CZ P09 Shoots as Built, Right Out of the Box

Patrick E Kelley

Cheaper Than Dirt!-sponsored shooter, Patrick E. Kelley, takes a brand new, right-out-of-the-box CZ P09 to a shooting event for a “trial by fire.” Other than some lube and some dry firing these guns are shot as built.

Watch our video and tell us what you think in the comment section.

CZ P09
Trigger DA/SA
Barrel Length 4.53 inches
Caliber 9mm Luger
Overall Height 5.79 inches
Overall Length 8.10 inches
Overall Width 1.46 inches
Weight Unloaded 1.85 pounds
Sights Fixed 3-Dot
Grips Stippled
Capacity 19+1
Magazine Double-stack, 19 round capacity
Frame Polymer
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Comments (7)

  1. Great pistol. Tricked mine out with cgw parts, Dawson’s sights and new CZ-UH hammer. Use it for 3gun and uspsa production class. Shoots as good as my sp-01 shadow custom.

  2. I’m biased as I already bought one in FDE trim with the tritium night sights. These P09’s have the Omega trigger in them and after the DA first shot, the SA trigger break and reset is quite nice. I went ahead and replaced the front sight with a Dawson Precision fiber optic just because that’s what I prefer. This may become my USPSA Production competition gun after I play the Steel game all winter with it. Heck of a deal for a hi-cap 9mm!

  3. I would love to own this pistol, but the 19+1 round capacity automatically labels me as an evil drooling crazed schoolkid killer by the California State Legislature.

    1. Mike, Hopefully I won’t have to…..provided that the recent CA court ruling is not just smoke being blown up my you-know-what…..

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