Family and Friends — Happy Independence Day!

Colonial meeting

July 4th is a day that brings family and friends together. We stand around our barbecue grills and backyard pools relaxing and enjoying the holiday—a few of the lucky will even get to the range for a little pew-pew time.

Independence Day is also a day that culminates by bringing family, neighbors, and complete strangers together to revel at the aerial reenactment of bombs bursting in air, and the sound of muskets in the distance. The Shooter’s Log hopes you will enjoy the day and the food and festivities, while ensuring you, and those around you, never forget that the fireworks we ooh and ah over represent bombs bursting in air, and the sound of patriots fighting for our freedom some 240 years ago.

Colonial meeting As you reflect back on the legacy those great men and women left us, reflect on the fact that the tools of your patriotism are not those of the past, your fight to protect our independence is as real today as it was then—even if the battlefield has changed from forest fields and grassy hillsides to the legislative floor. The Second Amendment—as we know it—is under siege. Enjoy some burnt meat from the grill, a cold drink, and spectacular fireworks displays today. Celebrate America’s Independence with the pride she deserves on her birthday and tomorrow, do something to defend the Second Amendment.

Happy Birthday America! May your folds ever wave on the breath of the patriots who stand ready to defend you…

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