Breaking News: Attorney General Eric Holder Granted Executive Privilege

This morning marked a disappointing series of events in the controversial Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal. Right before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee met to vote holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, the Committee received a letter stating that President Obama had granted executive privilege over the documents the Committee had subpoenaed from the Justice Department. In a letter dated June 19, 2012, addressed to President Obama, Holder stated his case against the subpoena and requested executive privilege over the documents requested by Issa. In defense of the Justice Department, Holder writes, “to protect confidential executive branch deliberative materials from congressional subpoena.” Further, he writes that the Justice Department had already handed over 1300 documents and had cooperated with the Committee’s requests, “the Committee has not satisfied the ‘demonstrably critical’ standard with respect to the documents at issue.”

Committee Chairman Darrell Issa publicly stated that the Committee would stop the vote if Holder gave over the other documents requested. The two even met Tuesday night, but the meeting reached no resolution.

Fox News reports that the Committee will continue to vote on the contempt of Congress charges. The vote should pass the Committee, but will have to pass a full House.

Michael Steele, spokesperson for House Minority Leader, John Boehner said, “The White House decision to invoke executive privilege implies that White House officials were either involved in the ‘Fast and Furious’ operation or the cover-up that followed. The Administration has always insisted that wasn’t the case. Were they lying, or are they now bending the law to hide the truth?” ( Read Eric Holder’s letter to President Obama here.

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  1. Criminals taking care of other criminals. Politics at its best, or shall I say WORST. Just because one of them happens to by the AG doesn’t make a hill of beans. A criminal is a criminal, whether he (or she) holds a high office of not.

  2. Oh, c’mon- is there really, I mean REALLY, anyone who thought someone in the Regime was going to pay for this, other than those officers and civilians killed? Regardless the hopes, dreams and aspirations of those who broke this event, nothing was ever going to happen to any involved.
    There isn’t a GOP in congress who has the balls to buck their meal ticket- Issa included. All are nothing but placebo for the sheeple.

  3. Executive Privilege & Contempt of Congress
    – A Play by Mrs. Brown’s 3rd Grade Class –

    Congress: Did Obama or any other high-level appointees such as you have any involvement or knowledge of the Fast & Furious operation that allowed hundreds of guns to go to Mexican cartels which led to the murder of a Border Patrol Agent on U.S. soil.

    Holder: Nope.

    Congress: Well, we have evidence to the contrary. Are you sure?

    Holder: Yup!

    Congress: Hmmm, things look fishy here. Hand over all Fast & Furious documents so we can properly investigate your branch’s incompetence.

    Holder: Uhm, I’ll give you some, but not all.

    Congress: Why only some?

    Holder: Because there are things we need to keep hidden from the public regarding Obama’s Fast & Furious involvement during an election year.

    Congress: How about you comply or we’ll cite you with contempt of Congress?

    Holder: Nah, instead how about I stonewall you with a meeting where I’ll just explain what’s in the documents without actually giving them to you.

    Congress: Uhm, no… how about you just hand them over or we’ll proceed with contempt charges.

    Holder: [Writes letter to Obama telling him to hurry and invoke Executive Privilege to protect him.]

    Obama: [Grants Executive Privilege to Holder which clearly establishes he has no clue that Executive Privilege can only be used for himself.]

    Congress: [Charges Holder with contempt of Congress anyway.]

    Obama: [Agonizes over his ignorance that he either: 1.) Just showed America how stupid he is for thinking Executive Privilege applies here, OR 2.) Executive Privilege really does apply which means Holder was lying about presidential involvement all along.]


  4. Having digested all releases on this matter this morning, I have also commented elsewhere, I barely have time to pickup another couple of cases of practice ammo. Suddenly demand is thru the roof.

  5. Just a little info just released. Holder retracted his statement about the whole operation being undertaken by the Bush administration and his Attorney General. Seems he had no facts or proof what so ever to substantiate his claims,consequently withdrawing his allegations. Facts? Can’t let those get in the way of a good lie,Eh!! Why not release the documents so they can trace them back to Bush and his boys and exonerate Holder and Obama?? Operation was a different program intending to catch Gun store owners who were knowingly selling guns to straw purchasers. They were arrested immediately and prosecuted. No guns were ever in danger of going across the border and used to kill one person unlike Obama and Holders scheme. Not that wide receiver was a legit program,far from it.But the death and destruction from Fast and Furious is a whole new level of Stupid. They facilitated murder of innocent people just so they could cut down 2nd amendment rights!They in fact sanctioned murder and crime to achieve their objectives!! Impeach Obama and his whole crew of criminal fanatics!

  6. Here is a scenerio….the government wants drones all over the USA and to shoot US Citizen with them. They increase tenstions at the boarder, allow kidnapping and gun trafficing over the boarder so both sides agree this is a good idea. Since no one is trafficing weapons they do it themselves. Someone finds out about it, and the White House wants it silent. The tenstions are enough they get permission to used drones for the boarder, and include a rider which allows them to be used on US Citizen, bombs, missiles the whole 9 yards. The tensions they created are enough they get permission for the boarders but them order 1 drone for every US incorportated city. Enogh to silence any leader which tries to assert the idea that our Constitution is being violate and the spending they do in DC threatens that Constitution which they swore to uphold as once we declare bankruptcy a new one will be drafted and not in the spirit of the forefathers of this nation but under the new regiem which believes the only reason for us to have privacy is if we have something illegal to hide. One that believes murdering 14 year old Colorado girl is not a crime because she was not on US soil.
    This shold be reason enough to look in to this to the fullest and to get those papers even if the Presidnet wishes to cover-up exactly what went on there.
    Our biggest threat comes not form foriegn terrorism but from our elected officials. They need investigated.

  7. just a little snipit about F&F… before Holder… Issa is a Dick… I read two pages of the 7600 posted FOIA and found this what the f@#k… He is wasting our good inforcement money on bullspit… sounds just like a witch hunt… “At the time, under the Bush administration Department of Justice (DOJ), no arrests or indictments were made. After President Barack Obama took office in 2009, the DOJ reviewed Wide Receiver in September 2009[26] and found that guns had been allowed into the hands of suspected gun traffickers. Indictments began in 2010, over three years after Wide Receiver concluded. As of October 4, 2011, nine people had been charged with making false statements in acquisition of firearms and illicit transfer, shipment or delivery of firearms.[18] As of November, charges against one defendant had been dropped; five of them had pled guilty, and one had been sentenced to one year and one day in prison. Two of them remained fugitives.[23]

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