The White House Set to Release new ‘Smart Gun’ Initiative

The White House has not released the report as of the writing of this post, but The Shooter’s Log want to put this on your radar (before it become news). Several states have laws already on the books simply waiting for the technology to be considered viable. Therefore, there is danger for some in the mere release of the federal report. Overnight, it could make millions of guns illegal.

National Shooting Sports Foundation Logo Here is the official release from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) regarding smart gun technology:

NSSF Statement on White House ‘Smart Gun’ Initiative

Based on news reports that a federal report on so-called “smart gun” technology would be issued as soon as today, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, as the trade association for the firearms industry, issues the following statement. While NSSF has yet to see the report, we would like to make our position clear on the issue: The National Shooting Sports Foundation does not oppose the development of so-called “smart gun” technology. The industry does, however, oppose ill-conceived government mandates to compel the use of this conceptual technology due to a number of concerns including reliability challenges, product liability concerns, battery life, and unintended safety consequences. We firmly believe the market and consumer demand should be allowed to function without interference from the government. We also oppose any effort to politicize the purchasing of law enforcement equipment.

“Smart Gun” Resources

Law enforcement officials in the U.S. have dangerous jobs and put their life on the line every day to keep us safe. The announcement by the White House is driven by the agenda of anti-gun interest groups, not by the demands of the officers whose lives depend on reliable firearms to do their jobs. Any step toward mandating that highly-trained federal law enforcement personnel carry firearms limited by the whim of unproven, unreliable technology makes their jobs more dangerous, and puts their lives and public safety at risk.

That’s why the Fraternal Order of Police also opposes mandates that police officers be required to use this unproven technology. Law enforcement has an understandable reluctance to adopt firearms that may prevent officers from being able to discharge a firearm under duress or adverse conditions. FOP Executive Director Jim Pasco told Politico that “Police officers in general, federal officers in particular, shouldn’t be asked to be the guinea pigs in evaluating a firearm that nobody’s even seen yet . . . we have some very, very serious questions.” The firearms industry is proud our law enforcement officials use our thoroughly tested, reliable products to do their jobs and protect public safety. If law enforcement officials desired “smart guns,” and they were reliable enough to be available on the market, they would already have them. The expected politically driven announcement from the White House cannot change the reality that neither requirement is met by the still evolving “smart gun” technology that exists today.

How do you view smart gun technology? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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  1. This whole thing about smart guns and finger print guns in my opinion is a distraction. There are so many guns out in the public now that they will last a hundred years. There is so much ammo out in everyone’s armories that we won’t run our unless there is a war. The real place to keep our eye is on the Supreme Court.. The liberals on the court can change any game rules they desire as shown with the gay marriage judgment. Hillary and the dems will make us spend our money defending what shouldn’t need to be defended. Smoke and Mirrors and watch the man behind the curtain. I’ll never be in the market for a “smart gun” will you? They can’t make us spend our money on what we won’t buy.

  2. First Any mandate of this technology being used is opposed by literally everyone Ive ever asked about it and must be removed. Second, IF and IF they remove ALL mandates requiring the future sales of all guns to be “smart guns” then by all means let who ever wants to buy one, buy one. I have no problem with that. That is after all the free market right ? and maybe in 10 years ppl will trust them,… maybe !

  3. Well if battery life and reliability are a concern, surely we could make them solar powered or maybe inertia driven, like the shake light. Instead of reading our finger prints it could just read the RFID chips in our hands. Voice, and facial recognition would make it even safer. “Say gun could I please shoot the guy stabbing my family” – Why yes of coarse after you’ve entered your 16 digit pin, social security #, mother’s maiden name, date of birth, and notarized self defence request form… by golly thanks gun! I can’t wait, it’s going to be like the damn Jetsons and the kitchen of tomorrow people.

  4. The government is trying to accelerate the growth in the technology and the companies’ capital so they will have more money to lobby for the future, not just for law enforcement but more so for the beloved controlled citizens! Also if the technology is electronic it could later be developed to shut down the weapons’ functions that would be against a global elite manpulated Federal Government during a time of civil unrest and revolution.

  5. Asinine! The first time someone loses a loved one because of this technology, you know who will try not to shoulder the blame, They should be made to feel as guilty as the the White house tries to make the law abiding gun owner feel.

    1. I just read my own posting and thought to myself,” as if they would give a damn”.

    2. I happen to agree with you. And should that technology enter into society we should not support it. Keep gov. overreach out of lives.

  6. How do we as trained and or licensed and responsible gun owners educate those who people are too ignorant to think for themselves and who believe every fairy tale and lie that comes out of Washington to understand what is actually going on here?

  7. It’s all about CONTROL, ladies and gentlemen. dumBO, and his dimocratic minions, want to control every facet of our lives. This is just another tool in their arsenal of perceived rights to control our every movement and action. The concept is brilliant. The outcome is treason and treachery. The idea is sheer selfishness. The American public can not and must not stand for such treatment…WE WILL NOT! Stay armed. Stay ready. Stay alert. Do not let this happen in and to our Great Land, and our Great People. Put the perpetrators of such hogwash out to pasture.
    VOTE: 2016 And THINK about for whom you are voting.

    1. Obama and Hillary Clinton have already admitted to their treason. We hear their confessions continually while they run for office. They are and have threatened and promised to strip away the Second Amendment. Should that ever happen you can be sure that all of our Constitutional Rights will be under attack. Hillary Clinton represents hypocrisy like never before. If elected she will take the oath of office in which she swears to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and at the same time is promising to do her best to strip America of its Constitutional Freedoms. How is it Hillary Clinton is still permitted to run for election?

  8. Those who want to take your guns, or limit you in any way, have no problem whatsoever supplying hundreds of thousands to terrorists in the middle east, or to cartels south of America! Tyranny rules when those who swear oaths are afraid to stand against it!

  9. Just remember once something becomes “smart” it means it becomes controllable. Government with the advancement of technology can and will via wireless communication render a gun or all guns nonfunctional.

    Hence achieving what they want. The destruction of the second amendment.

  10. The best “safe gun” is one owned and carried by a trained and legally licensed ‘concealed carry’ owner. What percent of gun crimes, or accidents can be attributed to these licensed carriers?…..

  11. You are 100% correct. And where hillary, Obama aka(OBOZO) are concerned, people every where should be concerned about the fact that while they are running for the Presidency of the United States and which requires that they take an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America they are also threatening and swearing to do away with the Second Amendment. Everyone needs to scrutinize these HYPOCRITES and what their true intentions are.

  12. Smart Gun -> any control measure which prevents a criminal, illegal or mentally defective person from operating a firearm for nefarious reasons… AKA Jail, Prison, Deportation, Life in Prison or Death Penalty… The offender would not be able to utilize any weapon or firearm to harm the American public. Control the sinister element not the tool they choose to use which is also the most effective tool law abiding citizens use for defense of self and others.

  13. I oppose smart guns. When I want a firearm to go bang, I only want to depend on my index finger not a ring, bracelet or fingerprint which could fail. All the more reason for #never Hillary!!! She is more of a threat to the second amendment than Obama!!!

    1. I agree. I have worked in technology all my life that involves critical controls over manufacturing processes that have the potential not only to kill those working there but potentially could kill small cities. The more complicated one makes something the more parts are capable of failure but worse sometimes is performing in an unexpected way.

      Look at the risks our astronauts took during the 60s and 70s. Some of the technology that failed killed astronauts.

      All of the aforementioned technology and firearms have in common the same thing as do simple fireworks that some of us grew up with and that is the HUMAN factor. When everything works perfectly, WE have a great potential to make a mistake. Take for example the bilateral inclined plane often used to shape wood… the knife.

      I have seen many avoid one firearm brand or model in favor of another with tiny differences in risk. Consider the mind game when one assumes that the firearm will work while making millisecond decisions but add the complexity question whether it will function once a decision has been made.

      K.I.S.S. is my approach!

  14. Hey Garfield. Dont let the commiefornia comment that claims ur uneducated get u down. Notice he started with hey “bro”. I guess he doesnt realize that the morons running the state are elected by the people, the ones that are a majority that represent him. Forgive him for he is a commiefornians. Old SNL used to have skits that showed exactly what they are like. Remember, they are the only state that has place called the *gay bay*.

    Ha ha ha, lol. Thats not what this site is about or for.

  15. Although I agree with the comments about technology failing (computer chips in cars, etc.) I really think this is about money. Price normal people out of the gun market because the technology is expensive. Similar to the cost of ammunition now and proposals to tax ammo at an exhorbitant rate.

  16. Since the white house never has to use and never will use a weapon, they should stay out of our business. Anytime Obama opens his mouth the idustry involved goes down on the market or is hurt by his radical, socialist ideas!

  17. How could this smart gun initiative fail when it comes from the dumbest administration EVER?

  18. The so called smart gun should be SHUNNED !
    I’m sure there are many more reasons these are on my short list:
    Anything with a computer chip can and Will Be Hacked;
    The Leftists in the ATF, Obama Regime, Clinton Camp and Congress will demand the ability to Disable ALL Smart Guns, thus nullifying 2A;
    If I’m in a firefight and I go down, then my gun would be useless to my wife, children and friends to continue the fight.

  19. Does it occur to anyone if you are wearing gloves like we do in Minnesota a chip will not pick up your finger print in November! Maybe we can wear a ring, (which I never wear for personal reasons) that will have a signal omitting that can be traced. Social Engineering and Citizen Control go hand in hand. Welfare ( total reliance on Government) and Gun Control are both Social Engineering. , Just saying.

  20. I view this technology in the same way I view solar power, electric cars and mandates on anything else.

    Liberty and mandates are in opposition. The “privilege” argument cannot be applied to firearms and definitely not to law enforcement firearms.

    Government should not tread here.

    We have had government try to force other technology upon the people in “the land of the free” and at times, they have even been successful, with the ban on incandescent light bulbs as a fairly recent example.

    We have seen a half a billion tax payer dollars wasted on funding Solyndra and we see subsidized electric vehicles that are still no match for the long term dependability and maintenance cost for gas and diesel vehicles.

    Government takes the fruits of the American workers labor and hands it over to technology industries.
    The powers of the federal government are few and defined and these mandate and funding practices are not among those powers.

    In this instance, to have to rely on a circuit, a battery, a contact or a switch when a life is in danger is beyond highly questionable.

    To force this on citizens or to force it on law enforcement is a non starter and an abuse of government power.

    Finally, at our most vulnerable, in the event of something like an EMP attack on our country, this technology, no matter how well it is developed, could be rendered useless and leave law enforcement and our country far less able to respond to follow up threats.

    We need people in government who are dedicated to the constitution of the United States of America and who are not so impressed with the dictate and micromanagement powers of the Constitution of the Soviet Union.

    This is yet another example where less government interference is the correct answer.

  21. I would like to see all the ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT POLITICIANS and GUN GRABBERS sent to COMMIEFORNIA and then watch COMMIEFORNIA break off of the North American Continent and plunge into the sea. Yeah I know, wishful thinking.

    1. Hey bro next time don’t share your uneducated thoughts, as you said nothing smart or of any importance….
      California is awesome it just has some bs politicians with a bunch of lemmings doing the voting
      You can keep your inbred state thanks

  22. In the USMC i was tought one of the first things you do is give your enemy a negative name like for the Japaneese, Arabs, Koreans etc. Everyone needs to make it clear that America thinks that California is commiefornia to help shape a nation wide attitude. Commiefornia comes up with new ideas in the hopes that the nation will follow and many of thier ideas are wrong for the remainder of the country.

  23. All people need to (not) defend themselves, guns that only work part of the time. NO THANKS! Smart chips, smart watches, stupid idea.
    Good idea, let Obama’s Secret Service guards carry these, and when Hillary becomes Madam Prez., let her protection carry these ‘perhaps they will work, perhaps they won’t work’ weapons(?).

  24. By the time any of this new gun law gets in place the world will have become a broke disaster. There are so many guns out in the world now that the “smart guns” won’t matter. This is all just smoke and mirrors. Who has the ability to design, build and sell these guns? Does anyone think the Chinese will build these guns? It’s all smoke………..

  25. As a card carrying member of the Libertarian Party, this assaults my reasoning and logic as it’s blatant interference with the free market, which almost always ends badly. If so called “smart guns” are the real and happening thing, the government need not do anything at all. The citizens will head in that direction on their own, Of course, as is pointed out in the original post, there is a not quite so hidden motive here. In any event, once again the Federal Government is seeking to assert a power not allowed it under the Enumerated Powers in Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution.
    This is, yet again, an attempt to undermine the Second Amendment to the U. S, Constitution. a thorn in the side of power hungry politicians who yearn to control an unarmed populace, aided by the useful idiots who vote for them. So here we have an assault on two fronts to the Constitution.
    The Founding Fathers would have long ago already been firing on the bastards.

  26. I can see it now, a hidden microchip in every gun, a yellow Disable Button in the Clinton White House. :c)

    No, I’m really against the move to limit firearms too.

  27. No offense Able as we are on the same team, but given the very actions of the current administration, if you believe that, then be weary that you don’t end up buying a bridge in Brooklyn for $52. Remember the line “I have a phone and a pen” That’s his way of saying “I will bypass any laws” Food for thought

  28. Much like the numerous failed attempts to create a viable source of “green” energy all attempts to create a “smart” gun will fail as well.

  29. This is just another way for the gun grabbers to take away our right to bear arms another assault on the Second Amendment. One of the things that I cannot understand is how people like the clintons and the Obamas and the bidens can run for office especially the Oval Office the highest office in the nation and take a oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and at the same time talk about taking away our 2nd Amendment rights. Hypocrisy runs amok with these people. These people talk about leadership and leading our country in the right direction. They pledge to honor and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and then promise to take away our Constitutional Right to keep and bare arms. What the hell kind of leadership is that? Personally I call it tyranny and those who follow are nothing less than terrorist and enemies of the free world.

    1. I think when Oblowhole repeated the “Oath”, I swore to protect HIS CONSTITUTIONAL rights, not our rights. Remember there was some type of screw-up, and he had to go get his Koran, or something to that effect???

  30. The 2nd amendment was devised by our founders as a means of this nation’s citizenry to defend itself against a tyrannical government. The time has come to exercise the 2nd amendment.

  31. No thanks. I would never give up my Glock Gen 3. Has never let me down, not once. The Feds can go blow Joe as far as I am concerned. There is only one pistol that I will ever use and I already own it.
    I will never register, I will never use government forced technology, seems not only will they force us the purchase healthcare, but now the y avre going to tell us what type of firearm we can use?? All I gots to say is Kiss My Ass Feds! Next….

  32. My suggestion to anyone who owns a gun is to totally ignore any back door laws that will make you a criminal or take your guns from you. Make them come and get them and if they do shoot whoever does so. When you live with a way of life since the Constitution was written you just don’t let people change those fundamental tenets without a fight. Whether it be the legislatures or Supreme Court civil disobedience and civil war are viable options. Don’t Tread on Me and Give me LIberty or Give me Death.

  33. A new form of onstar for your gun. Nothing is wrong with your gun, we control the vertical and we control the horizontal, the main thing is, we are in control in the twilight zone.
    Less parts means better reliability. The more technology and electronics they can throw at anything, the harder it is for us to fix it or work on it and use it. Im sick of all of it because of the missuse and abuse by bad people that ruin everything for the good people.

  34. Before any government (city, county, state or federal) Is able to come up with any type of restriction on the sales of non-“smart weapons”, they should first be required to mandate that all of their protection personnel who are armed be limited to only those “smart weapons” allowed for the general public. This should include any publicly or privately paid for security/bodyguards for any government employees… To include the Secret Service.

    1. Really? Right now a proposed law in California just got out of committee which makes all AR-15s and normal capacity magazines illegal to possess.

    2. Jim S,
      Really? Your argument to abelhorn’s statement is that Kalifornia is working on a law that contradicts his statement? Have you never heard of a law being overturned because it was unconstitutional? I’m not saying abelhorn is 100% correct, but citing a law that is still in the works, especially a gun law in Kalifornia, as proof that his statement is incorrect is, basically, ludicrous.

    3. California outlawed the removable AK mag SKS in the 90s ex post facto. Only choice was to remove it from the state or destroy. My point is “never say never”.

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