Video: My Gun Was Just Stolen: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

removing a handgun from a bedside safe.

Your gun was just stolen. What are your next moves? Believe it or not, most people aren’t taking the right steps in this situation. U.S. Law Shield Attorney Richard Hayes guides you through the 3 mistakes you need to avoid if your gun is ever stolen.

We all understand that at times bad things have happened related to guns. Many of these could have been avoided with proper planning and firearm handling. The following video is not a lesson about proper gun handling or storage. Whether circumstance or a mistake, it was in the past. This video is about taking the necessary steps to minimize the effects of one of the aforementioned mistakes to minimize compounding the situation and making things worse.

While I am sure many of you, like me, might question why the gun in the video looked to be regularly left in the car and not secured in a locked safe. Personally, for times when I have to leave my firearm behind, such as entering certain government buildings, schools, court houses etc., I currently rely on one of Hornady’s Rapid Vehicle Safes. It is the best solution I have found for the circumstance. However, there are alternatives.

How do you secure a gun in your vehicle? Do you have a particular safe or method of securing your firearm in your vehicle? Share your answer in the comment section.

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Comments (8)

  1. I bought a console safe. Had to remove the old insides of the console, installed the safe which screws down with the original, console screws. Can’t be detected without opening the console. Cost around $180.

  2. I secure my firearm in a Console Vault. One of the best investments that I made. Also piece of mind.

  3. I have a list of all my firearms that I keep in a secure location, so I’m good.
    I also store them in a secure location, that being in a safe and a gun vault. Most of the places I travel to in town do not allow firearms. So, I leave them in the locked car in center console. I want them accessible, so, no. They aren’t tied up with a lock and lanyard. But they are NOT left visible. At home, they come inside with me. Yes, I have a CCWP that is current.
    Perhaps these aren’t the best ways, especially in the car, but would be interested how better to carry them while driving.

  4. I currently use a NanoVault 300 by Gun Vault, if I need to leave my gun in the vehicle. Cabled to the rear seat inside pillion it sits snugly out of sight under the rear seat, but on top of the drive train hump. I do not leave a gun in a vehicle overnight, or for extended periods of time. One advantage to being retired, is I’m seldom away from my vehicle more than an hour.

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