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Black CRKT For Those Who Serve Blade lying on a background of bark.

Blades and Knives

CRKT’s “For Those Whose Served” Knife Review

The CRKT For Those Who Served knife is well-designed, with features usually reserved for more expensive knives. An edge-retaining, powder-coated carbon steel blade, a well-designed sheath and an adjustable leg strap are just a few of the features…read the full post to get all the details.

Silver Cold Steel Code 4 knife with blade open on a gray stone background.

Blades and Knives

The Cold Steel Code 4

The Code Steel Code 4 blade is a high quality knife with a Tanto blade which is great for all around use and as a backup to a handgun. With balanced and weight distribution, this 4.4 ounce blad carries well and has modest choil. Although it ships set up for right-handers, it is easily converted to use for left-handers.

Silver CRKT M16 blade against a silver gun in the background.

Blades and Knives

The CRKT M16 Becomes a Classic

The CRKT M16 is a well-built, lightweight safe and affordable blade and has earned high praise. It opens quickly by swiping the flipper against your pants leg, or anything else for that matter. Not only is it easy to open, the focus on functionality means it also stays open when you want it to. Check out this post to read how to put it to work for you.

Picture shows five different large machetes.

Blades and Knives

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me, 5 Machetes

This set of five machetes is one of Cheaper Than Dirt’s best bargains on blades. Each individual order is a grab bag of five different machetes with a variety of blade shapes and lengths with different styles of handles. Every machete has a full-tang blade and have good weight and balance for swinging, whacking and chopping. At around four dollars a blade, these five large machetes are truly worth the price per blade.

Assortment of Knives

Blades and Knives

The Edged Tool at Hand

These are the basic design components to look for in a fixed blade knife; they may also be important requirements for other edged tools. When you’re picking out a knife, there are many options and picking the one that fits your purpose, your hand and your environment are key.

The CRKT Minimalist, side view, being held on a brown background with leaves

Blades and Knives

CRKT: A Winning Combination of Value and Performance

Knives are often an investment and, at times, a throw away item. The CRKT product isn’t expensive, but it isn’t cheap, and that is a good place to be for a service-grade working tool. Among the most enjoyable knives I have run across in some time is the new production version of Brian Tighe’s My Tighe.

This is a picture of a military surplus bayonet.

Blades and Knives

CheaperThanDirt’s! Top Selling Knives

The knife—in all its different forms—is one of the oldest tools people have used. Early man used the sharp edges of bones and rocks to cut and chop, some say even before they discovered fire. Today, the high-tech materials we have to create new and innovative blades means we have knives that meet any niche from skinning hides to cutting through automobiles. A day doesn’t go by without the need of some type of sharp-edged tool. No matter the type of cutting, slashing, or carving job, be it for hiking, camping, bush-whacking, hunting, cutting a juicy steak, or repairs around the house, the best part of any edged-tool or knife is that it serves two purposes—a useful tool and back-up for self-defense. Five of our top-selling sharp-edged tools all differ in function. They are a tomahawk, bayonet, primitive Bowie, and self-defense.