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Latest House Bill Would Ban High-Capacity Magazines

Stacked 30-round ar-15 mags with ammo

WASHINGTON — In the latest measure by Democratic lawmakers to increase gun control across the country, a bill was introduced on Wednesday that would ban the sale, manufacturing, transfer, possession and import of magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

The bill comes just a week after Biden announced several executive actions, calling on Congress to ban high-capacity magazines, “ghost guns” and “assault weapons.”

High-capacity magazines were banned for 10 years after the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, which failed to be renewed in 2004 and expired.

According to the NRA, President Joe Biden has “made clear his sights are set on restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners while ignoring criminals and foregoing substantive measures that will actually keep Americans safe.”

What are your thoughts on these measures targeting high-capacity magazines? Let us know in the comments section below (and please keep comments polite).

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  1. Imagine criminals dictating what we can use against them to save your loved ones, yourself, your neighbor, etc. I. Imagine them crowning themselves as all knowing experts about what every category each gun in the U.S. belonged to ergo AR15’s being assault rifles even though no military in the world equips their troops with an and they were as ignorant as our POTUS and fake friends and didn’t even know an AR is by no means the first choice anyways as there are tons of guns that would be first choice over then in a life/death situation and the non demonized guns like Ruger Mini 14’s use the sams round and you can buy alternative parts forever as well including 100 round drums. Let’s not forget the AK’s brother from another mother, the Ruger Mini 30 that’ll put just as many 7.62x39s out as the AK. I can go on and on and so can you.
    What a crazy thought about criminals dictating everything regarding every gun and taking it all away from law abiding citizens. The result would be catastrophic. We would all eventually be robbed, shot, accosted. We would not ever feel or be safe again. Imagine if we were made by criminals to surrender every gun in their list to THEM.
    What is the difference between having them taken and banned by our government, (who sadly most likely have much less knowledge about which is the business end of any gun than the average criminal’s knowledge).What is the difference? Same end result. Except if criminals dictated and took our weapons then a giant looming black market of guns might not happen. There will be a billion dollar black market that organized crime will jump on if the gov succeeds in taking everything away. Hell, why not throw a few hundred thousand AK’s and anything else on the giant freightliners that already bring metric tons of cocaine and other drugs? Remember when hardly anyone had AK47’s because honestly a gun packed in cosmoline in a crate for 30+years from China stamped Norinco was about $175 back a couple decades and there was a reason why they were so cheap. Wanna pay $800-$1000 for the same thing now? The second our government even mentioned them as a gun that they dont want us to have and you get instant popularity and price increases of 500% give or take. We never had a problem with crimes involving a gun being an AK or any foreign 30 cal size semi auto but Clinton sure did make for a new market and outrageous prices when he banned all imported “Assault” rifles and made it illegal to own one that was a MM shorter than the stock version. Why? Look what it’s done. Take FBI statistics and see how many rounds on average are fired in a crime where a gun is involved and see how many of that small number involved “Assault” weapons (as defined by the experts at the White House etc.
    One LARGE reason our forefathers made these rights for was to OVERTHROW a tyrranical government. So I ask again.. What’s the difference between if criminals dictated what law abiding citizens could have or our Government doing it? They cannot protect us. They can’t control drugs, they will never disarm criminals because they would have done that already by sending the law??? to one of their favorite places they use to lend weight to their cause… Southern Chicago is one of them. Have they done a social search to skip trace the whereabouts of any person that is a criminal amd likely armed? Why haven’t they arrested the thousands and thousands of criminals with active warrants there if they keep using it as a reason why we the people shouldnt have the very thing that a good majority of those with warrants and addresses to start with DO HAVE? AGAIN as in my last blabbering post, There is NO argument, no rebuttles, no lowering ourselves to their levels. We have the power! And we have the constitution. We need to vote them out. We need to enforce all the laws and civil rights they are threatdning to take from all of us.

  2. Comment Section? They’re winning already just by getting us to comment, list reasons against the threat, justify etc etc… NO PEOPLE! “Shall NOT be infringed, PERIOD.

    I understand that they believe they can break the laws written for” We the People”. That’s it…. No justifying on our end. Just ACTION if they manage to do so on any level. Action meaning enforcing the law. Should be easy to enforce the law they plan on breaking since it’s not stealing Brach’s candy from the grocer. It’s breaking the CONSTITUTION that protects us all. Cannot enforce any made up rule that breaks our most important ideals and what the flag stands for. Who?? Biden? Some democrats of today? Would you actually listen to any garble from the mouths of men who think they will PUNISH you if you don’t obey their 2021 laws that infringe on our constitution? No talks no anything. Let them sit in their own lies and any moron that thinks they can now change what is more written in stone than about any other document in history lol. Do NOT lower yourself to arguments or justifications less you want to give them power and lower yourself to their Patriot IQ’s. (lol yeah, IQ’s that match those of our forefathers? Ignore and uphold the people’s unalienable rights.

  3. I was 18 years old when I joined the USMC, and the federal government trusted me to learn how to shoot an M16. They sent me half way around the world to shoot the yellow man – never understood why, but I followed my orders. The government trusted me then, and damn it, they should trust me now! I am not giving up my firearms or my hi cap mags, and when they outlaw my guns, I’ll become an outlaw.

  4. Over ten rounds is high capacity? How far over? In which typeof gun? Not in my opinion, not in a semi-auto pistol. I have the standard capacity mag(s) that came w/my Ruger Amer. 9 mm. One is a 17 rnd. cap; I forget if there was a 2nd mag. I just bought a couple new 17 rounders; I don’t like reloading short mags.
    And is a VIOLENT criminal going to wait while you reload a 2nd short ten rounder? Better hope you have cover while you do so. And this isn’t Hollywood in which you can get a gun, like a six-shooter to magically fire 7,8, 9 or so rounds.
    SHOULD BIDEN succeed, someone could possibly make “Bootleg” high cap mags in the future, and sneak them in like anything else that is smuggled in. Just like the guns themselves the mags would appear. And if Biden succeeds with his high cap vendetta, won’t people tape certain 10 rnd mags together, like the 20/30 rounders?
    Last thought: Crazy people make guns dangerous. But I still oppose bump stock devices; I support UNIVERSAL Background checks. NO FRIGGIN LOOPHOLES. I had to pass an inquiry/check at a gun show here in San Antonio, TX around 2-3 years ago,& therefore so must everyone else. I walked out proudly carrying my new 9mm & the ammo. Carried it home on the bus; wasn’t concealed carry, so I guess it was ok?
    I oppose outrageous licensing fees & this crazy insurance that could be imposed on legit, honest, STABLE owners by the Feds. And don’t get me started about making this crap retroactive.
    I’m on the fence about assault rifles; I think the police need them to blast LEGITIMATE bad guys (NOT simply because he’s black). Once again, bad guys make guns dangerous.
    We have to start somewhere.

  5. I think it is unethical, unconstitutional and utterly ridiculous to hold responsible law abiding gun owners accountable for the crimes that non law abiding criminals commit with firearms! Make no mistake….it is time for us all to finally take a stand, everybody needs to get to the voting booth and vote accordingly! It’s literally “we the people” that are letting the liberals do these things! We voted them in so we can vote them out. Wake up my friends!

  6. I can just see it now……Wait Mr.criminal. I only have a small capacity magazine and I need you to wait until I reload my magazine. While I’m reloading, take my cell phone and please call a funeral home to pick up my dead remains. When are these people making these laws that are protected by 24/7 armed security, which are using high capacity magazines, going to wake up and stop punishing the law abiding citizens who are trying to protect themselves from the criminals who don’t care about magazine capacity or any other law. Punish the criminal, not the gun, or in this case the magazine. I’m still wondering what part of “shall not be infringed” don’t they understand.

  7. I fought in vietnam, served 8 years in the marine corps, 20 years in law enforcement. I started hunting at 9 years old. I will NOT comply with any regulation on turning my guns, selling back to the Gov., What we need is COMMON sense approach to mental health, and the family setting. When I grew up there was a penalty from my parents when I made a bad decision or messed up. Today there is kids are pretty much on there on with little parental guide structure. We need to get back to basics! Guns are not the problem, Get to the root!!

  8. As stated in an earlier post it is past time to attack all firearms infringement laws unconstitutional. The president stated no Constitutionally protected Right is absolute, but in the legal world the phrase Shall Not be Infringed is absolute. “Shall” is mandatory with out exception. Consign all the firearms infringements to the dustbin of History!

  9. We all know that the criminals are waiting in line to turn their weapons in, don’t we?
    That aside, what the democrats and liberals want to do is disarm the average law abiding citizen.
    That would create a vast reservoir of unarmed victims for the criminals to prey on.
    That is all it would do! That is what the democrats want!
    Seems that all authoritarian governments started with this premise!

  10. Does that mean, Secret Service will not be allowed to have them, Congress, movie stars, football players and all the others with their Security personnel will not be able to have them. I do not think so, therefore, the every day person protecting their family and homes should not be banned either.

  11. Besides the NRA, consider Gun Owners of America(GOA) and the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC). I donate to all three.

  12. It’s all about control of the peasants!
    “This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” – Plato (circa 400 B.C.)
    “When all government, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the Center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.” – Thomas Jefferson
    “The constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”-Patrick Henry
    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.Thomas Jefferson

  13. Have we had to many mass shootings in our country? Yes we have! In most of the cases the shooters obtained their weapons legally. THAT means our laws to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals are failing us. So, we regulate the guns or in this case high capacity magazines. Having guns that only hold 10 rounds means 10 people will die senselessly in the next mass shooting because we’ve still not addressed the issues of the people that commit the crimes. As a law abiding citizen and former law enforcement officer, I will gladly endure more stricter requirements to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Just like ensuring TSA procedures to keep terrorists off of air planes. Go after law breakers not law abiding!

  14. These politicians work for us. They are employed by us and serve at our leisure. Elections determine their longevity and effectiveness. People continue to vote in to office the Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez types who want only fame, fortune. power, control and divisiveness in order to continue chaos and defeat unity between political parties and the races. Vote these people out of positions in our Government and ensure zither Biden and Harris administration have only one term. If you already own a large capacity magazine, you paid for it, paid taxes for it and should keep it as personal property purchased lawfully. Anything else is unacceptable. VOTE the left out of offuce!!!

  15. I am absolutely convinced that these measures have nothing to do with public safety, and everything to do with castrating the American peoples ability to stand down subjugation. In spite of all the tough talk, one man with a gun is a dead man. Ten Men with guns, are dead as well but it will take longer. A thousand men with guns is a force to be reckoned with. A million men with guns is a potent fighting force. There are tens of millions of gun owners in the United States, and that is what the democrats really fear, not crime, but the ability of the people to fight back. The constitution says that I have a right to keep and bear arms, so I do, but when any political group try’s to take that right, watch out, their real agenda is not in the American peoples best interests.

  16. Ever tried to change magazines while sitting in a wheelchair? I sit in a wheelchair, I can’t afford to count my rounds, I need to fire three and four round engagements because it’s significantly more difficult to aim for a one shot kill from a wheelchair to defend myself or my family. It’s significantly more difficult and time consuming to change magazines sitting in a wheelchair. The gun grabbers argue that the time it takes a bad guy to change a magazine allows time for hostages to escape … ya’ll surrr…. one or two seconds? three? well it takes me much more to change mine, from a wheelchair, and the time it takes for me to change a magazine gives the bad guy well enough time to kill me. 10 round mags don’t cut it. I bought semi-automatic rifles for their ability to hold 30 round magazines and allow ease of use, from a wheelchair, to defend myself and my family.

  17. The left can never pass enough laws to stop killers or killings. A gun can lay on the table forever and never kill anybody, but let a criminal or crazy person purchase or steal one then there is a problem. Stopping honest, law abiding citizens from having any kind of gun of choice is against our constitution which should be defended at all cost. Don’t let them destroy our country by destroying our constitution law by law or by executive order. Criminals will never obey any of the gun grabbers laws, we all know that for sure. Start by taking theirs and see how that goes. That’s all I got to say about that!

  18. Targeting magazine capacity is just the first effort by this Marxist administration to attack our 2nd amendment under the false messaging of protecting us all. This effort will do nothing to reduce crime because criminals do not follow the law. The Biden administration needs to focus on criminals and not “law abiding citizens”. “Enough”! 🇺🇸

  19. I don’t favor the really high capacity mags, I much prefer standard capacity, such as the 20 rd. box mags for auto loading rifles. The banana mags and drum mags I can do without, but to each their own. The same with handguns, what the weapon can self contain without excessive extensions. The problem however, is that the gun hating politicians will write whatever definitions they wish. High capacity and terms like assault rifle could end up being defined as anything they wish.

  20. Just to clarify… if you read the bill it states: “The bill permits continued possession of, but prohibits sale or transfer of, a grandfathered LCAFD”
    (high cap mag). So they won’t be trying to take ours they just are trying to make it so you can’t get any more, not that that is okay either.

  21. I have discovered writing members of Congress and Senators does absolutely nothing to oppose the
    tyrannical tactics of the Harris administration. All I ever get is a generic ‘thank you’ for contacting their office. It’s a complete waste of time and effort. I don’t know exactly what needs to be done
    to take back the government that was intended to be “of the people, by the people, for the people”
    but, I do know that time has come. Electing so-called pro 2A conservatives has done nothing to repel the advances made by radical progressive liberal Marxists Democrats AND Republicans in Washington and in state governments as well. Many of the Republicans are as much to blame as most of the Democrats are. What ideas do you have?

  22. Hello All,
    I know this is stating the obvious but the actions do not need to be followed and can not be made law as they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
    I would love to sit down with Mr. Biden and all his gun grabbers with a fully loaded AR15 with the safety off. It would be pointed at one of them all day, and at the end of the day they would all go home safe. Maybe then they could be made to understand that the rifle, the magazine, and the ammo are not nor have they ever been the problem.
    The problem has always been the individual behind the weapon. Like a computer, that firearm will not do anything it isn’t asked(made) to do.
    In my opinion, the goverment is trying to make everyone pay rather than holding the indiviual accountable for their actions. You want to cut down on crime, go back to making them pay a price that no one wants to pay. I say we bring back capital punishment rather than put these people in jail for life and expect the taxpayers to flip the bill.

  23. I don’t think so Eugene. I think the law abiding people who own guns aren’t gonna comply with this last piece of S@@t legislation. I’ve been stocking up on all the things I thought Biden and his cronies would be coming after, since the Obamanista Regime was in charge . I could supply a small army. There is no way I’ll ever register them, turn them in etc etc. May God have mercy on the soul of anyone who ever thinks they are going to take them. To be perfectly clear I wear a Badge and tote a gun for a living . So if I’m not gonna enforce this or obey it, I’m not sure what the we hate gun crowd is gonna do. They have the same non-compliance problem in New Zealand presently.

  24. Not 1 single criminal will turn in their high capacity magazine (s). The law abiding citizen will then become the criminal in the crosseyed eyes of the law. No comment on whether or not we need the mags, but the point is it changes nothing. It helps nothing. It will only make criminals out of law abiding citizens with the stroke of a pen

  25. I don’t have any “high capacity” magazines. I have standard capacity magazines that came with my firearms that hold more than 10 rounds. Only an anti-gun, anti-self-defense, unilateral victim disarmament moron would think that legislating bits of metal will stop criminals.

  26. It is time for all gun owners to join a second amendment group of some sort. My personal choice is the National Rifle Association because they are effective in protecting our Second Amendment. Liberals hate the NRA and it’s the only group that they demonize by name. I know that many people criticize the NRA and do not like some of the leadership. Now is not the time to fight among ourselves. JOIN OR RENEW NOW.

  27. Soon only the criminals will have weapons with large mags. Good luck to the liberal Democrats that think they will ever regulate this group. Defend our second amendment rights

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