President Obama Says it is “Easier to Buy a Gun Than Vegetables”

On March 6, President Obama delivered remarks on the one-year anniversary of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative at a Town Hall at St. Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. In a Q&A session approximately one hour and seven minutes into the presentation, the president began demonstrating his command of the nation’s gun laws. Shooter’s Log readers may be surprised to learn that “it’s easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable” in some neighborhoods, according to the president.

Here are excerpts from the speech, as provided by White House transcript, and their approximate time codes for the gun-related material if you want to watch the full C-Span video and see the president’s comments for yourself.

@ 1:07:44 But what we also have to recognize is, is that our homicide rates are so much higher than other industrialized countries. I mean by, by like a mile. And most of that is attributable to the easy, ready availability of firearms, particularly handguns.

@ 1:08:34 I personally believe that it is not violating anybody’s rights that if you want to purchase a gun, it should be, you know, at least your responsibility to get a background check so that we know you are not a violent felon, or that you don’t currently have a restraining order on you, you because you committed domestic abuse or — right now, we don’t know a lot of that. It’s just not available.

@ 1:10:02 So what we’ve done is we have tried as much as we can administratively to implement background checks and to make sure that we’re working with those states and cities and jurisdictions that are interested and willing to partner with us to crack down on the legal use of firearms, particularly handguns.

@ 1:10:36 In the absence of more, what I would consider, heroic and courageous stances from our legislators both at the state level and the federal level, it is hard to reduce the easy availability of guns. And as long as you can go into some neighborhoods and it is easier for you to buy a firearm than it is for you to buy a book, there are neighborhoods where it’s easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable — as long as that’s the case, we’re going to continue to see unnecessary violence.

@ 1:11:36 But I’ll end by saying this. Despite those frustrations, despite the failure of Congress to act, despite the failure of too many state legislators to act — in fact, in some places it goes the opposite direction, people just say well, we should have firearms in kindergarten and we should have machine guns in bars. You think I’m exaggerating — I mean, you look at some of these laws that come up.

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  1. I love how Obama throws out crime statistics that none of us care about. Who cares what the death rate is in another area of the world when we have our own sample size to go by. I’ll let u all look up the stats to get them accurate. But let’s list St. Louis MO as one of the most violent cities in USA. Now simply select the violent crimes you wish to pursue. On the left side list the crimes for the 5 years before Missourians were allowed to carry and on the right side show the list of the same type of crimes since the day we became able to defend our families and our own lives.

    That is as Apple to Apple as you can get.

  2. 100% correct!

    However that ‘s where it should stop as well. Make sure the bad guy shave a harder time getting guns, I’m all for that! Had my neighbor shoot up his yard one night… He isn’t allowed to have guns anymore.

    M855 ball ammo being declared armor piercing or trying to get it that was seems silly as hell, but part of a bigger plan. If that’s banned what’s next? I bet if you ask a vet if it’s armor piercing he or she will tell you it will go through a vest, but not armor.

  3. Crazies, criminals and violent offenders will always find a way to get a gun. It’s the lawful owners that are being targeted. The present laws, in my state, already have background checks but again that is only for the lawfully purchased guns.

    1. Sure it’s that easy, when you’re the POTUS. I’d bet he doesn’t even buy

  4. These type of “requirements” are just another way to track and monitor the legal citizens who purchase guns. Last time I read the US constitution it did not say You have the right to bear arms, with the proper documentation, back ground check, and only specified guns the government allows.

  5. A follow up question to your comment. If I am a law abiding citizen of the US, and I have a constitutional right to bear arms, why should the government track what guns I own? and they do track. Every time your plate is run while driving a car it pops up. Now they have the auto plate readers that record where you, and your car, are located. How much information should the government know about each person? If you believe this information is not used you are not seeing the big picture.

  6. As much as I love guns and dislike draconian laws that restrict ownership Obama has a valid point. Crazies, criminals and violent offenders should not be allowed easy access to firearms. Background checks should be mandatory. Period!

    1. NICS background checks are already mandatory and do little to prevent the black market trade in firearms. People who acquire firearms illegally do not submit to background checks, that’s why they’re buying black market guns.

    2. I have a drivers licence to drive my car. Why not photo ID that says I am not a risk for gun purchase and ownership. Nobody is talking about taking away every ones guns. Paranoia and misinformation rears up against even the most reasonable legislation. Yes criminals purchase guns illegally. When you can purchase a firearm at a flea market or through a local advertisement from a private seller and all you need is a drivers licence that is wrong! There is no NICS check in place. A huge loophole that makes it way too easy for the wrong people to get guns. No legal gun owner should fear a background check. Having proper ID may even make purchasing easier.

    3. Legal gun owners don’t fear a background check, that’s why they undergo one every time they purchase a firearm. They must also show identification when doing so. That doesn’t stop the illegal black market trade in stolen firearms. Nothing you have proposed or think should be mandatory will stop criminals from ignoring the plethora of laws already in place.

    4. I find the very laws you think are so reasonable quite irrational. The trade in black market firearms is never going to be curtailed by further restrictions on the law-abiding.

    5. While I was sitting in my garage listening to this speech it occured to me Obama has never legally purchased a firearms. I am part of an unnamed organization that goes to local gun dealers regularly as well as gun shows to make shire they do the checks correctly. If we hear so and so is making straw purchases he will be sent to the proper authorities.

      As a person that is looking to get in the gun business for myself I am very aware that there is a log book that you must write all off your firearms transactions on. When and where u got them and when and who bought it. It also must include the federal background check pass or fail info. Every legitimate dealer in this country has this book locked up in their shop. How hard would it be for Betty at the Oval Office to come up with a program that these can be put in. Whala …….:.:I just figured this whole mess out. Now befor I get hit by the people who do not want a registry, we simply provide the basics.
      MALE RESIDES SOMEWHERE IN THE USA WHERE HE STILL HAS GUN RIGHTS……::………I’m comfortable this gun goes to the right person. This is so easy to do. By not doing it you are just showing you don’t want good results with the system. The last simple fix for the “Gunshow loophole”. Here’s an idea I’d be on board with. Give all citizens the background check number and materials and your legally armed people will be doing background checks when they sell their old guns. That’s the only ethical way to sell one gun or trade between two people without a shop. They can still call an 800 number to make sure they aren’t selling to Ted Bundy.

  7. I noticed only one white person in the crowd. i guess he was only talking to the ones that couldn’t even afford veggies but could get there hands on black market guns.

  8. I wonder if I can go through MY life without YOUR god being shoved down my throat/ Your invisible friend has no hold on me. Guns NOT god is the conversation.

    I do not believe our government being Dems or GOP has even a bloody clue where to find all our guns. Do you really think they can take all our guns away, really? I’d say your a kitty cat in nice terms if you believe that story. They can’t find major terror suspects, they could not convict OJ for gods sake.

    That gun that was purchased in Quam in 1945 by my dad, ya think they know about those kinds of things? The guns we all bought up in the sixties, not written down anywhere… Are they going to move US troops in and disarm the entire country? Do they have a giant gun sniffing satellite?

    1. One question, Do you think the 6 million Jews that Hitler killed said “No way, He can’t really go door to door and take everything we own, force us in to labor camps and gas us in death chambers after starving us, really?” Today that would equate to about 35 – 38 million Americans by population.

    2. The truth is, Hitler murdered, Over 26 million unarmed and government disarmed citizens. All citizens were required to register any and all firearms. That registry was use in the confiscation process. The Jewish issue, however tragic, pails in comparison. With All Due Respect.

    3. Refer to the University of Hawaii, Democide Web Page. You will see the big picture. Hitler’s death camps and the millions of other individuals Slaughtered by his reign pail in comparison to other leaders. Each government banned and confiscated all privately owned firearms.

  9. Perhaps the President should be concerned about cleaning up those neighborhoods instead of trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens. If you read the text it even says at 1:10:02 “to crack down on the LEGAL USE of firearms” how much clearer can it get as to what he wants to do.

  10. As far as the claim that it’s easier to buy handguns than vegetables is such a juvenile and ignorant statement.
    I have never had to fill out a background check and then wait 3 days cooling off period to buy vegetables!
    Only an Obama droid would believe that nonsense.

  11. Maybe a decade ago even then I bet the First Lady took care of that. Now I doubt they even cook there meals.

  12. This man is a moron always has been and always will be, he would like nothing more that to be king and destrory the pice of paper that make us different that the rest of the world. His time is coming to an end and he will bw remember as the worst and most unconstitutional President in the history of America

  13. Sometimes the potus has made comments that make brrak hussien ‘bama appear to be a fool because he INTENTIONALLY misstates the facts. Yes, there are some neighborhoods where no supermarket will venture; they are robbed or burned with regularity. Yes criminals sell guns to criminals. That is ALREADY AGAINST THE LAW so what good will more laws to criminalize the law abiding people accomplish? Enforce the laws already on the books and stop playing the fool. Oh, wait, he isn’t playing the fool; he IS a fool! Misguided fools with dictatorial powers are a great danger to , what many people consider the USA as being a democracy… We are a Constitutional Federated Representational Republic. Supposedly a nation of and by the laws of the land. This potus endeavors to toss off his own laws, only enforce the laws he likes (immigration), and choose who must answer to any laws at all (himsely, hilarity rod hams Clinton, eric holder, lois learner, and a slew of others). The man is a criminal and eligible for impeachment; even more dangerous , he is a power mad fool who refuses to recognize limits he has publically confessed to before, ON THE RECORD. He is a liar and a fool and much the worse, he is adored by the ill informed low information voter, and the poor people who only vote for ‘bama bucks to flow into their pockets from mine and other productive citizens. Nay, the potus only aspires to being a fool. If I had my ‘bama phone, I’d call him and tell him he lied about the national debt in addition to all his other lies. He is the most potent enemy the USA has ever faced. He is a fool who appeals to fools and we are becoming a land of fools under common core and the Department of Education. Just who is barry soetoro and why did he get foreign student benefits and in state rates at the same time? The man committed perjury at his oath before the bar. A successful liar and a fool is a lethal mix for the this land, once of a free people, now worse than the fictional “Orwellian State.” Let us use the law to bury this man under his lies and embellishments on the truth. LET NO PERSON RAISE A HAND TO HIM IN ANGER OR TO DO PHYSICAL HARM. In the kennedy family we have saints enough. I do NOT wish to see mooschelle ‘bama ascend to the pinnacle of power upon the rotting corpse of this potus! BRING HIM DOWN UNDER THE WEIGHT OF THE LAW!

  14. Well, I am somewhat happy, at my age, I probably won’t be around long enough to see this Great Nation totally distroyed because of the ignorance of our people electing incompetent individuals to lead. Individuals that mislead and outright lie to push forward an agenda that has failed throughout history…Socialism…ie…Disarm all citizens so they cannot defend themselves…Increase the national debt to an unmanageable level…Create more poverty level citizens that depend on the government for all their needs (allowing millions of people flooding across our southern boarder) …removing God from the collective masses…etc, etc, etc.
    Socialist Philosophy, Pure and Simple.
    From 1900-1999 it is estimated, as many as 350 million, unarmed and government disarmed citizens have been Slaughtered by their own governments. What do they have in common? EACH GOVERNMENT BANNED AND CONFISCATED ALL PRIVATELY OWNED FIREARMS.

  15. Bottom line…our president is an idiot. He talks about our crime rate and acts of violence are high??? Take away the guns and see how the violence increases. In areas where guns are prohibited…their crime rate is through the roof. In areas that are heavily armed…the crime rate is less. It’s the simple facts. Better yet…let’s take away all the guns from the CIA and FBI and all agencies that are keeping him safe in the white house. Let’s see how things unfold then. I guess it’s easy to talk about gun control and ammo bans when you spend most of your days sitting behind bullet proof glass and hundreds of heavily armed men.

  16. The fight for gun control is misplaced. The only thing they achieve with the target a law abiding citizen is to make a criminal out of the millions of gun owners in this country.

    Tell me how they are going to stop the real criminals, the mentally ill, and etc. from getting guns for their crimes. The black market will exist for a 1000 years with guns available to any criminal that wants them. They don’t have answer, so they prey on the law abiding and innocent.

  17. Well, I have to agree with President Hussein, it is pretty easy to buy a gun in Chicago, New York, LA. You just walk up to the guy in the van, flash some green, he pops the back open, you pick. No tax, background check, license. Legal? Don’t worry about those pesky laws. They only apply to the American working class, paying all the bills.

  18. First off it’s ot a clip. Its a magazine. Second, I grow produce for a living and it cojldnt be any easier to buy fresh veggies. If you dont have the money I’ll give them to you.

  19. He wants to be a Dictator, he wants to disarm the American people. Remember what Vladamir Lenin the founder of Russia Communist Party said: ” I love it when one man with a gun can control 100 without one”. Do you all get the big Picture?

    I came from a little Country that was ruled by a ruthless Dictator, now it is rule by the Socialist/Communist Party. If you ever get apprehended with a gun, you can go to prison for a long time or for life.

    Keep fighting let’s not let these ignorant people take away our magnificent Country.


  20. when we lose our guns we lose our freedoms. as any empire or civilization when the people had no weapons the government ruled with absolute power. our constitution is not outdated it was written by men who loved this country deeply and foresaw our basic rights should be protected. our constitution is under attack and im afraid it will fall

  21. As usual, Obama inflates, obfuscates, and outright lies. Where I live I can buy veggies at over 20 different retail groceries and it’s fresh and reasonable. If I want locally farmed produce I have to wait for the weekend and shop at the farmer’s market. Obviously the local stuff isn’t available year round but that’s OK with me. My town is relatively small with a population of 70,000.

    We have much more to worry about with the millions that idiots like Michael Bloomberg and PBS spends trying to get state governments to enact ballot initiatives for “common-sense” measures on private firearm transfer bans (last year in Washington State it passed!). That Washington effort cost supporters $10 million —- chicken feed to leftist wackos like him, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Nick Hanauer (Amazon), and others. These wealthy, supposedly civic minded billionaires will use their money to fund stupid feel-good things like this.

    This guy doesn’t know how to tell the truth!

  22. What a moron and stupid idiot. He don’t know how to shop at Walmart, Bilo, win Dixie, etc. he has people to wipe his butt.

  23. In a way, he’s right. But as usual, he’s twisting the truth. I have spent a lot of time in a major midwestern inner city.

    The corner grocery stores are full of Cheetos,candies, 40 oz beers, blunts and a very small selection of fruits, vegetables and close to expiration date lunch meats. The usual do gooders complain but the local residents don’t seem to care.

    So now, 0’s interested in handguns, I thought it was semi automatic rifles that were the instruments of Satan?

    The lefty mindset, blame and try to ban the inanimate object, not the actions and behaviors of the person committing the crime.

    1. Good point. I would love to see the crime stats broken down to reflect that. Please see my earlier post about 99.9% of all crime occurring in or originating from the neighborhoods the President is describing.

    2. Rick,
      You sound a little bitter and you continue to miss my point. The ways these statistics are reported and collected are skewed to conceal embarrassing realities about the location and nature of crime in this country.

    3. To appropriately paraphrase a cliché: “You can lead a horse’s ass to facts, but you can’t make him think.”

  24. I can’t believe I just heard the President of the United States say he wants to crack down on the “legal” use of firearms, particularly handguns. I could well understand wanting to crack down on the “illegal” use of handguns, but he has totally lost control of his mind if he wants to “crack down” on the legal use of handguns. What does that really even mean? What is he saying he wants to do – VIOLATE the Second Amendment of the US Constitution? I had to re-read that quote twice and re-listed to his actual speech 4 times and he really did say that. What kind of President does he think he is – wanting to violate the US Constitution. Sounds like he wants to get impeached!

    If handguns are so easy to get in his neighborhood then he needs to enforce the existing laws on buying guns, not make new laws that nobody will enforce either. As a Federally licensed firearms dealer, I know full well what a person has to do to legally buy a handgun anywhere in the US because they are governed by Federal Regulations. You need to pass a Federal Criminal Background Check and there are lots of disqualifying conditions. If anything even looks a little odd it will not be approved until more detailed research is done on the person by the Feds. You have to show you Government issued ID like Drivers License with the data recorded on the Federal ATF form. You have to fill out a multi-page Form and have the data processed by the background check agency. If it is a handgun you have a 3 day waiting period before you can pick up the gun unless you have been approved for a State Concealed Weapon Permit which takes another extensive background check by the State Agency. This does not sound like it is easy to legally buy a handgun anywhere in the US. But criminals don’t buy guns through legal channels! They buy them on the Illegal Black Market in President Obama’s Neighborhood which probably isn’t a safe place to shop for books or vegetable anyway. His comment make no logical sense and make him look like he is uneducated and unaware of what existing laws are. Such comments are meant to be inflamatory and provoke stupid media response! I can’t believe our President is trying to deceive Americans to further his true ANTI-GUN and ANTI-Constitution Agenda.

    1. Hey Bob D: You noticed what I thought was the most important thing in the speech. When I copied the transcript from and looked at it word for word alongside the video, I saw that it had been cleaned up, with stammers, “uh,” “ah,” and “like” removed. So when the transcript read that the president said he wanted to crack down on “legal” gun use, I thought it was an uncorrected verbal gaffe. So, just like you did, I listened to that section four times to make sure the transcript wasn’t wrong. Then I asked my wife to listen as well. He clearly said he wanted to crack down on legal gun use, and the transcript was correct.

  25. “First and foremost – “We The People…”, Free and Sovereign Citizens of The United States of America, have NOT had a legitimate president since January 20, 2009”

    You mean the superseding the one who “won” only via Bush v. Gore?

  26. How can it be easier to buy a gun? You have to fill out and ATF form 4473 with ALL your information then subject yourself to a background check before taking possession of the firearm. When did they start doing that for buying vegetables? Another Obama lie. One of many. Don’t believe this man if his mouth is moving he’s lying. Period! The Democrat’s want YOUR guns people. Get it in your head. Every gun control law in this country has been passed by a Democrat. NFA 1934 Roosevelt. GCA 1968 Johnson and the Assault Weapons Ban 1993 Clinton. ALL in the guise of CRIME CONTROL. Bullsh*t!

  27. re-“easier to buy than vegetables”
    Absolutely true .. for thugs. But that isn’t the point of ANY of the legislation offered by the Chief Thug In Charge. Since those restrictions will ever and always ONLY apply to the law abiding citizens. Disarming the law abiding does not make thugs harmless!!

    1. Right on!
      He can’t buy one because he is not a recognized citizen of the USA!
      He would have to get one from his Thugs in Chi town.

  28. I agree with the prez that it’s easier in some neighborhoods to acquire guns than fresh vegetables. So let’s make it easier to get fresh vegetables and other healthy foods. I feel so much healthier since I went vegetarian a while back.

    Generally I lean towards the moderate/sensible Dem/GOP end of the spectrum and have little/no use for the far left/right extremists. But it gets harder to support the Dems who are hell-bent on gun control measures based on fact-free emotionalism instead of common sense.

    Alas, common sense is not so common.

  29. Leaving us NORMAL law abiding people defenseless if he gets his way….

    I’m just going to get more guns. REMEMBER black powder is still a viable tool.

  30. “…partner with us to crack down on the legal use of firearms, particularly handguns. ”
    Notice that he wants to CRACK DOWN on the LEGAL use of firearms – I interpret that to mean further infringe on the 2nd Amendment.

    I do agree with background checks, and I would go so far as to strongly recommend gun safety training. And with the issuance of a permit to carry, insist on a required safety training class prior to issue.

    But the problem with gun violence seems to me to be two-fold:
    #1 – already-convicted felons obtaining weapons illegally and using them to continue to further their career. I’ll toss not-yet-caught gang bangers in with this group also since quite often they’re under age for legitimate purchasing of a firearm.
    #2 – the more rare instance of some type of rage, be it domestic violence or road rage or similar. And where do you draw the line? And how do you draw it? – in America we are not supposed to penalize anyone for something they MIGHT do.

    The final numbers are in for 2013 – so let’s take a look:
    Vehicle deaths in the U.S. (2013)
    Total homicides in the U.S. (2013) 16,121 – with 11,208 of those committed with a firearm. So it would appear there are other ways to commit homicide than with a firearm.

    I’m not saying this is a good thing, but the fact is that we kill more people each year with legally owned (but often illegally operated) vehicles than we do with legally owned firearms. I don’t have the numbers on the firearm deaths as to how many were committed with a “legally owned” gun.

    And when are the anti-gun nutcases going to learn the difference between a ‘clip’ and a ‘magazine’? Or if you go back to Feinstein’s quasi-definition, the difference between clips and bullets?

  31. First and foremost – “We The People…”, Free and Sovereign Citizens of The United States of America, have NOT had a legitimate president since January 20, 2009, and all of the sewer-rat politicians and judiciaries (Namely SCOTUS) in Washington, ‘D’espicably ‘C’orrupt know this. Then there’s the ever-complicit DEAD-stream media whose specific responsibility is to do whatever it takes to protect and defend the above federally uber-criminals listed above along with their accomplices, facilitators, aiders, abettors and sycophants.

    Now with the above being stated, what the same heathens above do not want for us to know is that the first ten amendments to Our U.S. Constitution, aka The Bill of Rights, are totally un-amendable; every, single, one of them. This they also know all too well.

    So it’s time to ‘Saddle-up’ America, “we’re burning daylight” as The Duke once famously said. The times for these pact of Fraudulent, Perjurous, Treasonous, Subversive and Seditious federal criminals is over, now.

    Check out Bill Whittle’s “The Fire Wall” on YouTube for more.

  32. The President is correct; it is easy to buy guns the way the criminals buy them, freshly stolen and available anywhere thugs and community organizers gather…

  33. The reason guns are so easy to get in some neighborhoods is because they are sold illegally on the black market in those neighborhoods. Creating more gun laws to infringe the rights of law abiding citizens, will not stop that, when the people buying and selling those guns don’t worry about the laws we have now. Typical gun grabber logic.

  34. When he says that he wants people to ” partner with us to crack down on the LEGAL use of firearms..” we hear applause from the criminal element that leads his party!! His was NOT a misspeak, it was his true intent to defeat the law that he swore to uphold and defend.
    Our Constitution – is his true target.

  35. Arm everyone

    To many guns on the street? Buy them up and them the “bad guys” won’t have any…. Same thinking, just wrong! and I am an American, not a Dem Not in the GOP, just an AMERICAN with guns.

  36. How does he think going after “legal firearms” will have any effect on “unnecessary violence”? (and what about necessary violence?) We’ve always known he’s a gun-grabber…

    1. The question I would ask any law maker regarding limited legal hand gun access is; please tell what number of crimes involving firearms that were committed by non violently convicted US citizens who bought and legally own a hand gun and how does this number compare to the remaining number of crimes committed with non legally owned hand gun?
      I suspect the number is rather small.
      Thank you

    2. Good point. I would love to see the crime stats broken down to reflect that. Please see my earlier post about 99.9% of all crime occurring in or originating from the neighborhoods the President is describing.

  37. Unfortunately, Pres. Obama would prefer to bash our Second Amendment rights than address the issue of mental health. Essentially every single one of these horrific acts of violence where firearms have been used have involved a person with mental health problems. But do politicians, such as Pres. Obama, Pelosi, etc., pledge to try to protect us from persons who are mentally deranged? No! Instead, they would leave law abiding citizens without any means to protect themselves.

  38. It seems the President and congress should spend some time and effort on the supply of fresh vegtables to some neighborhoods. This will not only help the neighborhood by making fresh vegtables more accessable than guns, but it will help the farmer as well. Even organics can be delivererd to these neighborhoods. When people eat fresh vegtables, they are overall healthier and will probably make better decisions.

  39. Wow! Legal use and ownership of guns. The things that this man is doing can only be described as Hitlerish. It saddens me to know that my fellow Americans voted him in twice. Socialism at its finest. When will the country go back to doing for themselves and not attempting to let government control everyone’s way of life? I believe it was said “Ask not what you’re country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. I hope America wakes up.soon!

  40. Get over it. In addition to being elected President of the United States, twice, and being the Commander in Chief of the U.S Armed Forces, he is also a politician. He does what all politicians do. He lies to please the crowd he is talking to. In reality, Obama has done little to nothing to stop the sale of firearms in this country. During his presidency I have acquired multiple guns and a concealed carry permit without problem.
    The gun industry is going great.
    The real problem in this country regarding guns is lack of variety in ammo. Try finding .455 Webley, 30-40 Krag, or even .45 Auto Rim. Any thing that is not sold in Wal-Mart and you are SOL.

    1. Our maximum leader, Obama knows less than NOTHING about guns and ammunition. The M855 round is NOT an armor piercing round any more than any 30-30, 30-06, 7mm or ANY other center fire rifle round! They will all penetrate 1.4″ of cold rolled steel, but NOT armor plating! All Obama has succeeded in doing is to prove that he has no knowledge of guns and ammunition except that such things do exist!.. nothing more!

  41. He said it and no one caught it.

    @ 1:10:02
    …to crack down on the legal use of firearms, particularly handguns.

    That’s right folks. The legal use of firearms.

    So just like we all knew he is completely against the 2nd Amendment and want to make it impossible to buy a gun legally so we will eventually be forced to go to the inner city and buy our guns illegally.

    1. .. Oh I caught it – it kind of just jumps right out at you, doesn’t it. Maybe he intends to let you own one (compliance with the 2nd Amendment) but he’s just going to figure out a way to make actually pulling a trigger totally illegal, be it in the field hunting, on the range enjoying a little stress relief punching holes in paper, or defending yourself from an attacker with a legally owned and operated KA-BAR.

    2. Yes Obama did, as would any America/Constitution-hating communist-democrat would espouse.

  42. I simply do not understand why it has taken so long for my fellow right of center and even some left of center Americans to only now realize who Obama really is. Some of us knew he was bad far left ideological news before he even left the senate where he rarely ever voted while there. He didn’t want to expose his hand, did he? Those of us who thought this way were roundly criticized as racists. You can thank Franklin Marshall Davis for pounding angry far left smoke up between this anti-colonialists two left butt cheeks.

    Why has this taken you so long to figure out?

    1. You can probably thank Frank Marshall Davis for pounding something else, if you know what I mean……..

  43. I so much agree with Randy Humphries comments. Could not have said it better.

    At first I thought Obama was a different kind of politician. Now his real colors are coming out and turns out he is like most of the rest distributing miss information and flat out lies to achieve his agenda. Regardless of their race you can tell they are lying becasue their mouth is moving.

    Pay attention to his references to the countries that have confiscated fire arms or oppressive gun laws as his ideal. Seems our founding fathers may have had this guy in mind when they wrote the 2nd Amendment. .

    I hope people get it that bad guys will always have their weapons of choice no matter how oppressive our gun laws may become. Unless, all firearms are eliminated and the 2nd Amendment becomes history. I do believe that is this administrations goal, step by step piece by piece.

  44. Democratic friends of mine rattle on about the “racist” dislike of Obama, but this stands as a perfect example of what we dislike about him. Lying, plain and simple. Using deceitful means only to accomplish treacherous and obsessive results. I am personally and deeply embarrassed that he acts as our representative to foreign powers and I continue my pledge to fight against his love of destruction of this country.

  45. Did anyone else notice the Freudian slip or transcription error at
    @ 1:10:02
    ” to crack down on the LEGAL use of firearms, particularly handguns”?
    Emphasis added.

  46. He’s not a stupid man, but so ignorant. And sadder still, when it comes to firearms, he does not care about his ignorance. Put an antigun script in his hands, pull the string coming out of his back, and he’ll speak it.

  47. @ Paul Burke – so true Paul, We The People Elected 4 assholes in the body politic. Reagan, 2 Bushes, and Clinton !

  48. “Curiously, he didn’t discuss why it’s easier to buy a handgun in some neighborhoods than it is to buy vegetables. It has nothing at all to do with legitimate gun owners or dealers, who follow the law. The problem is twofold. First, criminals don’t pay any attention to the gun laws, buying and selling to anyone including underage thugs without any checks or identification. You got the dough, you get the gun. Second, the crime rate in a lot of places (Detroit, for example) that all of the grocery stores have shut down. All the chain grocery stores in the city of Detroit are gone. If you want to go to a grocery store, you have to go out to the suburbs, but you can buy a gun illegally on the street from a 15 year old.”

    DINGDINGDING…we have a winner, Johnny.

    1. “Ban government and almost ALL crime will go down. Much will even DISAPPEAR as if by MAGIC!”

      I have been on the ‘net since the beginning, but if there was ever a more laughably ignorant, fatuous, and moronic pair of statements ever typed I can’t recall it. Congratulations.

  49. On the comment of “easier to buy a handgun than fresh vegetables ” , he could have not said that comment any better. To some people ,buying a handgun, its all about the money!!

  50. the most amazing thing i have witnessed is how the media elected this fool.the saddest thing i have witnessed is the people of the u.s.reelecting such a idiot.god help our children and grandchildren.many of our fellow countrymen must like to be lied to.

  51. We definitely need someone to “partner with us to crack down on the legal use of firearms”. Never mind those people using guns illegally. They aren’t the problem. It’s the LEGAL use of firearms that is the problem.

  52. Speaking as a gun owner, disabled vet, and activist for local food, I have to agree with the president’s comments – not because anyone’s trying to focus on guns, but because it’s often damn hard to get decent food in too many areas.

    It’s an unfortunate fact that we have seriously high death rates from guns compared with other countries – even those with gun ownership rates that approach ours – like our neighbor to the north. I don’t attribute those numbers to guns or ammunition, though. The number one problem in our country is fear – fear fanned by our media, used in marketing, and used by political operatives to keep us ‘divided’ so we can be more easily ‘conquered’. Don’t let the idiots from any political party or any organization divide the American people – we all love this country and ALL of our Constitution. Together, we can fix our problems. Divided we might as well take our place next to the cattle in a feed lot.

  53. The first quote at 1:07:44 set the tone: it flies in the face of all the available statistics (FBI, U.N, etc) that show we are no higher in the “murder echelon” than #28, and much lower in some reputable studies. When a person starts his pitch with a contemptible lie it is a sure indicator that he hasn’t got a real case. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when a liar lies.

  54. Very well said for a president, who took an vow to uphold the American constitution by the people and for the people. Unfortunately it looks more like brain washing than helping the American citizens.
    We the people of our great America, will never give in to anyone who doesn’t uphold what our for father’s said, promised and set before us which is the law of the united states of America our Constitution and our rights to protect our families, loved ones and the innocent.This is God’s country and in our Holy GOD we trust, if our Holy father is for us it doesn’t matter who well be against us , he’s will will be done. Oh yeah as far as buying vegetables I suggest you Government people start helping the farmers and the economy instead of trying to take our civil rights away.
    Maybe help open up another walmart in those area!
    Oh and one more thing leave our gun rights alone, do something honorable and go after the criminals and terrorist, who knows you may need us someday to protect you or your families. …MAY OUR HOLY FATHER GOD KEEP US AND LIFT UP HIS COUNTENANCE UPON US AND BLESS US WITH SHALOM WITH HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. IN THE MIGHTY HOLY NAME OF YAHSHUA.

  55. Background checks of all vegetable buyers are obviously in order…vegetables have been known to kill people, and they must be controlled!

  56. Curiously, he didn’t discuss why it’s easier to buy a handgun in some neighborhoods than it is to buy vegetables. It has nothing at all to do with legitimate gun owners or dealers, who follow the law. The problem is twofold. First, criminals don’t pay any attention to the gun laws, buying and selling to anyone including underage thugs without any checks or identification. You got the dough, you get the gun. Second, the crime rate in a lot of places (Detroit, for example) that all of the grocery stores have shut down. All the chain grocery stores in the city of Detroit are gone. If you want to go to a grocery store, you have to go out to the suburbs, but you can buy a gun illegally on the street from a 15 year old.

  57. Time for a new President guys ! I can’t believe He is so, well stupid. Liberals always have the easy solution ” ban guns and crime will disappear”

  58. In some places it is very hard to find quality fresh produce. So even though he’s a moron and a liar in a way Obummer is correct. Not because of the reasons he thinks though. The reason is the big chains like Wally World knocked out the smaller shops that use local produce in favor of shipping it in from other countries at a higher expense and lower quality & freshness. So once again the government twists the truth to suit them and screws us twice over.

  59. This president goes around the country saying all kinds of stupid things and often out right lies and so few call him on it.
    1. Please site the neighborhood where it is easier to by a handgun and “clips” than fresh vegetables.
    2. What are clips with reference to handguns?
    3. We have background checks for gun purchases, why does he say we need something we already have.
    4. He says he wants to crack down on the LEGAL use of firearms, esp. handguns. Why crack down on legal use?
    5.Easier to buy a handgun than a book? maybe in Afghanistan but in the US.
    6.Machine guns in bars?
    7. Finally when Congress doesn’t do what he wants, that is when they carry out the will of the people, in his opinion they have failed.
    This man is the most outrageous flunky to ever hold office above the rank of dogcatcher.

  60. When’s the last time you filled out a 4473 for some carrots?!? At 1:10:02, he says “crack down on the LEGAL use of firearms, particularly handguns.” Mr. President, your slip is showing.

  61. It would seem that most of the anti gunners are not very smart. They do not use the correct words to describe what they are talking about they call semi auto’s autos and magazines as clips when guns use magazines not clips. Clips were used in the old WWII and prior weapons.

  62. Well, I don’t know about that ‘easier’ part but where I live (SC) I can go to the flea market and purchase a firearm just as easy as a couple of pounds of onions. I know this because I’ve done it. I purchased 5 lb of onions and literally the next table, I purchased a rifle. Cash for both (the rifle cost considerably more than the onions), and no questions asked for either one.

  63. Thank You Brian Blake – This guys even post a photo of himself ! Since I have been following this blog and submitting an opinion or 2 myself, I thought most of the people on here were wearing white hoods and sheets while on their PC’s submitting their vitriolic ignorant rants.

    Your well thought out observations is a voice of reason that is greatly appreciated by me and hopefully a few others that might be far and few in this country as they are represented by the other comments here.

  64. That is probably true in the Ghetto’s (Da Hood), since all the stores have closed down because of all the robberies, Sad that a mother has to worry dat her son might get shot when he goes out and robs a store.

  65. I will bet that is it easier to buy drugs and cigarettes in those neighborhoods that to even find vegetables not in cans. Neither will food stamps and welfare checks have a problem being turned into cash. But it’s all guns’ fault..

    1. This lying, ignorant P.O.S.! Do you have to show your i.d. to buy tomatos? do youhave to fill out a long form on whether or not you are a citizen, have a crimal record etc etc….this LYING BAS-TARD…when will freaking IDIOTS stop showing up to hear this idiots lies? if his lips are moving, he is either sucking or lying!!

  66. I think the real revelation from this article and talk by Obama, is we have too many places where people’s living conditions are horrible. If it was easier to get a gun than a fresh vegetable, then maybe we should redirect all of the gun ban/restriction efforts on improving these areas, and making fresh produce more affordable and readily available to ALL citizens, not just the ones that can afford to go to Whole Foods. It’s been proven time and time again, that improving people’s environment and living conditions will reduce crime and violence better than trying to take away guns/weapons. Of course spending effort and resources to improve people’s lives falls in the liberal column, so I guess we’re stuck.

  67. I am very glad you published this article in spring. This is only more manure from the liar in chief and will do my survival garden some good.

  68. What Obama said cannot possibly be true.

    A gun is several orders of magnitude more expensive than a fresh vegetable, no matter what neighborhood one might be in, so there is NO WAY it is “easier” as a financial matter to buy a gun than a fresh vegetable.

    Even when making an illegal gun purchase without filling out an ATF Form 4473 and gong through a background check, the buyer must actually find a gun that is available for sale, and someone willing to risk going to jail by selling it illegally. Those burdens do not exist for buying vegetables, so on that level there also is NO WAY it is easier to buy a gun than a fresh vegetable as a transactional matter either.

    And, when there is not a fresh vegetable to be bought in a particular neighborhood at any price (which actually is the case in most neighborhoods BTW, not just the places Obama is talking about), then it is far less expensive and far easier to GO a short distance away where there is a store where fresh vegetables actually are sold. There is no place in any major urban area where a fresh vegetable cannot be found for sale within walking distance. So, guns are not more readily available than fresh vegetables, anywhere in the US (or the world for that matter).

    What Obama really demonstrated is that it is easier for a vegetable (Obama) to lie about how “easy” it is to buy a gun, than it actually is to buy a gun — anywhere at any time.

    This guy is a facile liar, and his sycophants just swallow the lies even knowing that he is obviously lying.

    1. utterly amazing that the potus is so clueless about gun laws and crime stats of this country…

  69. Monty-from my fertile imagination-El barack gets his way and the Iranians are allowed to keep nuclear processing .The Iranians develop enough weapon grade material for a small bomb. It is then flown to Caracus{there is a daily fight}.North Korea helps Iran with missile development.The delivery systems are bought from the Chinese or Russians.All for “peaceful purposes” according to El barack and John Kerry.It might take a few years but Iran eventually smuggles a complete delivery system into Venezuela.All for “peaceful purposes.The Administration has assured us.” Monty what you think?

  70. Well you don’t appear to be as big of a A hole as I thought you were, but I don’t know about my other Chicago Homey will agree, but I think you guys might have a few things in common.

    Most of the Iranians I have met here came over during or right after the fall of the Shaw who our government backed @ the time along with your travel experiences appear back then and living in that region. Give you a better perspective than most. With that said, I think that President Obama is making an attempt to appeal to the younger generation that will someday have leadership roles. However I do not have a crystal ball, so predictions on the political scene either international or national is not an exact science for any of us.

    Your pistol collection is something I am very envious of ! You have invested a lot of money in those firearms because I have gone to those manufacturers sites and priced them. Some are to me works of art without pimping them out to look good and shoot well.

    I’m also a big fan of the 1911. I have a STI, VIP 2011 and changed the lower or modular grip to a full size grip so I could have more surface to grip during fast presentation from concealment. It is the Officers length with a bull barrel and a decent shooter depending on the ammo I use, and very reliable. It was my go to gun while on the south side of Chicago when the SHTF the year I was there to protect myself. I also have a commander length Built for me by Derek Janowicz of Millennium Custom in Lake Worth Florida. Very tight, and very reliable platform, single stack carbon steel, I forgot the type of special finish I had on it, the slide also has a different Ion bonded finish in black. My duty weapon (I still have to work my way to the grave as a Armed Security Officer) is a Springfield Armory TRP Operator, full rail & dust cover with a Genesis Green Laser. The full size or standard 5in. length performs great and gives me a real appreciation for the design of the platform that Browning originated that has lasted the test of time for almost a 100yrs. Just amazes me considering how the firearms industry has so many concepts and calibers to compete against.

    Keep up your training and shooting, you have some real history in your outstanding collection. All the best from the Golden State, or when my friends from Chicago want to bust my balls, say I’m in LA, LA, Land …lmfao !

  71. Hey Monty-was a student in Israel in 1970.At that time Iran was our friend.I was able to spend a month in Iran..Forgot to mention the ancient site of Susa.These days I am retired and shooting is my main passion.1-les baer Premier 2, 1-Thunder Ranch,Ed Brown Classic,Nighthawk Predator,Wilson CQB,Wilson Professional,and Wilson Protector.Got a thing for 45acp.Nicest shooter is the Brown,easiest shooter is the nighthawk ,best made are the Wilsons.Favorite trigger is the Thunder Ranch.But in the end its not the gun,its theshooter.Regards from the wonderful State of North Carolina,where America is still practised.

  72. I thought this was a typo in the transcript, but after listening to the dramatic monologue; I take it from the lion’s mouth that all he and his followers and aides want is to “crack down on the ****legal**** use of firearms.” So his concern is not the illegal use of firearms (especially not when his agencies literally hand them over to the dangerous Mexican drug cartels), but rather the legal use of firearms (hunting? Target shooting? Skeet?) . Now I don’t know what you think, but I’m almost certain that using guns (or any other lethal instrument) to hurt, maim, or kill someone just for the heck of it is as illegal as it gets and doesn’t qualify as “legal use” of those instruments.

    And if it’s easier in some neighborhoods to buy a gun than it is to buy a vegetable or a book, then it is because Mr. big mouth’s governance and the local governments responsible for those neighborhoods are idiots and are failing miserably at their job and should be booted out of public service because their failure is causing a great disservice to the public.

    Fellow Americans, let’s please agree to not vote a third consecutive idiot to “lead” the country in the next election. 2 in a row did so much damage that it will take a decade to start fixing what this one and the one before him messed up. Parties don’t matter, idiot are amok in both parties. And in case you have doubts, no, Ms. I want to keep my official public business correspondence hidden from public and choose what I reveal because I was tutored in politics by the man who couldn’t keep his genitals inside his pants when he was at the helm is not a good choice.

    1. Re your last paragraph: amen. Four terms of the Bush administration has been too much to take.

  73. Thanks for the History review. If its true what you shared it sounds like they had your attention. Bit of a stretch about F.D.R., Kristalnacht and Wagner though, I’ll give you one thing you do have an active imagination, its even more enjoyable that reading a comic book for me.

    However, got any photos of your Les Baer & Wilson 1911 ? Even though we might disagree on some issues, I think on this blog, most of us are very interested in firearms and developing a skill @ arms with them.

  74. Well my dear Lamonty-yes Iknow all about Persia.You see I spent a month there in 1970. Arrived in Teheran,went to Isfahan,was not allowed off the bus in Qum because Iam not Mooslum,ended up in Shiraz.At one time they did have the largest empire.Alexander the Great died in southern Persia.The Taj Mahal was designed by Persian architects.Purim is the holiday celebrated by Jews {took place in Persia}It was her son Darius who lost to the Greeks.So what do you know about Persian history? What I refer to is obamas willingness to embrace Valerie Jarrets Iranian parents culture.It would be analogous to F.D.R. celebrating Kristalnacht and listening to Wagnerian opera {Gotterdammerung} in the White House.Now please go back to your comic books .I have to take my Les Baer and my Wilson down to the range.

  75. steve b … well the B obviously does not stand for Bright …. Please forgive me, but I could not resist. You give me a little opening & I will walk right in & sit right down Buba ….

    Please study or talk with any one that is from that region. It was called Persia, but Persia has not existed for more that 3,000 years.

    With that said …. Iran has a large young progressive population that is well educated, well read, well traveled more then me, probably you also……. In fact I have $100 dollars walking around money in my pocket & well bet you that fact. I have met, know, drank, shared food and trained with Iranians.

    I have also had some encounters that were almost engagements ….o.k. well they were but its all good now ….

    Just an addition to your diatribe Pal

  76. Guys I could not resist this-it was reported today {3/16} that the obamas are preparing to celebrate the Iranian New Year in the White House. El Barack Hussein sounds about as Christian as the Grand Mufdhi.

  77. Bobby G
    Again, thank you for your prompt & well thought out reply not only to me, but to a few others … even though this is a serious topic I have to admit i did chuckle out loud when you said that i might have been “fishing for a racist rant” … Well my Brother in Arms, you did not take the bait …. My hats off to you ! I had no idea you still live or lived in the Chicago area ! I am in the Los Angeles area, and have been for many decades. I only returned to see & look after Mother by vetting qualified home makers, and taking care of her affairs but as I mentioned before, sense she passed I have not been back. I have an older Brother in the one of the south suburbs and will probably see him one day in the not too distant future.

    I nor anyone else ever told Mother that her home got shot into during one of the episodes of “gun violence” because we had moved her out of her home she lived in for so many decades about 2 months before that happened. I can only imagine how this would have affected her considering her frail condition. She did know of a neighbors house who she was best friends with got her huge picture window destroyed. When I got back home that night after visiting her in her assisted living community, I found out that Mothers front door and storm glass window was destroyed also.

    When I notified police to report the incident, the report read simply … “PROPERTY DAMAGE” nothing mentioned the bullet fragments I found from what I think could be from a 9mm hollow point in Mothers door, I also discovered on the floor of her friends home similar fragments, again, after the police came and investigated the incident.

    Thank you Police Chief McCarthy who instructed the rank and file to get the shooting stats and homicide numbers down, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY ….. I guess it worked for 2014 ?

  78. GRA – to call Obama a closet-communist idiot is showing him a lot of respect he is undeserving of. I have started calling it like it is. He’s a notorious liar!!!!

    1. Good point but basically all communists, whether they have come out of the closet (yet) or not, are all notorious pathological liars … AT MINIMUM.

      I guess we can both admit then that he deserves to wear both of these dishonorable crowns … (???)

  79. I can care less what this closet-communist idiot says about anything. He’s never had any credibility with me ever.

  80. Actually Rick its about how much power a government thinks it should exercise over its people.Those on the left believe the government Rules.Those on the Right believe in Constitutional restrictions.Your right to be armed has absolutely no place in a leftist government.

  81. If Obama wants to take our right to have guns, then he should start with an example.
    Have his Secret Service be disarmed first.

  82. Bobby G . Thank you for your prompt reply. It is a very well written and shows you have command of language and you think critically unlike a lot of the people who have posted comments about the President. I see why a lot of our fellow citizens look at us who are pro self defense as some lower life form due to the visceral reaction and words about the President and the people who live in those neighborhoods and communities that as you put it “we avoid at all cost”.

    As a member and tax paying citizen of one of those communities I have and have known for a long time the racial divide that exist in our country and gun ownership is only the touch stone that ignites remarks like I have read by others and your clinical but short sighted assessment of why things are in those communities like I grew up in and my Mother who passed a few years ago who had a small, middle class 2 bedroom home she and my Step Father purchased when Middle Class was middle class even though the median income for Black Middle class was lower that it was for White Middle class, and the same is true today in terms of about $10,000.00 dollars from my last research many years ago on this topic. But of course to most readers here, none of this empirical data matters, its just so much bullspit that we should ignore and still blame them for falling short !

    OOHHH ! I forgot one salient point from that era of the 60’s when I was a young 13yr. old, THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT WAS JUST PASSED. Yes some of our fellow Americans could not vote depending on what part of our great nation you happen to live in, but that is just a minor and unimportant irrelevant detail that was less than a half century ago in the minds of some people here.

    You in a matter of fact and some what scathingly tone pointed out to me and your followers/fans on this blog that you have enthralled that the problem is fairly cut and dry.

    I on the other hand can remember as I see those same gang members I had to face down alone a few years ago, which none of you have or ever will, did not have the same opportunity as I did to work a local job in that same neighborhood I grew up in to pump gas on the weekends, or get a summer job through a Government sponsored CETA Program for teens to make money and develop an everyday mind set of work and what it means to work. The money I made was for the Fall semester when school started. We could cut grass, and do gardening work for my neighbors, because those tasks are taken up by full grown adult Black Men or Illegal Mexicans (undocumented) that have crews in those communities because the Young Black American adults can not find or get decent paying jobs anymore in this country.

    In fact when I was their age, in that same neighborhood, the gangs I feared and had to run away from because they were brutal, they hated us, called us names, because we wanted to live in homes like they had, and they felt we were invading or “changing the make up of the neighborhood were some older White Irish thugs called the saints on the same Chicago’s South Side we all have heard so much during all the “gun Violence” of 2012, 2013 &14 when I was there taking care of my 96yr old Moms.

    I had to take control of that one small block to restore some type of order due to the fact my Mothers home got shot into during a turf war and drive by. I’m not a law enforcement officer, but I took a stand and I will leave it at that with out going into further description.

    I can not say that the cursory observation you briefly presented is not correct, unfortunately it is correct. What did DISAPPOINT me is that it was extremely limited in scope and lacks comprehensive understanding of a growing problem in our country that could possibly weaken our attempt to have a more perfect Union, in fact it has already, and could possible crumble the pillars of our democracy that we all hold dear. Not sure if anyone else on this blog will follow this, does not really matter and I don’t expect it to. Surely Bobby we will read more remarks like we have been subjected to about those neighborhoods and of course the President, whom I disagree with on every Gun Issue he has presented and those in Government that are not fully supportive of the 2nd Amendment. But I will not attack him personally because I respect the The Highest Office Of The Land that he is in, and does not help us persuade more Americans who are sitting on the fence on these issues or change their minds and hearts to who we are and what we are truly about. In fact it does the exact opposite.

  83. Nothing new, what an Idiot! It’s sadly not going to stop. This is a battle between John Boenter 7 His republicans &the President! The President is using gun control to get even with John Bonter.! So now what We have to get a criminal back round check & wait 15 days to buy vegetables ? He’s probably going to do that & ban fishing next, because hooks kill fish,so they could be used to commit crimes,!!!!!

  84. 99.9%? Sounds like you pulled that statistic out of your ass. You can’t even make that claim about inner cities, much less the rest of the cities, or the vast white population in between the cities.

  85. @ BOBBY G … Please tell us more of what you think “these neighborhoods have in common that most of us avoid at all cost …”

    Your reply should be very interesting to read.

    1. Lamont,
      I will try not to disappoint. The primary thing these neighborhoods have in common is their high rates of criminal activity, criminal activity that revolves primarily around trade in illicit drugs. This trade in drugs is operated by organized groups of career criminals generally referred to as gangs. Members of these gangs are responsible for 99.9% of the gun violence in this country. These same gangs operate the black market for illegally trafficked firearms that fuel the violence that swirls around the illegal drug trade.

    2. Bobby G.. Once again BRAVO!!! Man I’m just gonna kick back and read your stuff for awhile! Again, carry on the good work!

    3. This didn’t post “nested.” So much for Reply from the email:

      “99.9%? Sounds like you pulled that statistic out of your ass. You can’t even make that claim about inner cities, much less the rest of the cities, or the vast white population in between the cities.”

      Spence, you’re easily pleased.

    4. Lamont,
      Thank you. I thought perhaps you were fishing for a racist rant from me. I don’t feel it is necessary to engage in such idiocy in order to make one’s point. I will leave that to others. I have even less interest in bashing the President, there are already more than enough people piling on him. I do my bashing at the ballot box. In this instance I find myself in agreement with him. It is easier to buy guns than vegetables in some neighborhoods. But taking guns and or ammo from responsible law abiding citizens will do nothing to change that reality. Not until the real problems are addressed will there ever be hope in changing this. Law abiding gun owners are not part of those problems.

      I can and have made that claim. I was not seeking your agreement or approval in doing so; I was leaving a comment to express my opinion. If you don’t like what I have to say fell free to ignore me. I suspect that the number is much higher. I felt that I was being generous in using 99.9%. With deeper analysis I would not be surprised to find that it is closer to 99.99% or even 99.999%, but I have no interest in spouting statistics to you or listening to you object to them.

      I live in the Chicago area, where gang shootings with illegally obtained guns are a daily occurrence. The only variable seems to be the temperature; the warmer it gets the more shootings occur. Every time I hear one of these shootings reported on the news I can predict with great certainty where the shooting will have occurred, even before the reporter gets a chance to tell me. At the end of virtually every report you will hear the following phrase: “The Police believe this shooting to be gang related”.

    5. “I can and have made that claim. I was not seeking your agreement or approval in doing so; I was leaving a comment to express my opinion. If you don’t like what I have to say fell free to ignore me. I suspect that the number is much higher. I felt that I was being generous in using 99.9%. With deeper analysis I would not be surprised to find that it is closer to 99.99% or even 99.999%, but I have no interest in spouting statistics to you or listening to you object to them.”

      “Claim” is right, since you’re making that number up. You can’t even say “in the city of Chicago, murder capital of the country, 99.9 (or 99.99, which is even more laughable) of murders are gang-related” that your statement is true.
      Here’s your “deeper analysis”: Based on the murder rate of 500 in Chicago in 2014 all it takes is more than ONE murder for 99.9% to be false (and less than one for 99.99% to be false) to not be “gang-related. Still think it’s a true statement? 499 (or 500) out of 500 Chicago murders were gang-related? And that’s not even extrapolating it outside of Chicago which your original statement claimed
      As I said, your claim is brown and stinky.

    6. Lamont,
      Thank you, you seem to get my point, unlike Rick.

      Ignoring me is apparently not an option for you. Please re-read my comments carefully. I am not interested in dueling statistics with you. I don’t care if you disagree with me. You don’t have to like what I have to say, you just have to live with it. I stand by my statements. Hold your nose if it helps.

    7. Yes. I’ll live with the ability to think logically and to do 4th grade math problems.

    8. The fact that your logic leads you to believe that the problem is one of math says volumes about your mindset. Your desire to argue statistical minutiae is akin to not being able to see the forest because the trees are in your way.

  86. Since when do you have to submit to a background check and wait 15 days to buy vegetables….lol. Playing to the gun grabbing libs again…what a looser.

  87. This asshole isn’t worth commenting on…He’s a POS Phony illegal Terrorist sympathizer! Get rid of this POS!

  88. Yeah, it doesn’t matter how many laws you subject law abiding citizens to, criminals will still break them. Because they’re, get this, criminals.

  89. He came dangerously close to admitting the truth. That gun violence is restricted almost exclusively to certain neighborhoods. The very same neighborhoods that most of us avoid at all costs because of that gun violence. All those neighborhoods have certain things in common.

    1. Bobby G…. ROCK ON MAN! Without saying “to much” you hit the nail on the head!! Keep up the good work!
      Obama spilling out his usual bunch of FLIM FLAM.. Geez I can’t wait til Nov 2016!!!

  90. Obama could not buy a gun because he could not pass a background check ! but for some reason he is our illegal Muslim president ?

  91. @ DANIEL….I don’t think it is just a liberal or a conservative issue. The crime rate has actually been going down for the past several yrs. according to some stats both Federal and Local. Now some of the local agencies like the Chicago Police dept. were found cooing the books and under reporting.

    But I do agree we have a judicial system that has a lot to be desired, our borders are too porous.

  92. As long as the Liberals let the bad guys plead down their dead’s because of back logs, and obama keeps the border open letting in bad guys who have a whole different set of values and can’t read English (road signs) the crime rate will keep going up. I think the liberals could care less. The crime rate is used for their agenda.
    MAKE THE CRIMINALS WISH THEY DID NOT COMMIT THE CRIME. Example;e. Lock a muslum in a hog lot and make him care for the hogs.

  93. For such a bright and intelligent man, he really has no idea of what he is talking about, or if he does, he has his own agenda of what he wants to see about gun ownership. if you can buy a gun and a clip in some communities easier than fresh veggies, then he doesn’t live in the State of California, and in some neighborhoods, super markets and grocery stores are non existent because of all the fast food joints. He should so something about that instead.

  94. The statements by President Obama are wrong on so many levels that is impossible to be brief with a comment. Clearly, he could care less about the truth or facts. I no longer drink, but in my younger days I saw the inside of many bars, but I never saw one machine gun, and moreover, never saw a gun with one exception (I personally relieved the fellow from Kuwait, an exchange student, of the gun and gave it to law enforcement personnel).
    Obama however does not need to be truthful for many people to blindly follow his lead, rather like the Pied Piper or a flock of sheep! When I talk to these people, I don’t even try to use logic or argue with them. Their attitude is like – My mind is made-up so don’t try to confuse me with facts.”
    Additionally, it is sad that we cannot believe virtually anything the government tells us, I assume it is a lie because of all the past lies.

  95. I’ve said it would come down to what your willing to give up and what your not. and what is the price your willing to pay to keep what you have

  96. My only agreement to this entire bs talk he is blabbing is i do not have a problem with and do think ALL firearms purchases that are not antique weapons should go through the background check process .I do think that would make a big difference in how many that should NOT own a firearm of any kind from getting them easily at gun shows which seems to be the only problem i see and a stricter penalty and prosecution of anyone commiting a crime with a weapon of any kind .But once you pass the very extensive background check we do go through when we legally buy a firearm that should be the end of it until you beak a law that makes you ineligible to own one the selling of firearms in the parking lot at gun shows i do not agree with i think all should pass a background check its not a big deal unless you have a histiory of being a thug or wife beater or drug abusing armed robber trying to get 1 unlawfully or something to hide .Most all of us legal gun owners have 0 to hide and go get a permit and insured jion the ncca and be insured for the legal issues in the event you have to use a firearm in a self defense matter in any way money well spent on both .JMHO ALL GUN BUYERS SHOULD PASS A BACKGROUND check after that leave us be .

    1. Real government research by the NIJ (not junk science from the CDC or NIH) shows that criminals overwhelmingly get their guns from the following sources (in no particular order).

      1) Family or friends
      2) Via straw buyers
      3) Illegally purchased on the street
      4) Theft from a lawful owner

      So-called “universal” background checks will address none of these.

  97. And here I kept thinking that people were being too hard on him when they called him the village idiot.

  98. Just more of the same Liberal drivel. Just like the tired old gun show loophole blather. It’s not even that they are misinformed, it’s that they either don’t want to be informed, or they simply lie to make whatever argument they want to make.

    Everything with them is an emotional crusade and the heck with the facts.

  99. How or why does one desire to “crack down on the legal use of firearms”. Mindless, just totally mindless!
    Obysmal really doesn’t understand the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Maybe he’s confused it with the Bill of Leftists???

  100. Maybe Obysmal could get Moochelle to venture into these neighborhoods to get the denizens excited about planting vegetable gardens. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? A better diet would then allow them to potentially be healthier and run faster when one of their brothers is shooting at them.

  101. The Muslim-in-Chief is an embarrassment to himself and us. When he opens his mouth to speak, his feet disappear into his throat. It’s a shame he doesn’t leave them there.

  102. “And as long as you can go into some neighborhoods and it is easier for you to buy a firearm than it is for you to buy a book, there are neighborhoods where it’s easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable — as long as that’s the case, we’re going to continue to see unnecessary violence.”

    While his conclusion is laughable, the premisses are correct. But that says something about the value that some people place on books and on fresh vegetables.

  103. This President is a liar, and a complete SCHMUCK…but a dangerous one, because so many people think he is the greatest thing since the flush toilet…when, in reality, the flush toilet is where he belongs!!! He has done more harm to our Republic and our Constitution, and our standing in the world than ANY other President in the past 100 years, AT LEAST!! He has no clue what he’s even talking about…all he knows is that he HATES GUNS. And he is willing to lie, twist facts, and crush the 2nd Amendment in order to attempt to get all of us to hate them as well. He should never have been elected in the FIRST place, but since he was, all we can do is stand united against his idiotic policies until he is AT LAST gone from office. He is an embarrassment both domestically and on the world stage…and did I mention that he’s a LIAR??!!

  104. It is no longer in doubt the Mr. Obama is

    either the dumbest President ever

    or hates our country

    Either way he is our countrys most dangerous THREAT.

  105. Well, I wonder the the US homicide rate would be if we could eliminate the inner city black on black murders from the stats? But I guess that stigmatize people and be mean and unfair and racist.
    And exactly what handguns take “clips”? Obysmal is at best a cartoonish buffoon.

    1. @JakeMacZ

      You can stop wondering. That analysis has been done, and it shows that the US — excluding those crimes to which you refer — has no more worse murder rate than any other 1st world nation, and lower than many.

  106. The problem is that the criminals in these liberal enclaves don’t rob gun shops unless they are suicidal. They DO rob grocery stores, however. High crime rates in these neighborhoods cause many merchants to close up shop and move to more profitable and safer neighborhoods since they have no means to protect their property in these leftist dystopias.

    So the president’s gun control policies are one reason that these poorer neighborhoods are hollowed out but he’s too dumb to understand it.

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