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The Anti-Gunners Are ‘Spending Millions’ in Midterm Elections

If you though the anti-gunners were beat with election of President Trump and one or two nominations to the Supreme Court, think again. The Washington Post has reported that anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety “plans to spend $8 to $10 million in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and New Mexico” to influence the midterm elections, via its “Action Fund.” And that is not the full extent of expenditures by the gun prohibition group’s fund, either.

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Video: How to Trick Out Your Gun (Without Going to Jail)

With the patchwork of laws across various states, adding so much as a single accessory could land you on the wrong side of the law and jeopardize your Second Amendment rights. Here is a handful of videos, specific to individuals states, to help keep you within legal bounds. Even if your state is not covered in the videos, they are a great starting point to determine the right questions you’ll need answered before buying the latest gadget or piece of furniture for you firearm.

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Federal Court: Involuntary Commitment Not a Disqualifier for 2A Rights

On February 16, 2016, Alton C. Franklin filed suit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. He contended that a prohibition against his ability to acquire or possess firearms because of a brief involuntary commitment in 2002, was unconstitutional. With a partial summary judgment in his favor, and a re-submission in January of 2017, Mr Franklin prevailed. The law was not struck as unconstitutional, directly. Rather, the Pennsylvania law was ruled to be insufficient to meet the Constitutional requirements of the Federal law.


Can I Defend Myself Legally With Something Other Than A Gun or Knife?

Watch U.S. LawShield of Pennsylvania Independent Program Attorney Justin McShane break down the legality of using non-knife or non-firearm weapons for self-defense Pennsylvania and Edwin Walker independent program attorney for Texas. The videos give guidance on the use of items such as tasers, stun guns, pepper spray, and clubs. Like most, I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by six, but taking a few minutes to learn the laws will set you up to hopefully avoid either one should you ever be forced to defend yourself.

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Which State Is About to Make Gun Owners a Protected Class?

A new bipartisan bill, introduced by over 20 Republicans and one Democrat seeks to make gun owners a protected class of citizens. This would be similar to the federal anti-discrimination law, where a protected class is a group of people with a common characteristic who are legally protected from discrimination on the basis of that characteristic.

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Courts Rule in Favor of Firearm Owners Against Crime

The Second Amendment is not about hunting, it is about our Constitutional right to bear arms for any reason or no reason at all. It would seem that some in Pennsylvania needed a reminder, so the local courts stepped to defend the citizen’s rights with Pennsylvania’s Uniform Firearms Act (UFA) thanks to the Firearm Owners Against Crime.

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Congressmen Form the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus

Gun owners and shooting enthusiasts are looking forward to the next President in hopes of a friendlier Executive Branch when it comes to matters of the Second Amendment. For maximum effectiveness, the President needs the support of the Legislative Branch and to that effort, a group of U.S. Representatives, led by Congressman Thomas Massie, launched the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus.

Students can carry at the University of Utah. Reported sexual assault is 58 percent less than the national average.

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Which Colleges Allow Guns on Campus

Despite a state’s concealed carry laws—colleges and universities may prohibit guns on campus. Only a few states allow students with permits to defend themselves while on campus. Here is a list of colleges to consider when it’s time to choose you or your kid’s education.

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The NRA and Second Amendment Rights Dealt a Major Blow in Pennsylvania

To protect against biased local governments, Pennsylvania lawmakers passed a law in 2014 that made local lawmakers a bit nervous. Local communities that passed draconian laws that conflicted with state laws or rights granted by the states could find themselves on the defendant line of lawsuits from the NRA. However, a state court struck down that law earlier this week.

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Legal Issues

PA Cops No Longer Need Warrant to Search Vehicles

U.S. Law Shield is concerned about a Pennsylvania state Supreme Court decision allowing police officers to search a citizen’s vehicle without a warrant. Citizens could refuse the search—not now. This decision expands government power. Read this post and tell us if you agree or disagree.