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Meprolight FT Bullseye — A New Concept in Aiming

Meprolight FT Bullseye sight

Forget about you front sight? With the Meprolight FT Bullseye, your pistol will not even have a front sight. The concept is innovative, the proof will have to be at the range and the groups you’ll produce. The Shooter’s Log will have a full review soon. Until then, here is the full release. Meprolight FT Bullseye sight Meprolight introduces the FT Bullseye, an innovative, low profile micro red dot style optic for pistols. Combining fiber optics and tritium provided the engineers the lighting illumination needed to design a micro sight that works under all lighting conditions. The FT Bullseye is a low profile, single rear sight, which helps shooters to get on target faster. With this inventive design, there’s no need for the front sight; it’s all in the red-dot. When the dot is centered in the circle, you’re on target.

The low-profile design sets it apart from other micro sights and allows the shooter to pull the gun from the holster without having to worry about snagging a shirt or jacket on the sight. Whether you find yourself in a defensive situation or in competition, the goal is to place rounds on target quickly and accurately. When milliseconds count, give yourself the advantage.

The FT Bullseye is available in red or green dot/circle for all Glock models, MSRP $199. Meprolight guarantees the tritium to last up to 12 years, which makes it the perfect sight for law enforcement, self-defense and competitive shooters.

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  1. Below is the link to the latest video featuring the FT Bullseye. It shows the sight picture from the shooters perspective and head shots at 50ft. Hopefully Dave has received his FT Bullseye and will have time to run several mags using it.

  2. These sights sound good but are pretty expensive and not many out there have tried the sight for review. If I where to purchase this sight and ended up not liking it, would I be able to return it for my money back?

    1. Unlikely. Once installed in the dovetail of the gun, I do not believe they could be returned. ~Dave Dolbee

    2. Dave should have his sights any day now. More videos and reviews are coming down the pike. When you compare the price against other pistol optics which can run $300 and up, then the price may be worth it. Looking forward to Dave’s review.

  3. Are you kidding me! “wanna be bad*ss”He’s a retired Master Chief, Navy SEAL.. This man has his S&*T in one seabag! My guess is he put every round in a CE range of 2 inches.

    Oh, CE for you “wanna be bad*ss is combat effective.


  4. Steve-0 and others are partially correct. TAS created/patented the original design. Meprolight was intrigued by it and the potential it held so they purchased it from TAS and then expanded upon the concept. They shortened it, added an optical lens, added tritium and enhanced the dot/circle reticle. TAS collaborated with them in the changes and are working with them on some new projects. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

    I’ve run a few mags using it. I like it. I adjusted to the dot/circle reticle quickly. Placing the dot inside the circle is intuitive and it also indicates you are on target. As with any change to your primary gun, you need to train and practice with it which you should be doing anyhow.

    You can’t compare the TAS price to the FT Bullseye price. Two entirely different products based on the same concept. The combination of fiber-optics and tritium improves shooting capabilities under all conditions. Other red-dot pistol optics sit high on the slide. The low-profile design will not snag or hang-up on you clothes. So $199 as opposed to $300 or more for other pistol optics…not a bad deal.

    Disclaimer: I work for The Mako Group’s ad agency which is also the reason I received one of the early ones to use.

    1. Sounds like some good improvements. Especially the longer sight radius, and Tritium.
      If you need a reviewer to review the new improved Meprolight FT Bullseye compared to the older TAS version, twist my arm and send me one, and I’d be happy to review it. HA-HA

  5. I have one on my XD Springfield 45. I love it. Had about year now. There made in Isreal. That was on the box it came in. They do thing right.

  6. Call me old fashioned…..or just call me old (75)…..but I will always want a set of metallic sights on any and all of my firearms. I have embraced the technological advances of all sorts of glass sights, be they variable or fixed power scopes, reflex sights, or red/green/amber dot sights. I seriously enjoy them on my firearms, but that said, for me there is just something incomplete about a rifle or handgun that doesn’t have a front and rear sight available for use should the advanced technology fail for whatever the reason might be. Actually for me the mere appearance of a firearm without metallic sights, front and rear, leaves something out. It looks incomplete. Maybe because I am old…..and/or old fashioned.

    1. Wow! 75 and you don’t need any sort of vision help? Darn, I’m 64 and need a lot!! And, if this helps in that way, I’m all for it!

  7. Looks like a good idea but not everybody owns a Glock! Make it for other guns & you’ll have a bigger consumer market.

    1. Meprolight released FT Bullseye for Springfield XD and XDM. Versions for Sig, H&k, S&W and Ruger are in the works. These sights are not to be confused with the TAS Sight Steve is referencing. Meprolight purchased the design from TAS and improved on it. They added an optical lens, tritium, enhanced dot/circle reticle and they shortened the length. MSRP starts at $199 and goes slightly up for other brands. Watch for specials and you can grab one for less. Normal pistol optical sights start around $300 and go up. Plus they ride high on the slide and can snag clothing. The FT Bullseye is low pro-file and does not.

    2. Glock and Spingfield XD and XDM are here. Models for Sig, S&W M&P, H&K, Remington R-1 are coming soon. Model for Ruger is on the drawing boards. More will follow.

    1. It is new to the market. Cheaper Than Dirt! will have them soon. I have one on the way for review, and will have a full story in the coming weeks. ~Dave Dolbee

  8. I really wish someone would show how this thing actually works with lining up. The video of him blasting away shows absolutely nothing

    1. I agree with Brian.
      Just watching some wanna be bad*ss rapidly fire off a magazine doesn’t impress me. Anyone can do that, but are they HITTING THE TARGET?
      I’ll wait for Dave to do his full review, then I’ll decide if I’m going to get interested in these, or not.

    2. I hear that it has been shipped, and I am certainly not a bad*ss, so we will see how it does. Thanks for reading. ~Dave Dolbee

    3. The gentleman in the video was hitting the target. We have new video coming out which includes head shots at 50 ft. He has the creds. Dave should be receiving his sights any day. Looking forward to his feedback.

    4. sootch00 has a video of the original TAS sight on youtube. Remember Meprolight has made changes from the original design to arrive at the FT Bullseye. The concept is the same, however and sootch explains that thoroughly.

    5. Sootch00 has a good video on the original T.A.S. sight. Meprolight saw the potential with the sight and purchased the design. They then went to work with their improvements. They shortened it, added an optical lens, added tritium, and enhanced the dot/circle reticle. The engineers from T.A.S worked with Meprolight on the FT Bullseye and are collaborating on other projects too.

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