NRA Sues New York Governor Cuomo & New York

Love it or hate it—The Shooter’s Log has certainly received comments on both sides—the NRA is fighting hard for the Second Amendment and our rights. Recently, The Shooter’s Log reported on moves by certain banking institutions to limit or outright refuse to do business with manufacturers and businesses within the firearms community. Following that, we ran Cuomo Urges (Threatens) Banks Against Doing Business With 2A Companies. Now, the NRA is fighting back by filing suit in district court.

Here is the full release from United Sportsmen of Florida (USF) Executive Director and NRA Past President Marion Hammer:

On Friday, May 11, 2018, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York, the NRA filed a lawsuit claiming  that Gov. Cuomo, and his Director of Financial Services (DFS) have engaged in a “campaign of selective prosecution, backroom exhortations, and public threats” designed to coerce banks and insurance companies to withhold services from the NRA.

The NRA argues that such tactics vastly overstep DFS’s regulatory mandate, and seek to suppress the speech of Second Amendment supporters and retaliate against the NRA and others for their political advocacy.

The lawsuit seeks millions of dollars in damages to redress harms inflicted by the DFS campaign.

Among other things, the lawsuit cites a pair of “guidance” letters issued on April 19, 2018, by the DFS to the CEOs of banks and insurance companies doing business in New York.  Styled as regulatory “risk management” advisories, the letters encourage institutions to “take prompt actions” to manage “reputational risk” posed by dealings with “gun promotion organizations.”

The same day, Cuomo issued a press release in which the Director directly urged “all insurance companies and banks doing business in New York” to “discontinue their arrangements with the NRA.”

Read a copy of the lawsuit complaint as filed, here:

Will the NRA be successful and get the compensation? Do you think Gov. Cuomo and the DFS were making a veiled threat to financial and insurance institutions? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. The suit will fail. The warning, while not probably in the legislature’s intent, is an accurate warning of a risk those businesses face. Hell, I’d love to see regulators telling regulated businesses that dealing with the NRA and/or the deadly weapons industry, will earn that business extra scrutiny, with the assumption that any violations found were not accidents.

    On the other hand, the suit will succeed in its real aim, which is getting the deplorable scum who support the NRA to give them yet more money. After all, you scum don’t care how many kids are murdered by your fellow gun nuts, as long as your stupid hobby remains unregulated.

    Smile, once Nancy Pelosi is Speaker in January 2019, the only thing that will delay strong gun control will be the impeachment of Putin’s Puppet.

    1. Not sure what you are smoking but you should really put the pipe down before you start spouting off about something you know nothing about.

      Unregulated you say?
      A company looking to manufacture firearms for sale must obtain a license from the government.
      Said company must maintain meticulous records and maintain an inventory control system beyond any other industry or be subject to federal felony charges.
      Said companies are subject to random inspections by the ATF.
      Said companies may only transfer firearms to a licensed (again by the government) Federal Firearms License holder.
      The FFL must maintain records and manage inventory as the manufacturer and subject to the same ATF inspections.
      Before A FFL may sell/transfer a firearm to an individual, said individual must fill out a Form 4473 and submit said form to FBI/ATF for approval.
      Said individual must be 18 to purchase a long arm or 21 to purchase a handgun.

      This is just what I know about.

      What other hobby/industry requires all that.

      The people committing these heinous crimes are not “fellow gun nuts”. I will give you this though, they are nuts. Every one that I can think of should have been in a mental institution, on a monitored medication program, or at least in the NICS so they will be denied should they try to purchase a firearm through a FFL. These people are not members of the NRA and the best that I can tell, most have been liberal fanatics.

    2. Funny, that POS that shot up the concert in Vegas was a right-wing gun nut convinced that liberals were coming for his guns, even though Fascists in the GOP controlled the government. The last two school shooters were MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters who loved guns and the NRA, and both had fathers who were, or had been NRA members.

      You would be better off smoking the fine Seattle cannabis I smoke, instead of huffing Hoppes #9 like gay men do poppers

    3. Your handle says it all. Socialists prefer an unarmed populace as they are easier to control. Feel free to immigrate to a Socialist Nation as that won’t happen here.#MAGA #2A

    4. No, we Socialists don’t want to see the population disarmed, just you delusional right wing nut jobs. I would have no problem with undocumented workers or so-called Black Identity Extremists owning registered AR-15s, and I would not even make citizenship part of the background check. I would like to make ever being an NRA member an automatic disqualifier, as well as a record of ever voting for the Orange Fool. As a Socialist, I agree with Karl Marx that the proletariat must be armed if we are to seize the means of production and eliminate the bourgeoisie!

    5. Socialist troll I think. What are you doing on a blog from Cheaper Than Dirt? We do love our guns here and 2nd amendment rights. You are the dumb scum that doesnÔÇÖt understand that it isnÔÇÖt a gun problem. It is an erosion of the moral fiber of our culture. We need programs that give help in the mental health field and beef up the background check system. Many different approaches are neede. The demonization of a gun is not a solution. Nancy Pelosi Really? Only one more of a monster than that 2 faced idiot is Killary.

    6. You are right that it is not a gun problem. It is a gun nut problem. It’s not Socialists, Feminists, or Democrats that are shooting up schools, the last two were done by Trump loving misogynists with him fetishes and a love for the 2A. They would have fit in here fine with their bigotry and hate. The problem is not guns, and I don’t care if the Black Panthers, Dykes on Bikes, or my fellow Socialists are armed. None of those groups have produced mass shooters. I have a huge problem with Fascists and NRA members owning guns, and gladly support any group working to destroy the NRA, and make NRA supporters unwelcome and unemployable in civilized society.

    7. WOW!”DEORABLE SCUM”…I have 2 children in school right now as most nra supporters of course nobody wants to see any kind of shooting at any schools, but these kind of comments just show how some people only care to look at 1 side of a coin..and im sure most will agree that anybody that does something illegal with a firearm is no “fellow gun nut” to anybody in the nra. Some people are just so ignorant to anything they dont want to believe in, and because of that we the nra supporters are in the wrong. Maby as the “seattle socialist” is sitting in his knitting class we should say all people that knit are the devil and we need knitting control because the items they knit with are too sharp and could hurt somebody…remember that a gun doesnt walk itself into anywhere and pull its own trigger

    8. I hope that you, and every deplorable gun nut who puts keeping their toys ahead of protecting the lives of our children get to bury theirs from a school shooting!

    9. Well, if you overlook his obstruction of justice, theft by fraud, the treason of being Putin’s puppet, bribery, money laundering, violations of the emoluments clause, election fraud and campaign finance laws, Trump will not only be impeached, he will die in jail for his crimes. His sons, son in law, and daughter will have grey hair when they get out. But hey, what can you expect from a scum-bag who cheated on his whore wife with a flock of whores that had to be bought off. $130k for a piece of tail is a sign of a pathetic deal maker.

    10. Dear Seattle Socialist, Since I dismiss all socialists as propagandists, and normally never argue with people who believe their own lies, all I can tell you is stop trying to bait us here. It won’t work. Your (socialist) belief structure has been proven to be a failure.

    11. Seattle Socialist, you seem to think anyone who supports guns are scum. every time we see a school shooting its made a spectacle on news. Google school stabbings. It happens a lot more then I ever though. I guess its time to take all the knives away. Or how many time someone has run their car though a crowd. Take the cars away.

      Id like to these ideas of strong gun control, your not going to get the gang members and criminals to surrender their guns and so those law abiding citizens now can be robbed in their homes, on the streets , in their cars without much fear.

      I strongly believe guns need to be kept out of our children hands, the mentally ill, convicted felons or even any violent criminals, if a misdemeanor crime that involves violence then they should be denied, but that doesn’t stop anyone from getting their hands on a gun or even making their own crude firearm like that is done in prison or countries that have strong gun control. The criminals will resort to bombing, stabbings, or pure violent attacks.

    12. I don’t think someone is automatically scum for owning guns. I’m not even taking the majority of gun owners who are not NRA members, nor those gun owners who support strengthening our gun safety regulations. Many of us on the far left have ARs or AKs, and support responsible gun ownership, especially by our fellow Socialists who agree with Karl Marx that the proletariat needs to be well armed to seize the means of production, and destroy Capitalism. I totally support groups like the Dr. Huey P. Newton Memorial Gun Club, the John Brown Brigades, Redneck Revolt, and the Socialist Rifle Association in expanding gun ownership and marksmanship among marginalized populations. In fact, we are probably more progressive and open-minded about gun ownership than you racist, right-wing NRA types, because we encourage and support gun ownership without regard to one’s immigration status or having been convicted by racist courts for getting by while being brown. No, the only area where we support gun confiscation and a ban on private ownership of weapons is when we are talking about right-wing racist scum like most NRA members and Trump supporters. Those folks need to get Waco’d, and I look forward to that once the Democrats take back Congress, and Putin’s Puppet goes to jail for espionage.

  2. NRA members must stand as one. I’ve stopped going into Dick’s Sporting Goods and Starbucks to name a few. Dick’s down here in Florida are having a bad time of it trying to stay afloat. Why they went anti-NRA is beyond me, but so be it.

    NRA members buy goods. Alot of goods. Together we can topple the anti-gun support crowd.

    ….”From my cold, dead hands.”

  3. I am somewhat skeptical of the chances for success of the NRA law suits. The communications are worded so as to suggest that individual financial institutions make their own evaluations and come to their own conclusions. Although one could interpret them to be “threatening” in tone and infer that that is their intent, NY could pitch this as fulfilling their responsibility to protect the reputations the institutions to which the letters were addressed by warning them of potential “dangers,” but not directly identifying any consequences vis-├á-vis actions by the state of NY.

    The case may be a valid “shot across the bow,” but it will be expensive to pursue, if that is all it turns out to be.

    1. Actually Jim, it is not a veiled threat at all. Remember, this is a government agency whose job is to protect its citizens. Now, government can regulate businesses for safety reasons, but to send an actual letter to every company in a certain business, and say they need to protect their “reputation”? And to encourage people or companies from associating or doing business with a political organization? That is way over the line, and here is why. We all know that 90% or so of people who get convicted of crimes of terrorism are of the Muslim faith, right? So why not send a letter to all the banks and insurance companies urging them to avoid any reputational risk by associating with Muslims. Or how about telling these companies not to associate with people who are gay or maybe to only do business with gay people. It is simply improper for tax dollars to be spent on promoting a political, religious, or free association (free speech, first amendment issue. Now, in New York will they win a jury trial? Maybe not, but the fact that they are spending tax dollars to try and destroy the NRA or ACLU or any other group defies out whole concept of freedom. It is time for all of us to send that $20 to the NRA, we will never miss it, but it will add up. FWIW

    2. They may not be able to get any damages. Criminal charges for misappropriation of public funds, misuse of political powers and I’m sure a few other laws were broken is the action that should be taken here

    3. That’s a great point I live in New Jersey I lived in New York I be upset how my money was being spent Unfortunately Most of the people in New York City wouldn’t mind such a letter going out the businesses

    4. Anything to Tell Coumo to quit ‘bleeping’ with the American rights. He called a quick, silent meeting with the ‘downstate’ senators and behind closed doors (illegal) put NY’s ‘SAFE’ law into effect. He needs to be removed and humiliated as a Poor excuse for a politician. (kind of a normal way for our Politicians anyway !)

  4. Can’t wait to see how all the media except Fox, spin this. It’ll be “bad” I’m sure.
    I can hear it now….”how dare they seek damages…just look at the damage their guns and the NRA have done.”
    We’ll see.
    No, I dont think we have a chance in hell, of receiving damages.
    As far as the veiled threat goes…..can anybody say EXTORTION. They seem to be good at that. Its always threats, doom and gloom. Unless its for the “dreamers”.
    Just plain sick of it all.

    As always
    Carry on

  5. All NRA members who do business with any of the banks joining that action should remove their money and do business elsewhere. We can play that game as well.

    1. IÔÇÖve taken it one step further, I refuse to accept Citibank or Bank of America forms of payment for services. Several of my customers have recently been disappointed by the actions and subsequent consequences of those institutions when they discovered my competition does accept their form of payment but charge considerably more for the same services I offer. At least one of them became irate with me over my refusal and decided to go elsewhere. When he discovered the quality and cost associated with going elsewhere he returned offering to pay in cash. I politely informed him his funds weeent good at my business regardless of his form of payment.

      You are correct, people do get the message and rather quickly, when we refuse to accept the forms of payment that disagrees with our beliefs.

    2. Well said. The only way to really hurt liberal Democrats is in their wallets, their agenda is plainly clear to all true Americans. The way we do this is to break off ties from every liberal leaning organization, banking institutions, Retail outlets. You name it we boycott it. Just like when we broke away from England back in the days of long ago. Take away what they worship the most, more than any God or church. $$$

  6. Cuomo has long been anti-gun and used and uses his financial wherewithal to have his own bully pulpit. The wielded considerable power when he was mayor and wasn’t afraid to use his position to retaliate against those who disagreed with him in many ways.
    Now he uses his significant financial warchest to fund many anti-gun platforms, many under the title of Mayors Against Guns or some such, where he backs anti-gun mayors across the USA in their bids for local re-election, as long as they walk in lock-step with his crusade against legal gun owners and gun ownership.
    And it is supremely hypocritical that he has armed guards (GASP!) who protect him everywhere he goes, most of his guards being former or retired NYC police officers themselves.
    The guy is a Class A jackass IMO.

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