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The Chair is Against the Wall… or What Every Wolverine Needs Before the Invasion


For all of you out there on, or behind the line, this one is for you…

You Need a Good Bag

You are going to be deep behind the lines and you will need to carry enough supplies to keep you running and gunning for a few days. The BLACKHAWK! Battle Bag is more than up to the task. The Battle Bag is big enough to carry your reloads, several MREs and a few war trophies.

The best feature of the bag is the three rifle magazine loops in the front pocket. The loops make spare mags quick and easy to access when you need them the most, while maintaining a low profile in mixed company.

The bag comes with a versatile strap that works on the shoulder or around the waist. Other features include a map pocket, a radio pouch, a hook and loop panel for your handgun and mag, accessory pockets and chem-light/shotshell loops.

This bag will be your life on this mission and just might save it.

You Need a Sharp Knife

KA-BAR USMC Fighting KnifeWhen the US Marine Corps needs to stab a commie in the face, it uses the most popular knife design in the history of America: The KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife. You will too.

With a 7-inch straight edge, clip point blade made of durable and strong 1095 stainless steel, the KA-BAR will perform any task it comes upon. It is right at home chopping kindling for your campfire or nestled into the rib cage of a Spetsnaz paratrooper.

The stacked leather handle fits the palm nicely and the 11.875-inches overall length makes it the perfect size for survival and egress from behind enemy lines.

Each KA-BAR fighting knife comes with an embossed leather scabbard with belt loop.

You Need More Mags

When you’re trying to shoot down a Mi-24, you cannot afford to run out of ammo. Throw these Surplus European AK-47 Magazines in your Battle Bag and fight the red menace with style.

Made in European military factories, these steel AK-47 7.62×39 mags will keep your rifle running when you need it. These surplus mags are getting hard to come by.  Each rugged magazine holds 30 rounds and features enough character to match the AK-47 you liberated in the early days of the invasion.

You Need a Persuader

Sometimes messages get lost in translation. Make sure your message is crystal clear with a Vietnam Style Throwing Tomahawk.

Every warrior should have a ‘Hawk on their belt. Carry on the tradition of great American resistance fighters with this slick tool of destruction.

The 7.5-inch 440 stainless steel double head is heavy enough for messy work while maintaining a light nimbleness for more delicate operations. The impact-resistant hardwood handle is the perfect length for the jungle or the mountains and will be a huge asset on your mission.

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