Gun Control: Will Triggers Soon Make the Gun Illegal?

demonstrating the proper trigger press of a pistol

While it is still pending a committee referral, Hawaii Senator Karl Rhoads’ (D) SB 2046 would make it a crime to own, manufacture, possess, sell, barter, trade, gift, transfer, or acquire a firearm accessory that can be used to increase the gun’s rate of fire. Such accessories include competition triggers, muzzle brakes, and ergonomic changes, all of which are modifications that law-abiding gun owners commonly make to their firearms.

replacing the trigger assembly on an AR-15 rifle
If Senator Rhodes has his way, simple modifications such a replacing a trigger could make the gun illegal.

This is not an issue with the legislative process. Opposing views should be discussed and legislation should be introduced. At times, anti Second Amendment legislation such as this is good to keep people focused, involved, and united in our opposition. The issue worth discussion is the lack of truth or reason behind the proposed legislation. Senator Rhoads did not include any studies or research to indicate a ban on the aforementioned firearm modifications would decrease gun-related crime. Shouldn’t there be a desired effect other than simply being anti-gun and therefore trying to capitalize by proposing legislation you know the majority of the citizens are opposed to? How does this differ from the so-called gun show loophole or the dollars squandered when the ATF was directed to try to buy firearm illegally online as was reported by The Shooter’s Log recently? Why hasn’t the opposition at least touted the honesty of gun owners who refused to make an illegal transaction. It turns out, law-abiding gun owners are just that—Law Abiding, but we do not hear that even from the pro-gun legislators!

Is Hawaii Anti Gun?

SB 2014 follows a pattern of Hawaii’s anti-gun sentiment as of late. Last November, Hawaii police were asking medical marijuana users to voluntarily surrender their firearms and ammunition, even if they have not violated any laws or committed any crimes.

Gun with a red circle bar over it

“This letter is to inform you that under the provisions of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), Section 134-7(a), you are disqualified from firearms ownership, possession, or control of firearms,” reads a letter that was sent out to local medical marijuana patients. “Your medical marijuana use disqualifies you from ownership of firearms and ammunition.

“If you currently own or have any firearms, you have 30 days upon receipt of this letter to voluntarily surrender your firearms, permit, and ammunition to the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) or otherwise transfer ownership. A medical doctor’s clearance letter is required for any further firearms applications or return of firearms from HPD evidence.”

Get Involved

We have President Trump in the White House, and that is a blessing for the Second Amendment and the future of our Constitutional rights, but that does not mean the fight is on hold or others at a state or local level are not doing everything they can to infringe on our Second Amendment rights. Talk to an anti-gun politician. Listen to their arguments. Decide whether they have a legitimate reason in your opinion, or they simply believe they know what’s better for you than you do.  Ask yourself, do they even understand the issues or are they blindly regurgitating talking points someone else fed them.

Next, get involved and stay in the fight for the Second Amendment. Educate yourself and be politically active. Otherwise, your state may be next on the list to adopt a state regulation that requires registration of all firearms.

How have you supported the Second Amendment lately? Was it through direct involvement in politics or supporting pro-gun groups such as the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, or others? Share your answers in the comment section.


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  1. As an engineer I’m trying to wrap my head around the absurdity of trying to ban “accessories” that can be found as stock items on certain firearms (where those “accessories” would be considered repair/replacement parts) — and the only explanation that seems to support the creation of such proposed legislation is that: there must be something in the water……

    Of course this also makes me wonder how long before someone tries to legislate “an allowable rate of fire” because some people have just gained the ability to shoot “too fast” (even though many don’t appreciate just how quickly even a break-action single-shot firearm can be run).

  2. So .. if I read this correctly, medical marijuana users will be banned from firearm ownership …. I suppose that illegal marijuana use is compatible with gun ownership in Island paradise. Logic only a Progressive could come up with. Gotta remember that a bunch of these politicians are hooked on alcohol and cocktail parties (for social consumption .. only, of course), nothing like a good drunk and a gun in hand.

  3. We in America have been allowing the your ok, im ok and its someone’s else fault liberal democratic agenda to go on for far to long. The liberal media backing the lies instead of the truth on the issues. they tout their first amendment rights they talk about
    how the constitution is about an individuals right. But somehow the second amendment is magically not an
    individual right. Here’s the problem for the Govt. I as a law enforcement officer hereby refuse to enforce any of these new and unlawful infringements upon the second amendment. Believe that many , many other law enforcement officials feel the same way.. We discuss these issues and the liberal media has been attacking us for sometime now too. The guard dog refuses to do his so called masters bidding anymore. Pass all the laws you wish, without someone willing to enforce it you can use the paper it’s written on to wipe your A**

  4. No comprehensive BS!!! No to any gun control!!!! The tyrants are working 24/7 against real Americans!!! Fight them and vote them out!! Put democrat traitors on point and petition to have them arrested under felony infringement!!! All politicians who infringe should be charged with an automatic felony and should be banned from political office for life!! Enough is enough!!!

  5. The NRA threw us all under the bus concerning the bump stock issue. The BATFE ruled bump stocks were legal, yet after the Las Vegas incident Chris Cox stated that the ATF should “review” the law. That was a large part of what started all this mess. There is nothing to review; a bump stock does not create an automatic weapon, and 99.9% of the anti gun crowd never even heard of bump firing until Las Vegas happened. My thumb and belt loop will be illegal? How stupid. And I guess Jerry Miculek will become illegal since he can fire a revolver faster than I can fire a bump stock!

  6. I too reside in the great state of Washington (place of birth and all) and I too have taken pen action. I sent an email last night to federal rep for eastern WA specifically regarding guns, 2nd Amendment and the proper use of a dictionary so all those in every level of government can then get the exact same results from their reading and interpreting the 2nd Amendment. Also asked her to send along to state level elected officials so all are on the same page. Here, in the last 10 years, we have had an enormous influx of Californians, Arizonians, Nevadians and the results are now becoming quite obvious – We are to become another California!! The only ways to stop this is to vote out the CA’s, vote in actual Washington folk and make sure they are ones that truly support each and every piece of the state and federal Constitution. Doing this at state level and federal level is the only real way to get gun grabbers out of elected positions that make our laws! Next is to find and stop all the monies from changing hands between gun grabber folks and groups and our elected. Stay active, stay alert and most of all BE AFRAID cuz they won’t stop.

  7. It won’t be long before these commie states will embrace a demonstration of how FAST you can fire a weapon, and if it’s TOO FAST, they will deny you a firearm OWNERS LICENSE.
    RIDICULOUS? Yes. Will it happen? In these commie states, eventually. I put nothing past them. My motto is Molon Labe.
    Are our rights worth dying for? DEFINITELY.

  8. Keep vigilant people Connecticut no longer allows you to purchase AR-15, any gun that has a handle in front of a magazine, any gun that will hold more than 10 rounds in a mag, or any gun barrel that is threaded. As a matter of fact Cheaper than Dirt web site will not even ship a gun to Connecticut. All this because of the Newtown school shooting, and a very liberal Governor and legislature.

    1. Dang! That’s worse than NY next door.

      come on down to Texas where we respect gun rights. If not, I guess you’ll shop in VT and NH. Good thing CT is relatively small. :-{

  9. ( this may be a double posting?) Push back people. Pay close attention. This year, Jan of 2018, The Washington State Legislature proposed 7 anti-firearm control laws to be adopted and ratified as Law. These illegal gun grabbing proposals include forcing gun owners to keep all Firearms under Lock and Key 24/7, to banning any and all Trigger modifications, including common Trigger enhancements for Target and Competition Shooters. There is a Large Magazine Capacity Ban proposal as well. All 7 of these are Unconstitutional proposals of the United States Constitution and The Washington State Constitution.. This is beyond outrageous. It is outright TREASON. Really, these “Gun Grabbers” need to be held accountable for repeated attempts to overthrow the 2nd Amendment. We now interpret their aggressive and egregious actions as TREASON.

    This is what we have allowed to happen, The slow drip drip drip, mission creep.They are chipping away at the 2nd a little bit at a time, each year, year after year. Now it is time for major “push back” and there is now a “line drawn in the sand” by them, the Gun Grabbers. This is their creation. They own it. Yes, it is their making.

    So what to do? Simple, Fight back with the pen. It makes a difference. When you send these politicians Cease and Desist letters, instructing them that their Actions may be deemed “Treasonous”, and if they continue, they will be arrested, detained, and charged with TREASON for attempting to overthrow the United States Constitution. It works. They back off. I have proof that they will back off. My elected Representative where I live responded to me in writing, and he clearly understood the consequences and stopped the push to pass the bills. He responded to my letter in less than 6 days. HUGE Victory.

    That is what must happen. Instruct them that they, themselves will be charged with TREASON. No threats. Make sure you tell them it is a PROMISE and they will back off. It worked for me, it will work for you. We, Patriots in Washington State with the help of the NRA-ILA, have shut the Washington State Gun Grabbers down for this year. But wait a minute. Rest assured, these Anti-2nd amendment fools will be back at it next year. They simply never quit, and nor should you or I, ever quite pushing back.

    Get involved,let these Law Makers know how you STAND. Time is short, now get busy with it. Do it today and watch the cowards run for cover. You have the power of the Pen. Use it or loose it.

  10. of course you can make a bump fire assist device out of a single rubber band (search AR15 rubber band assist) so all rubber bands will be illegal, but you can make a rubber band out of an inner tube, so all inner tubes will be illegal, but you can make a pretty good rubber band substitute out of a twisted piece of plastic, so all plastic becomes illegal, but you could use animal gut, so all animals become illegal where does it end. Also, you could just practice and use your finger to shoot as fast as a bump stock with no device at all, search bump stock vs. trigger finger, so I guess we have to outlaw all fingers, too.

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