Lawmakers Introduce Bill in Congress to Halt Online Ammunition Sales

cardboard box with bullets spilling out

On May 12, 2015, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.) introduced one of the latest assaults on the Second Amendment with H.R. 2283 or the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015. The exact language of the bill can be found here. While the bill does stop short of a complete ban of online sales, the devil is in the details. Perhaps the most notable detail should be the government’s own track record of trying to regulate ammunition sales.

cardboard box with bullets spilling out
If H.R. 2283 passes and becomes a law, sights like this may become rare.

First, we need to understand the sheer volume of ammunition sales. The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates that 10-12 billion rounds of ammunition are produced domestically each year. Added to the domestic production are the billions of rounds that are manufactured overseas and imported each year. Regulating and tracking even a small portion of those sales, such as online or high volume, is a huge undertaking; using it for any law enforcement purpose would be spotty at best. More likely, the only purpose of the law would be to place a burden on retailers and buyers and here is why.

If passed and signed into law, H.R. 2283 would force you to submit a photo ID, in-person, every time you made an ammunition purchase. Because you cannot show ID in person online, your order would have to be shipped to an “authorized dealer.” Essentially, this would mean your ammunition would be received by a local gun store and have its receiving fee tacked on. Like most firearm-receiving charges, the fees seldom cover all of the labor involved due to the onerous paperwork and inspections that may result days, weeks or even years later. I saw how this put the majority of gun retailers out of business in Los Angeles during the 1990s and early 2000s.

Another provision of H.R. 2283 states anyone purchasing more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition in a five-day period would be reported to the U.S. Attorney General. The bill does not specify how the information would then be used. However, the data would be stored in a database maintained by the Department of Justice. Perhaps the government has failed at a national gun registry, but this is an attempt to compile a list in other ways? H.R. 2283 would also require all ammunition sellers to be federally licensed. How this would affect your ability to reload a few rounds and sell them to your buddy or split a group-buy with a few buddies is unknown. Currently, there are no federal licensing laws regarding the sale of ammunition that I know of.

Black Hills Ammunition
How many rounds of ammunition do you keep? Would H.R. 2283 put you on the DOJ’s watchlist?

Historical Precedent?

The federal government has shown a tremendous aptitude at failing when similar laws were enacted in the past. The Gun Control Act of 1968 imposed similar regulations on ammunition sellers and purchasers. Ammunition buyers were required to sign, and ammunition sellers required to maintain a record of pistol-caliber ammunition purchases. The first obvious flaw appeared when government agencies looked at the crime statistics for .22 rimfire ammunition, yet it took well over a decade (1982) for Congress to exempt the rimfire caliber from the records-keeping process.

Then, in 1984, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee concluded that ammunition dealer licensing “was not necessary to facilitate legitimate Federal law enforcement interests.” By 1986, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms admitted the failure of federal ammunition regulation. In fact, on February 10, 1986, the BATF released a memo stating:

“The Bureau and the Department have recognized that current recordkeeping requirements for ammunition have no substantial law enforcement value. In addition, their elimination would remove an unnecessary recordkeeping burden from licensees.”

According to the backers of H.R. 2283, the legislation’s purpose is to act as a law enforcement tool to detect “[I]f someone is trying to stock pile ammunition for a malicious reason.” However, merely buying ammunition, in any quantity or through any venue (in-person or online) is not illegal. Tracking ammunition sales to determine who is going to use it for malicious reasons makes about as much sense as tracking all airline ticket sales to predict who is going to hijack a plane. After all, how many criminals are buying ammunition by the thousand? Applying parallel reasoning we could ask, how many drunk drivers buy liquor by the case and how would that be a predictor if they did?

H.R. 2283 has a zero chance of preventing a crime. Limiting the ability of law-abiding gun owners to purchase ammunition online or through catalogs will not prevent any criminal from purchasing ammunition from a local retailer. A box or case of ammunition is the same if it is bought from a local gun store, big box retailer or online seller. Online retailers take the same precautions as a local store to verify the age of the shopper and typically have a better record keeping process because you cannot pay cash and walk out. A method of payment and shipping address is required. The package would then typically arrive requiring an adult signature.

.22 LR CCI Pistol Match LRN 40-Grain
.22 LR CCI Pistol Match LRN 40-Grain

H.R. 2283 would not, as it should not, limit the number of rounds a person can purchase or possess. At best, this would provide a paper trail after the fact, but it would be far too easy for someone with a “malicious” intent to purchase just enough to stay under the radar or purchase larger quantities under the guise of a straw purchase. Even if you looked at all of the gun related tragedies of the past two centuries, how many did the perpetrator fire over 100 rounds never mind 1,000? The national average only puts the number of rounds typically fired during a criminal act or an act of self-defense at about four. How many of your practice sessions averaged only four rounds fired?

During negotiations at the United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, U.S. negotiators were quoted as saying, “Ammunition is a fundamentally different commodity than everything else we have discussed… It is fungible, consumable, reloadable, and cannot be marked in any practical way that would permit it to be tracked or traced. Any practical proposal for ammunition would need to consider the significant burdens associated with licensing, authorizations, and recordkeeping for ammunition that is produced and transferred in the billions of rounds per year.”

So, why does the Democrat from New Jersey and at least 30 of her colleagues in the House of Representatives believe H.R. 2283 will do anything history has already taught us is impossible, and leading U.S. officials have already admitted cannot be accomplished? The answer can be nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to enact gun control by another name;  To cause such a heavy burden on the shooters and retailers as to run them out of business. If they cannot outlaw the guns, they want to make it so you cannot buy the ammunition—plain and simple.

How do you view the motives behind Rep. Watson’s H.R. 2283? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.


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  1. it’s true don’t dittle,look at the laws !
    in new York state…
    we can’t get ammo and plus by mail….I no longer deal with a lot of mail order companies and some big franchises sears, sports authority who don’t recognize our 2nd amendment rights

  2. every time this type of ammo control type thing comes up, sales sore. the cost $ go up $, and the availability diminishes ,temporarily, then as stocks slowly increase again, the cost increase even more before stabilizing / scare bill tactics like this are great for the manufactures { whom pay big taxes on there income revenue’s } and there also great for the retailers, ( who also fork over lots of tax dollars } hu”mm.// makes me wonder? what’s the true agenda.?

  3. Another ridiculous attempt at total control like a communist state by liberal democrats from pro socialists reps.There is no way a lightly armed civilian army could even begin to have any success against heavily armed and equipped govt armed forces nor would i ever fire on a member of the American military or a police officer under any circumstances and any gun owner i know would not either. .Another thing as a former army cavalry SSGT i do not see our troops, our own kids in fact firing upon and killing us americans over buying ammo at discounted prices in bulk or assembling in a peaceful manner even if we were armed..You have to ask yaself what has OUR DEMOCRATIC LED govt so afraid of WE THE PEOPLE who elect them to office so much???????What is wrong with that picture?And if their is a cell of nutcases or a lone wolf nutcase he will STILL get enough ammo to get done w/e it is he has or they may have planned what is next we are banned from handloading our own match grade and hunting or target ammo?We are a threat to load enough to go just do crazy idiotic mass killings? Launch any attack at all on our govt lol? it is ludicrus.JMHO

  4. There are four communist states: NY, NJ, MD and MA. Vote with your money also. Do not buy anything from those states. Leave them. Work somewhere else. Do not tolerate these idiotic controls.

    1. @dcv: Only four???? No no, my friend….don’t forget Kommiecticut (CT) where yours truly is stuck behind enemy lines for now, and of course, the most commie of all Cali-fuk-you-all (CA)

  5. Here we have the politicians wanting to create bills for us as Americans and to control us. Have all these laws for gun ownership for this reason and now we want to control what goes in them, the ammunition. It seems the the government our government, wants to just control and control completely. Finally look at all the “laws” our own government people have broken, you and I would get locked up, while they go untouched. I guess when they find out where, who, has been on buying sprees, then we will have military maneuvers in that state….interesting…

  6. The man in the White House has proven that he does not need Congress as long as he has the Justice Department, FBI, CIA and Internal Revenue in his pocket. Always remember a Politician only represents you when he is running for office.

    1. @Wayne: Try it this way and it sounds hauntingly familiar:

      “The man in the Führerhauptquartiere has proven that he does not need the Reichstag as long as he has the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Gestapo, SS, and Hitler youth in his pocket.”

      More than a little frightening, don’t you agree?

  7. ANY politician or elected official who works overtly or covertly to pervert the U.S. Constitution or limit the rights of a free people should be removed from office through legal means by their constituents, to include voting. This would send a STRONG message to politicians and elected officials that law abiding citizens are tired of being treated like a criminal element. In addition, the people should introduce and vote in new sweeping laws that ELIMINATE any benefits after a politician leaves office regardless of the the time served and strip any previous person in that bracket from continuing to receive benefits. A public servant in there to SERVE the public, not a personal agenda or become wealthy in the process. These methods of gaining control are not illegal, immoral, forceful or done out of malice. All it does is level the playing field for ALL Americans across the board and send a message to the so-called social elite that people are tired of being treated like dirt bags. I do NOT advocate violence. Let the system work for the people for a change rather than the so-called political social eitie.

    1. Once again, the Republicans control both houses of the Congress. Can we please top whining like a bunch of pink pantied bitches already? Cripes.

    2. When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. G.R.I.P. = Get Rid Incumbent Politicians. VOTE THEM ALL OUT, each and every election, from local dog catcher to President. Voter apathy has created this situation, the side with the best turn out gets to make choices, as we have experienced following the past 2 national election cycles. This prez as a candidate wanted to fundamentally change America and he still got elected TWICE. ‘Progressives exist in both parties, the GOP has too many RINO’s that vote with the Dems & progressive agenda to seriously weaken the USA. WAKE UP people vote them out each and every time until they learn they ‘work for us’ not for themselves. There is NO room for violence, but the progressives have mastered the tactic to cause disturbance’s which focus attn. upon those petty issues versus their actions/agenda to change America.

      Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around laws. – Plato

  8. hi folks, I glad to receive this information….what is sad is I voted all republican in this last election as for all elections for the pacific right to fight for my
    2nd amendment rights and now have them turn coat on the people
    who put them there….
    I very sad to be a republican and much as I tried for to many years.
    Ii sad my vote is not counted
    thankyou emily

  9. About the article on HR 2283 Ms L Slaughter as well as other legislators want a federal back door to do something that they have not been able to get done in there home states [NY Unsafe Act]

  10. What did you expect: These are the same people who do not believe in the Death Penalty for anyone who Kills a Police Officer or Kills and Rapes a 4 year old child. These are the people who were elected to represent us while representing only them self and their business partners. BUT WE WHO DO NOT VOTE AND GET INVOLVED ARE AT FAULT. WE ALLOWED THEM TO TAKE OVER. Your Guns, Ammunition, and 1st and 2nd Amendment rights are up for grabs.

    1. How true. However, who do we have to blame. We constantly vote this TRASH into office. When we finally wise up, hopefully before it is too late, we may be able to take back our country.
      If the language hasn’t switched to rag head.

    2. Understand, I am not against welfare, it is a good tool if not abused. That being said, in the map of the last 2elections those being supported by and on the take from the government are not going to vote for anyone that could limit their stay on the system like Regan tried. Now you know how these socialists get elected and how our freedom of speech and assembly and the 2nd amendment are in danger. Apathy.

  11. If they are truly interested in saving lives. They should abolish all automobiles, because we all know that more people have lost lives in crashes than gunfire!

  12. Exactly right guys. The liberal crap running this country doesn’t want us defending ourselves against the tyrannical crap they want to run this country by. And the trash that we would defend ourselves against, like in Philly, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore South LA, etc. is what gets these liberals turds re-elected. That’s why they are given welfare checks, free medical via obamacare, obamaphones, Obama internet access,given a dAM LIVING WITHOUT WORK. Free to multiply and sell crack. Then that’s where we have to defend ourselves.

    1. i’m sorry but you wish to defend yourself against the govt. yet you are spouting one of the great myths they tell you. Blacks aren’t your problem. Chinese didn’t take your manufacturing jobs. Jewish bankers didn’t take your farm. Mexicans didn’t take your jobs. This is a class issue. Someone who looks like you sold your jobs off shore. The blacks in the inner city aren’t your problem. They have their own problems. At least they are complaining. They are 12% of the population. There are more whites on welfare and food stamps.
      The “Man” has you distracted. Where is your 401k?

  13. Bibbs got a point-I say take it one step further and publish/email addresses of all those against the 2nd Amendment.Loud and clear .Everybody gotta live somewhere.

  14. Just another game Obama and his political hacks are trying to take away our Second Amendment rights.We must fight this and all attempts by this regime to take away our freedoms.We must elect a pro_gun president in 2016.

  15. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.) has lost her mind. What is she thinking? Elimination of online sales will only cause trauma for the law abiding gun owners and unnecessary expense. The “bad guys” already have their own methods for obtaining bulk ammo–they pay someone else to purchase it for them (usually locally in brick and mortar stores) or they steal it (break-ins, robbery, etc). Does this woman actually represent any people???

  16. I am so sick of the politicians screwing with our constitutional rights, freedoms, and worrying about everything other than what issues need to be concerned about. One thing for sure is I promise to vote out EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRATIC, OBAMA SUPORTING MEMBER!

  17. Similar bills have been tried in the past and didn’t go anywhere. I don’t think this one will, either. However, everyone should contact their Representative and urge them to not support it. Unfortunately, John Conyers, a co-sponsor, is from my state. No luck getting him to not support it.

  18. Liberalism is a mental disease. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, while each time, expecting a different outcome.
    With treatment, liberals might come over to our way of thinking. Without treatment, they continue pushing their same insane agenda on us, i.e., H.R. 2283. They never really learn, and we must try to educate them by force, if necessary.
    Thomas Jefferson stated the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    Notice he said “must”? How close are we?
    Keep your eyes posted on Operation Jade Helm 15 coming to a theater near you this Summer. It’s a dangerous operation with the potential of threatening our Liberties, and could turn this country upside down during and afterward, if perceived as an attack on our freedoms.
    Fear a government which fears your guns, comrades………….

    1. “eep your eyes posted on Operation Jade Helm 15 coming to a theater near you this Summer. It’s a dangerous operation with the potential of threatening our Liberties, and could turn this country upside down during and afterward,”

      Yep. All those Chinese shock troops are hiding in the WalMarts as we speak!

      (For the dimwitted amongst us that’s sarcasm….)

  19. What do the following have in common:

    the Aurora theater
    the DC Navy yard
    Virginia Tech
    Fort Hood
    the Newton school

    The answer is that they were all the site of mass shootings that occurred at “gun free zones”. The time and effort that went in to those ridiculous laws were completely wasted, as they did NOTHING WHATSOEVER to prevent violent criminals from shooting people.

    This ridiculous legislation would be exactly the same; not that there’s a chance in hell it will get passed

    1. You are forgetting one very important thing…these events are all Black-Op false Flags..!!!!

  20. Liberals are the reason this country are so screwed up … its far past time we throw them out of office .. screw a re call … throw them out like the declaration of Independence tell us to do when government becomes tyrannical as it is now ….
    Bottom line on this Bull sh@# bill is that its been passed by the all liberal Ca legislature twice , both times a federal judge through them out because its unconstitutional trying to regulate interstate commerce or something like that ….. Either way if we get rid of these kind of idots from government we wont be dealing with anti gun issues , only things that will help the country not hurt it … These Idiots dont care about the $ and jobs that will be lost if something this stupid were to pass … Its simple they only care about themselves and their issues not Americans and what will help them …… Hate …yes I hate people with no morals , values and the common sense god gave a piss ant … Send this Idiot emails and tell her what you think … She is another in a long line of Stupid Liberal people ruining the USA as fast as they can … because we are allowing it … remember they work for us … United We Stand !

    1. You’re right that they don’t care about the money and lost jobs. They want their constituents on the government dime so they can control them even more.

  21. What did you expect. The rich kids who sat at the table that you were not allowed to sit at, are running our Country. The rich kids that never worked a day in their life and mommy and daddy paid for everything, including Collage. They have no idea that we are the ones who have always been there to defend this nation and our families when the bad guys want to take over. Look at the State she comes from. LIBERAL, LIBERAL, LIBERAL DEMACRATES who live in their own little dream world. Send E-Mails to you Congressman and let him know how you feel about the situation. If he/she is not a crook he/she will stop the BS

  22. the government is stealing money from all of Us law biding citizen and they are complaining about how much Ammo we buy online Get of a brake their are American Citizen here in the United States whom are 100% American whom the Politian’s needs a better way too stop infringing on are rights what we can & cannot buy but it ok too have loopholes in the system to steal Billions of Dollars and commit a crime against the American taxes payer and legal Citizen and than try to tell us that what we can’t buy you all need to get a life .

  23. Bonnie is just playing to her financial supporters, she has been a political hack for years although a freshman in Congress, elected last year. Her bill has only four sponsors; two are notable anti-firearm Black Congressmen, Conyers and Cummings.
    In her profile, she states;
    Reason for Seeking Public Office: I will work with President Obama to advance his agenda for civil rights; on increasing a minimum wage so it represents a living wage; on supporting gun safety measure and on fighting for strong education funding.
    Typical Liberal false solutions.

  24. It would seem to me the government should be more concerned with funding billions of dollars of war time equipment I.e. ammunition, firearms, vehicles, technology, etc, that our foreign saviors leave in ISIS’ s possession after they retreat without firing a shot.

    You’ve got to know some of those captured materials will end up in the USA and be used overseas to kill our allies and citizens.

  25. As noted HR 2283 is another attempt for the government to enact gun control. It is of the utmost importance to read between the lines and understand the impact passage of the bill may have on your security and that of your families. Support your local NRA chapter, together we must fight and win against those who would erode our second amendment rights. Do not kid yourselves the battle for protection of our second amendment rights is real.

  26. I would like to suggest that nobody shoot the representative. Who knows? Maybe a knife enthusiast will stab her to death. I am very much against using firearms to kill politicians who try to disarm Americans. This sleazy bitch needs a visit from a real American.

  27. Yeah, just drop this one in the the toilet along with “micro-stamping” and
    “smart – guns”!

  28. Why don’t the Dems and Republicans use this strategy on the to win the war on terrorism and let Freedom ring for those who protect it.

  29. The continued display of uneducated Democrats attempting illegal lawmaking/law stripping action(s) is ridiculous.
    If you want to be an unarmed, unprotected sitting duck, do so. I don’t care if you don’t want to be a gun owner, but your stupid ass needs to leave the educated people who want to protect themselves the hell alone.

  30. Just another bleeding heart wanting to screw up our rights, by proposing another idiotic bill. This, like all the others, will NOT curb gun crimes. When will they get that through their effing minds!??!

  31. The only reason they want to bring about gun control is so that they can enslave us.
    This backdoor attack on our rights is the act of a traitor,a coward, a liar, one unworthy to be called an american.
    They couldn’t get the gun control they wanted so now they want to control the ammo and when they don’t get that they’ll go right back to trying to hide gun control in some other bill. We just need to be ready to fight them when they do.

  32. It’s funny how the Democrats want to force gun owners to show a photo ID to buy ammo yet balk at the notion of showing an ID to vote. Whatever fits their agenda I guess.

  33. Typical Democratic Liberal lies and crap. We’ve just got to figure out a way to get those buttholes to take a big, long drink of Kool-Aid.

  34. More silliness, but I’m not surprised. It’s expected for politicians to create jobs for themselves when they run out of common policy.

  35. Democrats are notorious for supporting Communists and Communist organizations. Their major union, SEIU, supports the Communist Party. You can verify this by simply typing SEIU and the Communist Party into your browser. Obama has tried his best to take down America while acting like he’s helping us. He loaded Homeland Security and the FBI with Muslims. He tried to put a Communist and a lover of Communist Ideology into our government, ( remember Van Jones and Anita Dunn?) What better way than the Democrats constantly working to violate the Second Amendment!

  36. Perhaps it is time for ALL these TRAITORS to dance the “Executioners Jig” at the end of a rope. It pisses me off to no end, knowing that they all swear an oath to uphold The Constitution, and immediately begin doing everything in their perceived “power” to ignore and undermine it. Then the uninformed electorate with their hands out for goobermint goodies, put Santa Claus back in office over and over.

    God save The Republic!

    1. Amen to that Galaxie_Man. When our votes no longer matter and government is corrupt and tyrannical, it is time to take their power (which is ours ) and distribute quick and severe punishment to the traitors such that no one else ever tries again. Personally, I am fed up.

    2. The author in this article writes,”After all,how many criminals are buying ammunition by the thousand?” Hmmm,who is buying ammunition by the Billions!

  37. This whole thing of disarming America by taking away the rights of law abiding citizens by any political entity should be considered treason in aiding the enemy.

    Arm citizens are a national army worth billions of dollars (not tax payers money). This army is funded by private personal funds. But in a national emergency and invading enemy would have to nuts to go up against a dedicated patriotic force of 60 – 80 million gun owners.

    It is a sad thing that insane people get their hands on firearms and commit a crime. But in trying to save a few in our population from this threat to sacrifice a nations security in a big way is just plain stupid.

    History will tell you that an unarmed citizenship is an invitation for invasion and genocide.

    So like I said. Politicians, or groups intent on removing guns from the citizenship should be put up on treason charges.

  38. This is, of course, a completely worthless measure – nothing more than a publicity stunt for a group of elected idiots feeding off the Bloomberg teat, who otherwise aren’t getting enough press.

    Evil cannot and will not be legislated.

    My answer, my solution, my rebuttal to such nonsense? Why, I just bought more ammo. My UPS guy is going to have a stroke this week. As a veteran and a CHP holder, I’ll buy all the ammo I can afford. And when I run out of it, they can have my guns.

  39. The country didn’t elect a majority of self-proclaimed Conservatives to congress in the last election cycle to allow legislation like this to ever see the light of day on their watch. Let’s just hope that none of them were lying to us.

  40. Watson Coleman is another big O from the Trenton demo rats. Check the Trentonion news from a few years ago her two kids were involved in an armed robbery. Just another pos.

  41. Bob-THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You totally get what I have been saying for years -Wow what a great video- every American should be required to watch it.I am speechless.-steve

  42. Sadly the “DUMB MAJORITY” is running the “US of A” into a deep hole of worthlessness.This once great nation is no longer the country the world respects and trust’s.

    “We The People” are no longer served by the people we voted for and trusted to run this country the right way.

    “We The People” are now serving our elected “Masters in Washington”. Who only serve themselves.Too many of the “DUMB MAJORITY”, are too busy with their own life problems to concern themselves with the running of this nation and it’s problems.Thus the continued lowering of the American standard of living. The “bar of life” that was once set high in America, is now so low, you need to crawl on your belly to get under it.

    There are too few of us “SMART MINORITY” to make the changes this country needs to put America back on top. Our numbers are too few to make the difference with a vote.The only way for the “SMART MINORITY” to help right the continuing wrongs of this country.Is by a BLOODY REVOLT. YES, BLOOD must be spilled to thin down the numbers of the “DUMB MAJORITY”. So the “DUMB MAJORITY” will become the “DUMB FEW”.That is the only way I see this once great country, becoming a great nation again.

    Tyranny has many faces, right now the “DUMB MAJORITY” is one of them.

  43. another waste of tax payer money and time and to once again pit limits on law abiding citizens. Pretty sure criminals are cringing in their steps at not being able to purchase ammunition on line. Hmmm.

  44. Now you understand what guts it took for Washington and company to do what they did..The American Revolution was the act and Blueprint for overthrowing a government out of control.A government with such blatant incompetence at the top is signaling no fear of the Law or the people it rules over.We have the firepower and they are taunting us. They will continue threatening us until they feel no resistance.Perhaps at that time we will take back the mantle of freedom Washington,Adams and Jefferson left to us.Perhaps not and we will slip down further into serfdom.

  45. Okay, so what is everybody doing about this?

    Are you writing your Congressmen and Senators?

    Are you contributing to the NRA, GOA, NAGR or all three?

    Are you signing petitions and supporting lobby days?

    If not . . . why? We can rant to each other all we want and it isn’t going to accomplish a thing. Stand united and fight!

    1. Anybody that still believes that signing petitions or rallying does any good is delusional. Petitions are ignored, rallies are downplayed and/or demonized in the MSM to minimize any effectiveness. What real changes have been made by this? The political class just shifts gears and doubles down. Might makes right, real action, not talk, is what’s needed. Join a local militia, train, and be ready for what they are steering this to. They will get their bans, being Goebbels’s superior at propaganda with the sheeple masses, just be ready for it.

    2. If you believe that, then how have we stopped all the anti-gun legislation over the years? How about the Green Tip ban? How about all the other stupid laws the Libs have tried to ram down our throats?

      Joining a local militia accomplishes squat in the political arena, and right now, that’s where the fight is. If the day comes where the goons are coming down the street, then that’s another matter. But the easiest way to ensure that day comes is to do nothing, which is what you are advocating.

  46. FYI-a good study as to what happens when a government seeks to disarm a portion of a population please read about the the disarming of Jews in Nazi Germany by Hitler and his use of German law to support the confiscation of arms and ammunition. It is strikingly similar to the “progressive” lefts attempts to disarm a large part of the political landscape. Funny how leftists seek to empower government and subjugate its people to less freedoms – political criminality.

  47. Recent events? You mean like standing up to big government and fighting for our rights to the point that troll like Pelosi consider the NRA and its members to be public enemy number one?

  48. Hey Thomas-I tend to agree with you.I believe that America has self-destructed itself into history.It is an irony that people do not see history as it is happening to them. A great pity ……L Love this country and what she offered to the common person and civilization.

  49. Just because a liberal democrat authored this bill does not mean by default that only liberal democrats want to take away guns from law abiding citizens.

    Political parties are just to provide the perception of choice. Everyone should know by now that all political leaders are potential anti-2nd amendment advocates. Even the NRA is suspect in light of recent events.

    1. While we certainly must be wary of ANY politicians that would want to take away our rights, the truth is that right now 95%+ of those who want to destroy the Second Amendment are Democrats and almost EVERY SINGLE anti-liberty bill concerning the Second Amendment at both the state and federal levels have been proposed by Democrats.

      The parties are NOT the same on this issue at all. Pretending that they are will result in you losing your rights.

    2. Assuming your enemy is only in the opposing camp is a bigger mistake. Just because the façade being presented leads us to think that, as you say, 95% of anti-gun is authored by liberal democrats, does not make the assumption accurate.

      Last I checked it was republicans pushing military equipment on police forces and funding military exercises like JADE HELM, and that is as much a threat as gun control.

      Constitutional assaults are not limited to only gun control actions.

    3. @ Thomas Frey:

      Last you checked? Where exactly did this so-called check of yours occur… somewhere deep in the bowls of your irrational fantasy land you call a brain?

      Apparently everyone in the World, with the exception of you, is aware that as Commander and Chief over all the U.S. Military and any of its operations, that makes Obama directly responsible for any military equipment distributions to police forces as well as the Jade Helm 15 operation.

      Last the World checked, Obama was a registered Democrat not a Republican.

      As for funding, even these military ops are being funded by FY 2015 authorization which was passed by a then Democrat majority controlled Senate.

  50. We get all worked up and throw darts at the ignorance of the legislators for many of the cockamamie anti-gun bills they introduce. Our frustration mostly stems from our sheer disbelief that such ignorance exists this high up in our government. The thing is, the stupidity runs deeper than we can imagine and is even worse than we thought…

    Why? Because most the Congressmen don’t even write the bills themselves and thereafter have no concept as to how their legislation will turn out to actually effect people in real-time and real-world.

    You see, the consensus in Congress is that each member has to look like they are doing something proactive at all times, and so they constantly work their staff to come up with bills to look like there is progress from that office.

    The belief is that if they are not always working to introduce some kind of new legislation or partnering with another member to write some bill… of any kind, then history will judge their record as a do-nothing or lame-duck type legislator.

    So the truth of the matter is, most the half-baked anti-gun schemes (along with many other liberal bills) are actually written by young liberal staffers based on their own naive personal perspective of how they think the world is.

    Rarely does a Congressman fully read what staffers actually wrote for him/her, and instead must depend on verbal briefings by the staffers who spin how the Congressman should speak publicly about a new bill. All this is accomplished regardless of what is actually written.

    These liberal legislators most of the time aren’t even passionate about their hastily crafted bills and don’t even care if they pass, as long as it make them look active for their record.

    But the most awful aspect in all of this is that sometimes the spin is just good enough that their bills do get passed into law. It is always a very sad day for America when that happens, especially since most citizen don’t even realize the bogus process.

  51. Well, get ready for the next mad run on ammunition because everyone will want to stock up just in case.

  52. We will always have to fight the liberal tide, they think the world is happy land and Disney . Going after the ammo is already being done by the government if they buy it all we don’t get any. And of course the manufactures will take there contracts . We must be vigilant in watching what goes on in all our government agencies when they pay there way into office they have what they want to run things like they want . Vote the bastards out , try putting common people in charge and they still will be corrupted by power. It’s the way of governments.

  53. I speak to People regularly about gun and ammo control, as I am an avid shooter, collector, and pastor. I always hear, “ask Gabby Gifford about gun control”. To which I remind them, multiples more people successfully defend home and hearth with firearms than successfully violate them with firearms. We absolutely NEED comprehensive & absolute gun control… But the only kind of gun control that will EVER be effective takes place in homes, by owners, generational instruction and by creating a culture of respectful common sense regarding all weapons and ammo. The Government meddling in gun control is like the mice regulating the rat poison industry.
    The second amendment was written and enshrined in the shadow of a historically necessary armed revolution where the citizens were forced to take up AVAILABLE arms to defend their God given rights. “Available” being the key word. With all the liberal blather about the 2nd ammendment, that fact is usually neglected. In that light, Ammo control IS gun control.
    Words from a reasonable, peace lovin’, God fearing, US Army vet.

  54. 1. The bill will never even get out of committee for a floor vote because the Democrats no longer control Congress. This is just political posturing by the desperate extremists who are losing the war they have been trying to wage against freedom and law-abiding Americans.

    The Democrats are trying to appeal to their core of freedom-hating control-freak leftists, by suggesting that a problem exists when it actually doesn’t, and then blaming the Republicans for “obstructing” their efforts to solve the non-existent problem. It is up to us to make sure that other Americans are not so uniformed that they fall for that stupid tactic.

    2. Even if enacted, the statute would be struck down as unconstitutional under the same reasoning a federal court recently struck down the federal ban on interstate retail sales of handguns: the Supreme Court recognizes the right to keep and bear arms (RTKBA) as a “fundamental” right under the McDonald decision, so any law that impacts the RTKBA must be (a) necessary to protect a legitimate government interest; and (b) the “least restrictive means” possible to protect that interest.

    There is no legitimate government interest in preventing law-abiding citizens from buying ammo online or in any other manner we might choose. It is already illegal for felons / mentally ill to buy ammo, online or in any other manner.

    So, the “least restrictive” way to protect the only legitimate government interest even arguably at issue here (keeping felons / mentally ill from using the Internet to buy ammo illegally) is to enforce that existing law, not to pass a new law that punishes law-abiding citizens.

  55. Another liberal idiot that has no idea, other than take our Constitutional Rights away in the name of safety. They have no knowledge other than their own lame agendas. Democrats and liberals are this countries worst enemies. It is time to renew the Republic.

  56. Because everyone knows that if violent criminals can’t buy ammo online, there will be no violent crime. Worked in the days of Cane and Able…no…wait…what?

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