Cuomo Urges (Threatens) Banks Against Doing Business With 2A Companies

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It is one thing, as an elected official, to have and espouse an opinion. It is quite another to make a veiled threat against financial companies and insurers due to your political position or influence. However, that is exactly what many believe Andrew Cuomo, previous governor of New York, did when he crossed the line and “urged” banks and insurance companies — some would say threatened — with repercussions to their reputations if they continued doing business with firearm and ammunition manufacturers. One of those ammunition manufacturers has ‘fired’ back.

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From Hornady’s FB Post:

“Who does Gov. Andrew Cuomo think he is, telling New York banks and insurers to blackball the gun and ammo industry?

Steve Hornady, President of Hornady Manufacturing, responded:

“The State of New York did one of the most despicable acts ever perpetrated by any state by asking New York banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies to stop doing business with the gun and ammo industry. While it may not make a difference to New York, Hornady will not knowingly allow our ammunition to be sold to the Government of the State of NY or any NY agencies. Their actions are a blatant and disgusting abuse of office and we won’t be associated with a government that acts like that. They should be ashamed.”

In letters to be sent as early as Wednesday, from NY Capitol offices, the state’s top financial services regulator warns banks and insurers of the ‘reputational risk’ they incur by doing business with the National Rifle Association and the gun industry.

The letter from Department of Financial Services Superintendent Maria Vullo does not overtly threaten to impose any penalties on institutions that maintain ties with the gun industry, but notes the public outcry that followed the recent shooting rampage at a high school in Parkland, FL. Would you consider that extraneous information or a thinly veiled threat?

NYDailyNews Reports:

“The tragic devastation caused by gun violence that we have regrettably been increasingly witnessing is a public safety and health issue that should no longer be tolerated by the public and there will undoubtedly be increasing public backlash against the NRA and the gun industry,” Vullo said.

Tom King, an NRA board member from New York and president of the state Rifle & Pistol Association, blasted Vullo’s letter as “extortion.”

“That’s a veiled threat,” King said about the letters. “Anybody who doesn’t think it is a veiled threat is simply mistaken.” He says.
Mr. King is absolutely right. It IS a threat of extortion! These pseudo Mob extortion tactics will not be tolerated in a Free Capitalist society, and it is high time WE as an American Nation and fight back against these tyrannical State and Federal Leftist bullies.

You make the call. Was Cuomo’s comment simple information or something more significant such as backdoor gun control or influence peddling for the anti-gunners? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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Comments (42)

  1. Not The former governor, unfortunately Cuomo is the current, and hopefully not the next governor. This scumbag held a late night meeting to get a new bridge over the Hudson named after his father ( former scumbag governor but at least heÔÇÖs dead) against the will of the entire state. He will undoubtedly use whatever tactics he sees fit to get his way.

  2. I guess these politically motivated government morons forget they are in elected positions. And regardless of current thought, there are far more gun loving, law abiding citizens than those who accept the lies that gun control will control gun crime. Just wait until its time for reelection.

  3. My father’s bomb group took it directly to a country with the same mindset across the English Channel years ago. Bet Cuomo has a Yeti cooler too.

  4. Wouldn’t it be something to see if all these American 2nd ammendment companies blackballed all the blue states. Make them get their guns, ammo, and gear from another country. After paying tariffs and higher fees of the sort maybe they would change their tune?

  5. More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.
    Kudos to Hornady for slapping the lead control freak/hypocrite of New York in the face.My hope is that more ammo manufacturers follow suit and put the hurt on New York state agencies..
    I normally only use Honady’s Ultra Slug product, but will now begin purchasing some of their other ammo to try and alleviate some of their lost income. It would be nice if as many of us as possible could pitch in to help them out as well. We need to stick together and support one another through all this insanity the left is throwing at us.

  6. Just who does this pompous jackals think he is? Extortion and bullying cannot and should not be tolerated. They cry and want the citizenry disarmed yet have armed guards protecting them. Bit of a double standard isn’t it. Hornady I will continue to purchase your ammo as well as reloading components. My family stands behind you. Cheaper than dirt thanks for great service.

  7. Thank you Mr. Steve Hornady for your commitment to the Second Amendment. I will be purchasing more of your fine ammunition from now on. I wish all manufacturers would do the same and leave New York defenseless. They would then cry for help from the NRA when criminals run the state like they do now. And by that I mean the politicians.

  8. The way the media over publicizes mas shooting events and further publicizes every self-serving diatribe about how guns are destroying our society just emboldens these mentally deficient individuals to believe that all they have to do is commit one of these atrocities to garner their 15 minutes of fame.

    I further believe that mental illness in one form or another is far more rampant in this world than anyone really knows and a much larger problem than anyone knows how to deal with.

    To all of you liberal do-gooders out there who believe this over-simplified solution of gun control will solve the issue, start dealing with the problem and not the symptom or end result. It really is up to all of us to be aware and take appropriate steps to report or stop anyone with aims of comitting an atrocity, whether with a gun or a vehicle. There have always been tell-tale signs well in advance of these incidents, often ignored- many times by law enforcement. Be involved, know your neighbors and coworkers. Society has gotten too impersonal. More laws on the books won’t solve the problem, neither can the law enforcement community. Only we, especially the law-abiding gun owning community can make a real difference.

  9. Sooooo, should the gun and ammo manufacturers yield to the State of New York and ALL of its’ sub-divisions, and NOT do business with any of them? Would that satisfy the likes of these politicians? Might be worth trying, just to see how it goes! 🙂

  10. Useful Idiot.. He’s got to say what the deep state wants him to say. Otherwise he wouldn’t get to the top.

  11. I agree with Hornady. Some people would say “why punish many people who have nothing to do with what was said, but that is what anti-second amendment idiots do the huge pool of legitimate gun owners. I have decided to do as little business with companies from NY, Kalifornya, Assachusets, and other states that are operated as anti-gun. I only do business there if there is no other choice. I urge the gun industry businesses located in those states to leave for more gun friendly states. More than a few have done so and all should. Take your employees with you as best as possible and make as big a dent in the state’s tax base as possible. I will not do business with anti-gun companies. When I need a cooler it will not be a sh@#yeti.

  12. I’m an upstate New York resident, a caregiver for an elderly parent who insists on staying here. Were it not for this, I’d be out of here in a heartbeat. This is the same governor who just gave violent felons the right to vote. In 2014 he gave us that 80 page run- on sentence and abomination called the “Safe Act” which bans “dangerous knives” and “assault weapons” encluding collectibles like the M1 Garand. The act bans internet and mail ammo, and prohibits childless and spouseless gun owners like me from willing my gun collection to brothers on my death. Cuomo said, “Everyone is welcome in New York except Tea Party members, 2nd Amendment supporters, and pro-lifers. So nothing Mr. Cuomo says surprises me. He’s a certified bully.

  13. In a word for the Anti 2A crowd, BULLIES! They can’t get gun control in the political arena so they resort to using intimidation tactics in an effort to try and make day to day operations of the firearms and accessory makers as difficult as possible for them. I will not knowingly or willingly do any business with any insurer or financial institution that will give in to the Bullies request, I will gladly take my business to those that will stand beside companies that stand and support my right to keep and bare arms if I so choose.

  14. It is very sad that the guns and ammunition made this country and provide the security to keep the world at bay. But made all these Governor’s,Senator’s,Congressional people all rich and now they turn on us We the People and the Constitution. I am a big supporter of Hornaday I am keeping the oldest tradition of reloading alive it built this Country. So as far and as long as I can find there ammo I will still teach the 7 grandchildren I have to buy and shoot Hornaday ammo. Now lets vote these people out of office. John

  15. If all gun and ammo companies stopped doing business with NYC and anyone acting as their agents their 30, 000 cops would be out of ammo soon. So boycott NYC.

  16. Cuomo is a louse, a stinking low life. As a gov. he told gun owners, and hunters to leave his state. So I did, now he owes me personally for my ÔÇ£lifetime sportsman licenseÔÇØ, since its become unusable. They wont reemberss any unusable portion. What do you expect from a jerk who taunts US citizens, with an admission that he is undocumented, an illegal alien, and a TOTAL disregard for the US Constitution, like Jerry Brown.
    He s#*ked and was useless as the NYSAG. His SAFE, passed at 2:30am without legislation. This guy is lower than the cockaroaches he represents. Look at an election map, he only won in college towns, and he caters to the city. Where he bussed up busloads of undocumenteds to vote for him in the city, at taxpayers expense.

  17. Wouldn’t it be interesting if gun repair shops and manufactures refused to fix and repair New York weapons

  18. Every single gun and ammo manufacturer and supplier should cut ties with the state of New York, especially sales to their law enforcement. Leave them high and dry. Then see what their stance is after a few months.

  19. Let’s not forget commissar andy actually thinks ny’s SAFE act really refuces crime. Kudos to hornady. any financial institutions–or any other firearms related business–with a pair big enough to stop doing business with ny state? Anyone know why one institution paid $7 million in penalties because they were offering insurance in case of a ccw defensive shooting? Cuomo’s one reason my wife & I decided enough was enough and moved to florida last fall. If andy can run for governor again remember this the next election cycle–idiots shouldn’t be in charge!

    1. They know damned well it won’t reduce crime. What they do know is, their lies keeps the gullible population afraid. That interprets into control by our new Mafia. AKA Democrats.


  21. I guess the rarefied air breathed by mayors of New York City has some weird effect on their thinking processes. Cuomo isn’t the first ex-mayor to display mental aberrations, delusions of grandeur, and other megalomania symptoms.

  22. “previous” governor? no news I saw or heard today said he was gone … hoping somebody here can share a link to a definitive story or photos showing he is out of office? or, preferably, deceased ?!

  23. They should be ashamed. But we are talking about a politician, the infamous Andrew Cuomo. Shame implies that one has morality in the first place. This man couldn’t care less if banks and insurance companies do business with 2A companies. If there were a way to take something off the top he would broker the deals himself. Gov. Cuomo is simply pandering to his constituency for votes to lock in the next election so he can remain in office. Does anyone actually believe otherwise?

    1. the infamous Andrew Cuomo is nothing more than a two-bit school yard bully.

  24. ALL of the ammunition manufacturers should STOP selling ammunition to New York state government agency’s.

    1. That’s it Stephen!!! They took a shot at one, they ALL should respond with an immediate refusal to do business with NewYorks state agencies. I think the “empire” state is caught up in their nickname. NY and Cali. what a waste of perfectly good land.

  25. I’ll find another bank, if Chase pulls a stunt like that. I wonder which banks aren’t turning belly up to that threat

  26. What a complete load of liberal crap. Hornady’s answer was bordering on perfection. I was born in New York, but personally could care less about the state. Its just another attempt of a has been seeking press and trying to be relevant. I really think its about time for a PRO-GUN rally. I mean really. Lets put half a million or better proud American gun owners on the streets of Washington. It would dwarf any other rally in history.
    Lets not forget that the right to protect oneself and our families and property, is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT. The second amendment only guarantees it.
    I myself would have no problem marching to protect that right. I fought for the flag before, I’d gladly do it again.
    I’m just so very tired of the whining little liberals, thinking that have a snowflakes chance in hell of causing any damage to our rights or the gun and ammo industry. David beat goliath with a lucky shot. I dont see them being that lucky my friends. What say you all???

    As always
    Carry on

  27. With soapbox and ballot box cearly not working, I’m surprised media isn’t seeing bullet box actions against these fascists yet.

  28. Cuomo is one has been hack trying to get back into the limelight with outrageous and socialistic comments.

    I say intelligent folks and companies will ignore this raving lunatic.

  29. Reminds me of ‘operation choke point’ that was enacted by the Obama DOJ and stopped last year. The basic problem is that the premise for trying to force this upon manufacturers is flawed. The incidence of violent crime has been on the decrease for decades even though gun ownership has increased. No correlation of gun control vs. violent crime has ever been established in any study. The only thing that has increased is the media coverage using fear and ignorance to drive their agenda.

  30. Just another bullsht fascist overstep by the “Progressive” Left… and as usual it skirts the Constitution just close enough to make their intent clear but not so close as to actually infringe on those rights afforded under 2A.. There is nothing unlawful about what Cuomo is doing but if those Institutions affected cannot allow this bullying to inhibit their lawful business practices.. New York and California may well be too far gone to ever recover but we can make a difference by contacting and even avoiding doing business with any company that bows to these Hitlerian tactics or does business with the State of New York.. There are way more of us than there are of them…

    1. Absolutely Mr. Steven King. A dose of their own medicine may sour the flavor to them a bit.

  31. Millions of gun owners and shooters… maybe time for a National Pro-gun Credit Union/Bank..

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