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SHOT 2015 – IWI US UZI Pro Pistol

This new Uzi pistol is the latest incarnation of the popular submachine gun designed by Major Uziel Gal for the IDF in the 1950s. In this latest iteration, the Uzi Pro Pistol features a more ergonomic design, three safeties, and two accessory rails for optics and lights.


Art of the Gun: Smith & Wesson M&P 22, Suppressed

The Smith & Wesson M&P 22 is outwardly identical to the centerfire versions. Though the inner-workings are substantially different, this plinker is a great training tool that doesn’t cost as much to feed. Add the Tactical Innovations suppressor and that tool just became a really fun range toy.

The Springfield Armory TRP


Art of the Gun: The Springfield Armory Tactical Response Pistol .45 ACP

The Tactical Response Pistol is built to the same specs as Springfield’s FBI contract Professional Model, but at about half the cost and no waiting list while they hand tool and fit each part. Amazingly, you aren’t going to sacrifice much in the way of performance and durability. The TRP is a tactical 1911 that stands out from the crowd.

Classic, black metal-framed Beretta M9 9mm handgun


Art of the Gun: Beretta 92 Series M9

Often imitated, but never duplicated, this “Wonder 9” has been in production for nearly 40 years, and it doesn’t seem like the world is ready to give up the Beretta 92 any time soon.

The epitome of cool


Art of the Gun: The H&K USP

After watching the return of the TV show 24, I was reminded of how cool the H&K USP (and its compact version) is. Developed to be the paragon of a duty weapon, the USP features the best parts of many previous handguns and optimized for safety and accuracy. This ‘Art of the Gun’ reveals many of the features built into this business-ready handgun.