Can I Defend Myself Legally With Something Other Than A Gun or Knife?

Watch U.S. LawShield of Pennsylvania Independent Program Attorney Justin McShane break down the legality of using non-knife or non-firearm weapons for self-defense Pennsylvania and Edwin Walker independent program attorney for Texas. The videos give guidance on the use of items such as tasers, stun guns, pepper spray, and clubs. Like most, I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by six, but taking a few minutes to learn the laws will set you up to hopefully avoid either one should you ever be forced to defend yourself.

If you could not access a firearm, what would your goto less-than-lethal choice be to stop an attack? Share your answers in the comment section.

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The just-released video above is from the Florida State Attorney’s Office, supporting a judge’s ruling that a citizen who opened fire on a man attacking a Lee County deputy last year was justified in using deadly force.
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  1. The use of ‘weapons’ – lethal or non-lethal – and what happens to you if you use them to protect yourself seem to be a gray area depending on who runs the law where it happens. Just ask Christopher Cantwell, who is rotting in jail because he used pepper spray on attacking commies in Charlottesville, VA. The crooked law there is holding him as they would a murderer, refusing him bail because he is a “flight risk” even though he turned himself in. He is a political prisoner, plain and simple.

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