow as well.

    I did a search last night on Google and found some 60+ cities across the country planning protests once the decision is made.

    I seriously doubt most really are interested in Brown’s shooting, but rather have their own hidden agendas to get out there.

    I don’t see protests taking place on all the black kids shot and killed in Chicago due to gang violence there.

    Most of these people are as professor Gruber says “are stupid”…


    Your opinion may vary…

  11. Don’t thank me G – Man…

    Thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice and are no longer here with us…

    For they are the ones who deserve the thanks…

    As it is written in the Bible…

    “No greater love a man has than to lay down his life for another”….

    They answered the call to duty and gave their all…

  12. I have worked in a wide variety of law enforcement environment covering some 26 years in various capacities from patrol, tactical ops, investigation, multi -agency task force, to supervision to command level.
    I’ve experienced riots in Miami, hurricane Andrew, large crowds numbering between 5K to 10K of some groups of people that weren’t very favorable to law enforcement to commanding in-progress home invasion robberies.

    The point I trying to make is having experienced a variety of different situations some which you can prepare for and others who just happen and you simply react to and hope things work out well. It’s like taking a military person and someone who never was in the military… The mindset will be totally different…

    My mind set is “tactical”… But you have to look somewhat from the present (say the Grand jury in Ferguson MO) and try to “prepare ” the future based on
    ” what if”… and since this topic is “prepare for riots” I am speaking from my experiences and perspective…

    I think or see specifically a high level of possibility of riots occurring in Ferguson MO but also elsewhere in the event the officer isn’t charged, which from what I’m hearing is quite possible.

    If that happens expect riots to take place but also not exclusive to Ferguson MO…

    Just from where I sit…

    And I think that is what this topic was all about?

  13. Wow, this is the most one-sided, fear mongering, overtly racist blog post I’ve seen on cheeperthandirt. And that’s saying something because manufacturing fear is their main marketing strategy. To the commenters: y’all are some paranoid old white men (the paranoia is obvious, I’m inferring the rest but feel pretty confident about its accuracy) and you give rational gun owners and preppers a bad name.

    1. Gunther…

      Have you ever had to prepare for possible riots ??? I speak from a law enforcement standpoint and one who has had to prepare and respond to major riots.

      So I think I have just a little bit of experience from which to gather some perspective on this “possibility”.

      Generally most agencies do plan in advance for possible riots taking place depending on circumstances, events etc that are pending.

      That way, if the riots do take place law enforcement is ready to respond.
      As they say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

      They plan based on the following:

      Staffing…either to go to “Alpha/Bravo shifts”…12 hours on 12 hours off

      Equipment and gear to be made available….

      Location(s) of possible riots occurring

      Mutual Aid Packs which will allow for additional manpower and staffing made available

      Logistical and Tactical response based on possible locations etc…

      Now the other side of the equation is simple…

      “Do nothing”, sit back and simply think “Oh nothing is going to happen”. All is fine in the world.

      Now the usual outcome of doing the “Nothing” response is after things unfold, the police and governmental agencies will get blasted from all sides for taking this action.

      So tell me in your “vast wisdom”…. “What would you do, and how would you handle things…..

      I’m sure you have the proper answer(s)….

    2. Steve,
      There is a vast continuum of preparedness between the extensive preparations of a law enforcement agency and “do nothing.” That kind of black and white thinking is a conversation ender: so you’re right and I’m wrong, congrats. I truly hope your (and mine and everyone else’s) prepping is enjoyable and ultimately unnecessary.

    3. @ Gunther: So the reality of death and shootings from the actual riots which have already come to fruition in Ferguson and witnessed before the entire world is somehow paranoia to you? How then is CTD “manufacturing fear”? Are they hiring black employees to go into Ferguson and instigate fake riots in order to increase their sales?

      You are the type that thinks life insurance salesmen are using paranoia to peddle their wares; when the hard reality is people really do die and need to leave their families’ financially protected.

      Oh wait, I suppose you think the local weatherman is just trying to up his ratings by “fear mongering” over a hurricane that eventually never touches shore.

      It is your right to dismiss this issue and choose to not get prepared. And though such an attitude may eventually become your downfall, you should have just quietly moved along instead of putting your foot in your mouth by attacking others for their savvy in wanting to be prepared.

      I won’t even bother addressing your ignorance for throwing in the race card. But as a law enforcement officer spanning 32 years now, allow me to forewarn you… the 1992 Los Angeles Riots were very real and very deadly. Now Ferguson is shaping up to look the same. That is not paranoia, or racist, that is reality.

      Now allow me to enlighten you on some modern things we now contend with in law enforcement as a matter of routine knowledge, but that never occurs to the average public. Social Media is an element used by criminals now for flash mobbing public places. That is something unheard of back in 1992.

      It is immensely powerful and has yet to be used to its fullest extent. When, how, and where is only a matter of time. Criminals play on the emotions of others and have already effectively used it to start flash mobs that allow them the cover needed to aid in thefts for their criminal enterprise.

      Social Media can easily be used to coordinate this type of flash mob and riot activity on a National scale. It’s just a matter of time as to which event will be used to spark the violence. Ferguson could easily be the key.

      So you go ahead and talk crap about others that choose the smarter path of preparation. There is no harm whatsoever in being prepared for the hurricane that never hits shore. But what if it does and you failed to prepare?

    4. G-Man…

      Well said… Better than I could have put it.

      I get a bit “riled up” at times on subjects like this, and I guess it’s because I’m white and old.

      I guess having rocks thrown at me or being shot at on occasion makes me a bit paranoid as well.

      Or maybe going to the hospital with injuries affects me as well. But maybe it’s because I white and old perhaps.

      Otherwise I’m guessing I should be thankful to experience these things.

      Maybe I’m being paranoid at wanting to go home at the end of my shift in the same condition I started the shift.

      It’s no big deal to turn out 9 units and come back in with 8 because I lost one of my officers.

      Guess I shouldn’t let something like that affect me… Guess it’s my paranoid kicking in again.

      I wonder how that officer’s 4 year old daughter felt?… and she wasn’t old or white…

      Maybe I’m paranoid because of all the police funerals I’ve gone to over the years… I’m sure those make one paranoid as well.

      But hey, what do I know…

      I’m just old white and paranoid.

      Experienced I guess doesn’t count.

    5. @ Steve Cullen: I am right there with you brother. I try my best to remember, as I address folks in these forums, that the average-joe does not fully comprehend the internal workings of law enforcement. And well they shouldn’t because that is why we get paid the big bucks… right? But once we identify ourselves as law enforcement and they still continue to argue rather than learn from some of us that chose to share our valuable experience, well… I just have to jump in straighten a few of these knuckleheads out is all. Thank you for your service brutha!

  14. I think I know and can handle whatever comes down the pike…

    My first arrest went on to make the FBI 10 most wanted list…

    I worked with rogue cops who did a $18 to $25 million dollar bank burglary…

    Missed a Bulger “hit” by about a minute.

    I was on duty the morning of the Miami FBI shooting and heard it go down and went to Jerry Dove’s funeral.

    I’ve been involved in multi- million dollars drug seizures…

    I’ve commanded a few Haitian gang home invasion robberies…

    Worked a multi-agency gang unit…

    Had hits., contracts put out on me over the years…

    Been involved in a few shootouts, had a guy pull a gun on me 2 feet away…

    I have absolutely no problem screwing a 40 cal into someone’s ear and apply 3 pounds of trigger pull and sending someone to “the promise land”

    Through it all I still have all my arms, hands, toes and fingers…

    So what’s a few riots?

    Piece of cake…

    Otherwise I’m a nice guy…

  15. Absolutely! delt with riots in the 60″s in Jersey City…Mayor Whelan made it clear at Journal Square…there was a line drawn…First man to pass that line shoot on shoot to kill….They went downtown burned their own homes! But didnt cross that line …lots of Black panthers…which Jesse Jackson was a full member of!

  16. Spoken like a true New Jersey guy… Wouldn’t expect anything thing other.

    Ever been in riots?

    Shot at?

    Dealt with the “bad guys”… Mob, (Italian & Irish)….. Cocaine Cowboys?

    Work the” mob wars” of the 60s & 70s in Boston?

    Dealt with the Cocaine Cowboys in Miami in the 80s.?

    I use to do 1st degree life Felony cases… 25 years to life…

    I think I can handle my end… Did it for 30 years and I’m still ticking…

    I have no issues at all punching anyone’s ticket.

  17. I am just here in Missouri bout 5 years now… I was originality from back East in Jersey. I can tell you I deal with riots the same way I did back there…You endanger my home,my family my neighbors our neighborhood…your gunna get shot…not mamed! Only thing you’ll get is a body bag!

  18. Yes I am fully aware of various things that have been going on.

    I am also fully aware of all the things that have been going on as well.

    I’ve been on the inside for about 30 years so I think I have an understanding.

    Both before 9/11 & afterwards from both the federal level down to the municipal level.

  19. The Officer will walk away. He has been instructed to repeat these words, “I was in fear for my life.”

    It’s all he has to say to get away with murder.

    1. You obviously have never been a police officer…

      Go after a. Cop’s gun you better expect to be shot.

      End of story.

  20. This worthless POS is finished… anyone that wants to follow his racist tirade, will met one end…a permanent tone! Whitey has had it with all this BS! He has put blacks , back 40+ years!

  21. If you don’t carry concealed every day where ever it’s legal for you to do so, then you can blame no one but yourself if things suddenly go bad (or worse) in your area. This racist, most divisive “president” in the history of this nation has his lapdog media out in the streets fanning the flames of hate for his political purposes. If he can gin up enough street parties like in Furguson, but all across this nation in numerous big cities all at once, it may be his ‘excuse’ to declare martial law and make himself ‘king for life’.

    1. He could try and do that (Marshall law) and maybe that is in the back of his mind… but he’d have to have the military behind him, and I think he lost them awhile ago….

      Basically he is on his own if he did that.


    2. He has military behind him….it`s called Homeland Security and if you don`t think these guys are ready for civil unrest, you haven`t been keeping up on the crap they`ve been buying. @ billion rounds of ammo, 2600 MRAP vehicles. Those are armored personnel carriers my friend. What does the Dept. of Homeland security need with 2600 MRAPS? It`s an answer to martial law. It can happen in a hot second!

  22. Not saying there aren’t bad cops out there….I’ve had to initiate the termination of a few and I’ve worked with my share of bad cops…some really bad cops as well.

    Not saying there aren’t social injustice out there as well…

    The above is all part of “human nature” and living in an “imperfect world”….

    Bottom line though is I’m going to cover my butt and protect it as well as best as I can….

    I’ll help whoever I can, but I’ll be dammed if I’ll let anyone “take a free “hit” on me regardless…..

    Turn on me, and you better have luck on the first try, because I’ll come back at you with vengeance and simply not give you the opportunity for a “second chance”….that’s just way I am…..

    That’s the way I’ve been trained and it’s in my DNA as well….or the way I’ve been “programmed”…..

  23. Yes in reading the initial story I fully understand “law enforcement preparing for possible riots”…

    I’ve had to do that on a few occasions…

    Getting all my gear (riot) together…

    Sitting in on briefings…

    Waiting for verdicts to come back and then going on” Alpha /Bravo” shifts…. And waiting to see what unfolded.

    Getting the extra equipment loaded up and checked out and then having to go out & “deal with the s**t” as it unfolded.

    There was not for myself the ability to go elsewhere… But to go where the riots where taking place and deal with it.

    It wasn’t something we wanted to do or looked forward to but it was something we trained for and were expected to deal with.

    It was like most people would run away from a loose angry tiger… But someone would have to go and capture the Tiger.

    That’s what it it kind of like.

  24. The title of this article should have really been “Get Out OF THE CITY WHILE YOU CAN.”.

    Any white man living in the city is taking a serious chance. The cities have become havens for crime, illegal aliens and metrosexuals.

    I don’t even think suburbs that are contiguous to major cities are safe.

    If you want to avoid property damage and injury to yourself and your children, go somewhere where you can live in peace.

    The further from the city, the better. The police will not be able to protect you, and all the hoarded ammunition in the world will not help you if you are alone.

  25. If the evidence as being reported in the papers proves to be correct then based on the forensic evidence it would support that the shooting was justified.

    Attack a police officer and try and take his weapon expect to be shot and more likely be killed as well.

    Not if the people out there who can’t see or accept that and want to riot and destroy their neighborhoods then so be it.

    Their welcome to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s or elsewhere and purchase building supplies to re-build (at their expense of course) whatever they destroy or burn down…

    1. My comments where made somewhat facitiously in the fact that riots will take place and generally it is in their own neighborhoods and towns & cities and damage will take place.

      Then they will call for the government to come in and re-build what they have destroyed.

      Doesn’t make much sense does it?

      But that generally is how riots goes.

      Kind of like the child in a in fit of anger breaking their toys and then expecting their parents to buy them a new toy to make them feel happy again.

    2. I have my own feeling about those who become cops. That`s another discussion. Don`t like `em much, they never helped me, just wanted to run my ID for wants and warrants. Having said that, if I were a cop and someone reached for my firearm I`d just assume he would do it again regardless of his posture. I`d plant one right in his head and be done with it. I think this guy was perfectly legit in his actions. Who were the witnesses? Some scumbag criminal friends of his. Let`s not forget, this guy was being checked out, he just got done ROBBING a store. The word here is ROBBING. HELLO!!!!!

  26. @ Erick: What’s your problem? Can’t you read the title? Obviously not; you’re the idiot that always brought the English book to Science class because you can’t read titles. It clearly gives clues as to what the topic of this article is going to be about, which in no way indicates subject matter involving “police brutality and militarization”.

    So the only “dumb broad” here is you because your testicles never dropped as a child.

    CTD’s Suzanne’s article isn’t about anything you’ve mentioned because there is no reason for it to be. It’s about whatever the f*ck she wants it to be about. In this case it happens to be about preparing oneself for the utter stupidity about to ensue due to an undereducated and ignorant population of minorities that can’t accept the rule of law.

    Why would CTD Suzanne focus on police brutality when there was none to speak of? Why would she focus on militarization when such measures were quite necessary to put down the ignorant rioters? Just cops here doing the dangerous job that no one else wants to do. Nothing to see here folks so just move along.

    CTD Suzanne wouldn’t “focus” on police brutality anyway, because there was none to speak of. However, she could write an article about how an officer’s excellent training helped save his life through justified lethal force when savagely attacked by a degenerate.

    And then she could add to that article to include how the police were forced to utilize military style tactics because an ignorant underclass of society decided to unlawfully assemble and riot over nothing.

    But that is not what she chose to write about this time around is it? Next time read the title and get a clue, or see a doc about your testies… ya dumb broad!

    1. Hip Hip Hurrah G – Man.

      Got my vote as well as 2 thumbs up.

      However please remember for people like Erick we must show tolerance for their learning disabilities… After all “the totally clueless” aka liberal minds can’t help themselves due to their “mental illness”…

    1. Dumb broad who wrote this article should be flogged. Instead of focusing on police brutality and militarization she focused on the victims. If you allow injustice to happen to any group of people it will happen to you.

    2. Erick….

      It’s only “injustice” if the officer acted improperly or criminally…

      If the officer acted properly then it’s a valid shooting.


    3. Well, if it’s all the same to you I’d rather try to avoid bricks through my windows or a baseball bat to the face from some of these victims. I’m weird that way. (Mind you, I’m not disputing that many minorities suffer discrimination and police brutality, etc, etc, but that would not make my face feel any different.)

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