House to Vote this Week on Anti-Terrorism Package with Gun Buy Provision

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“To prevent terrorists from launching attacks and obtaining passports, and for other purposes.” That certainly sounds ominous, and to those who are already suspicious of the government’s motives, it may sound worse. However, you can’t make an informed decision unless you are actually informed. National Shooting Sports Foundation Logo The U.S. House of Representatives will vote this week on an anti-terrorism legislative package (Section 5 on page 20) that will include a measure to help prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns and also include due process protections. The House will also vote on a mental health bill sponsored by Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Penn.). Legislation that seeks to prevent terrorists from obtaining firearms must strike a proper balance between the interests of public safety, protecting the integrity of terrorism investigations and the fundamental, constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) supports bipartisan legislation that will both protect America from radical Islamic terrorism and respect the Second and Fifth Amendments.

After reading what the bill is proposing, how do you feel about the proposed legislation? Share your position in the comment section.


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  1. Yes Stan you are correct and I agree with all you have said except for one thing. This administration has no intention of fixing anything and the fact that are borders were opened to refugees was and is intentional. The goal and end result of this administration and the liberal agenda is too bring about a entirely different government and in order to so they must disarm America.

  2. This legislation cannot be passed. It allows denial of a constitutional right on SUSPICION if it is applied to US Citizens. The great difficulties with terrorism we are experiencing now were brought to us by our government because they did not secure our borders and they allowed all these “refugees” to come here in the first place. Now, they want to “fix” what they created by impinging on our rights. The proposed legislation states they could deny a firearms transfer for 3 days. Why could they not increase it to 3 months? Many other programs they started were for some small amount of time or money but have since been expanded to 15 times the original grant of power. Social Security comes to mind. Printing just a little money comes to mind. Also, as I have previously stated, denial of a constitutional right by placing someones name on a list is a Bill of Attainder, prohibited by the Federal Constitution and all 50 state constitutions.

  3. I have what I think is a good idea or at the least something to think about. Lets divide the United States into half. The north and the south. (No pun intended). All those who believe in gun control, not owning a firearm, live in denial and believe in Na, Na land can live in the north. All those who believe we have Rights and Freedoms as penned by our Founding Fathers and guaranteed us under our Constitution of the United States of America can live in the south. (I chose the South because I happen to like it more and am a warm weather person) We will then find where the the crime and murder rate are highest. Who has more consideration and respect for their fellow man and a overall sense of who? needs who? more. Its kinda like Burger King. The liberals can have it their way and we on the correct and sane side can have it our way. Yeah I know what you’re thinking; but it is fun to think about.

    1. “An Armed Society Is A Polite Society.” (from The Weapon Shops of Isher”) Too, “The Rights To By Weapons, Is The Right To Be Free.” (same book)

  4. Well said. I would like to add a little food for thought. When we as a populace or as individuals ask ourselves; how have things arrived at such a defining moment in our history? I think we should look too the leadership of the United States which has brought us to where we are. The leadership of and in our country has been focused on bringing the United States too a level equal to that of a third world country. The similarities between the Washington leadership and their agendas up to this present day in our history are not only astounding but have also brought us to a critical and defining moment. Our freedoms and Rights are blatantly under attack and we as a nation must band together and stop this Tyrannical leadership from destroying our way of life. To the American people. God Bless and God Bless America.

  5. Seems that the POTUS, whose specialty was Constitutional Law, doesn’t recognize this and feels the necessity to dismantle these freedoms

  6. Page 20 SEC5. lines 5,6,7,and 8.
    Line 8 reads : Known or Suspected Terrorists but should read KNOWN OR SUSPECTED ISLAMIST TERRORISTS.
    My reason being the present administration has already called Christians and Tea Party types terrorists

  7. There is an easy answer ( several actually ) but as long as they don’t fit the Liberal agenda to disarm LAW ABIDING citizens, they won’t be considered by our present administration.
    1). If you are not a citizen from the US, you are NOT eligible to purchase a firearm in the US.( Unless there are laws i am not aware of )
    2). Those that are on a “No Fly” or “terrorist watch list” should not be allowed to purchase a firearm INSTANTLY. That I sort of agree with. If a person attempts to legally purchase a firearm and has a background check done, this will be the first notification that something is wrong. Then there should be a number issued, which refers said person to visit a LOCAL office of some type. At this point, they must be presented with any and all EVIDENCE as to why you are being declined to obtain the firearm. This determination should be required within 24 hours. Just “suspicion ” should not be just cause to deny. If you are then CHARGED at this initial denial, then there should then be a court date to TRY you. This is “Due Process” (in my mind). If they just suspect and that is the “conviction ” process, then we should IMPRISON HILLARY NOW, as I suspected that she is a hardened criminal!
    I think that 45% of the electorate don’t understand our rules, and laws for obtaining firearms here in the states, as I believe those Liberals push the notion that folks from other countries can enter our country, walk into a gun dealer, and purchase anything they desire. That is only possible with Obama, and Eric Holder in charge.

    1. Well said. Due process is unfortunately a thing of the past. This day and age our government had the ability to assassinate an American citizen. No charge, trial, or jury. Talk about tyrrants.

  8. I just don’t understand. Apparently I’m mentally incapable. Our fore fathers, you know the patriots that fought and died for this countries freedom from Britain. Did so because of the oppression this country was put under from the King. Taxation without representation. So here we are two plus centuries later. Sitting under an oppressive government. That continually is passing laws that are affecting our Freedoms. Doing so behind closed doors and pushing so quickly that the public has no chance to understand what is being pushed. Even those who are supposed to represent the citizens of this country are being made to do so with little to no information. Alright. So here we are. Were are the Patriots. Were are the men and women that are going to stand up. Fight for what is right. Everyone is so busy prepping for the end. Thinking only of themselves. Divided we will Fall. Divided is where we are weak. George Washington was a Patriot. He was not hiding in a basement thinking only of himself. He knew what was on the line. Thank God He chose to stand and fight. Not hide and wait in a hole with limited supplies to due on his knees. The NRA can only do so much. And yes they have saved our added for awhile. But now it’s time. Time we gather together and let our voices be heard. Let this government know what and why we stand. Give them our requirements. Let them have the ball. Then when they fail us again?

  9. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin
    Said it better than I can.
    Those who are determined to harm you will find the means to further their goal.

  10. I do not support any legislation that interferes with the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. The U.S. Constitution is a living breathing document and must be treated as such.

  11. I am always suspicious whenever the government acts on anything. Potential terrorist should not be allowed access to firearms, but how do you determine who is a potential terrorist and someone that has been on a watch list just because someone else decided that he looked, acted or talked in a suspicious manner? And, a ‘mental health’ bill. The world is filled with eccentrics. What guidelines will be used to determine true mental illness from eccentricity. Will suffering from PTSD, preclude a disabled veteran from buying or owning firearms? Will,as was concluded by Obastard, that all veterans have the potential of becoming terrorist, thusly denying them access to firearms to be used for self-protection ? The way I see it and this is only my opinion, this is just another attempted gun-grab by elitist that think that the general population aren’t smart enough to own a weapon.

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