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Last to Call, First to Jail — Criminals Lie

When a Colorado member was confronted by two angry men in a grocery store parking lot, he tried to defuse the situation by showing his firearm. Watch Member Ambassador Sherry Hale explain why our member got arrested—and learn the simple step you can take to avoid a similar fate.

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Can Your Town Outlaw Your Guns?

In the Lone Star State, cities and counties generally may not regulate the ownership or carry of firearms, ammunition, and knives—with a couple of pretty important exceptions.

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Safety and Training

U.S. Law Shield: Should You Protect Thy Neighbor?

Every Member has to make the decision whether to intervene in a fight—or not—based on a host of tactical and safety issues. Member Ambassador Sherry Hale interviews Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Michele Byington to learn how Good Samaritans can stay out of legal trouble if faced with these dangerous situations.

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Video: U.S. Law Shield News Update — Judge Gorsuch Nomination

Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Michele Byington talks about the pros and cons of Judge Neal Gorsuch’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. Will he likely be a friend of the Second Amendment, or not? What has his record on gun issues involving the Second and Fourth Amendments been in the past? Click to watch the more-in-depth interview to find out.

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Gun Store Employees Trade Gunfire With Fleeing Men. Was It Legal?

Perhaps you heard what recently happened to our friends at Full Armor Firearms in Houston. After 13 burglaries in five years, including one earlier this month, owner James Hillin asked two of his employees to stay overnight in the store. During the night, two cars pulled into the parking lot. According to the Houston Chronicle, when the Full Armor workers stepped outside with their weapons, one of the five men, who was standing near the employees’ cars, shot at them. The employees were not injured, and gunfire was exchanged as the men drove away.

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Pistol Kits: Beware or You’ll End up Afoul of the Law!

As Independent Program Attorneys for Texas Law Shield, the lawyers at Walker & Byington, PLLC receive all sorts of questions about modifying firearms. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to already be in violation of the law by the time they call us. One recent trend is the installation of a “carbine conversion kit.” Can you drop your handgun into one of these kits legally, or are you potentially violating the law? First, we have to understand what exactly is regulated, and what isn’t, before learning about how the conversions work.

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Law Shield’s Top 10 Stories from 2016

Before we get too far into 2017, let’s take a quick look back at the 10 most popular Texas & U.S. Law Shield posts from 2016. Gun-law attorneys get into the stickiest issues—restrictions about owning body armor, when you can shoot attacking dogs, how to navigate the carry rules at your church—and pass along legal insights to keep you from having trouble with the legal system.

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Is the National Firearms Act Headed for Extinction Like the Dinosaur It Is?

Two men were recently convicted in Kansas under the National Firearms Act for doing what was legal under state law. The feds ignored a state law that prohibited the federal government from enforcing any laws restricting firearms within the borders of Kansas. This showdown pitted States Rights and the Second Amendment against the taxing power of the federal government. U.S. Law Shield will explore the history behind the NFA and why now may be the right time to challenge its constitutionality.